Brian may have gotten his share of media attention, but the real story had been about his old boss being convicted in both the Stephens murder and the old murder case of the five prostitutes years before.

He still couldn't believe it; he had looked up to Lt. Dan Bowers from the day he'd come to Homicide, and now thanks to both his heroic efforts to save Joey, and despite going against Grant's orders and working on the sly to clear Paul (who was now back on the job), Brian was now out of The Tombs and back to his old stomping grounds, with a huge promotion to the Major Case Squad.

He was even happier when he was informed by IAB that both Paul and Marie would be joining him there. He wasn't sure how much he'd see Marie being she was assigned a new partner, but being back with Paul had thrilled Brian more than the promotion itself.

"Your new boss will also be a familiar face," Grant had informed Brian on his last day at The Tombs as Brian cleared out his desk.

"Who else would I know? You're still here and Bowers is on his way to death row. And how do you know about me going to Major Case anyway?"

"Who do you think recommended you after you and Davenport had your IAB hearing that ended with you two having your previous jobs reinstated?" Grant said, grinning.

Brian had stared at the captain incredulously as Grant headed back to his office. Of all damn people to do such a thing, he had thought. He and Grant hadn't exactly been the best of friends during Brian's entire stay at The Tombs.

Now as he was headed back to his new desk, he had indeed spotted a familiar face. It was his new superior, Captain Roger Shields. He had been one of Brian's instructors at the police academy.

"Remember me?" Shields asked.

"How couldn't I?" Brian laughed. "All you did was ride my ass when I was at the academy."

"I did it for a reason. Welcome to Major Case, by the way. Grant said great things about you. I'm glad you put what you learned at the academy into practice after all. Before I got your file, all I could remember was the smart ass kid that went to Traffic after graduation."

"I've come a long way from Traffic, Captain," Brian grinned, shaking his new boss' hand.

"Seeing how you helped clear your buddy over there, I would have to agree. So, if you're ready for your first major case, I have a tough one that may be up your alley."

"Bring it on," Brian nodded. "If it's anything I don't back down from, it's a challenge."

Several minutes later:

While Brian conferred with Captain Shields, Paul had made a Starbucks run and just returned to his desk. He had sat down his own coffee order and was about to place Brian's on his desk when he spied something out of the ordinary.

What the hell? Paul thought, picking up a paper. Petition for adoption? I got to get the scoop on this.

"Nice to see you haven't changed, Paul," Brian said with a chuckle. "Still going through shit on my desk."

"I wasn't going through anything. Are you holding out on me? You never told me about wanting to adopt a kid. Hell, I thought you hated them and didn't want any."

Brian had to smile. "Well, this isn't just any kid. She's pretty special and should get a second chance at life. Considering she was part of getting you off the hook—"

"Whoa, whoa! You're adopting Joey?"

"You got it, buddy."

"Jesus, just when I think I know someone." Paul shook his head and smile.

"By the way, she thinks you're cute too."

"Great, now I have to worry about your soon-to-be daughter hitting on me."

"Yeah, and don't even think about encouraging her or I'll have your balls."

"You being a dad. Who would have thought?" Paul grinned at him again.

"Who would have thought we would be in Major Case this time six months ago?" Brian nodded back at him. "As they say, PL, things happen for a reason."

"Indeed, Papa." Paul raised his coffee in a toast. "Here's to promotions, freedom, and fatherhood."

"And you being a godfather," Brian added, toasting him. "Here, here."