Author's Note: I don't know how many of my readers are Law & Order fans, but I came up with this fic after seeing the film Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, which revolved around Det. Mike Logan, who was demoted after punching out a corrupt politician/murder suspect on the courthouse steps in front of reporters, and is sent to Staten Island-the NYPD career graveyard-for port patrol. He gets redemption after solving the murder of a prostitute and discovers in the process of doing so that an old friend was involved in the crime. I'm not going to give the rest away.

As for Exiled: Kendrick's Story, though loosely based on the aforementioned film in some parts, has a different twist. He too had been a homicide detective that had publicly attacked someone, in this case, a homophobic murder suspect acquitted of a gay dancer's slaying, and is transferred to what is known on the force as "The Tombs," the department's own career graveyard.

While at The Tombs, he is assigned a new partner that had also been exiled for her own reason that is quite infamous and a joke among her colleagues, Det. Marie Davenport. Neither are happy about the arrangement at first, until Brian discovers his old partner back at his previous post is charged with killing a fellow officer.

Discovering the investigation into London's charges are being slipshod by his old department, both Brian and Marie decide to do some investigating of their own, despite being warned by their captain to "leave it to the real detectives." In doing so, the two discover things aren't what they had initially appeared to be.