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I woke with a start to the annoying sound of my incessantly buzzing alarm clock. I rolled to side of the bed where my night stand held the increasingly aggravating clock and groggily opened my eyes. It was 5:30 AM. With much reluctance, I threw off the warm covers of my bed and turned the alarm off. I forced myself up to greet the start of a new day. The dull gray light filtered through my window and I stifled a yawn as I shuffled to my closet to get ready for my first day of work.

As I passed by my dresser mirror, I and stopped as I caught myself in the reflection. I was 22 years old and not much has changed from my more youthful teenage years. I still had deep brown chocolate eyes and dark brown wavy hair that had, by some miracle, managed to tame itself over the years. My skin was still slightly pale, but my body had since filled out to give me the curves of a woman, no longer the awkwardness of my adolescence.

It has been close to 4 years now since moving from Forks, Washington and finally starting my life again. Those years were the hardest years of my life because those were the years I had been changed and could never go back. Those were the years my one and only love had left me and never to return. It was especially difficult my last year of high school at Forks. I was practically a living zombie. Days seemed meaningless and months flew by with no significance at all. I had, however, managed to break out of the zombie-like state I had been living in and found in Jacob Black my shining sun. We have remained good friends, despite his intentions of something more between us.

After high school, I moved to Michigan to go to college to study to become an English Literature teacher. Living in dorms and making new friends helped to ease the pain of the ever constant hole in my chest, but could never fill it as Edw-…as he once did. Even to this day it hurt thinking his name and the way he had changed me forever. I learned to move through my life without him, but could never move on.

I now found myself living in a small one bedroom house I had just recently moved into in the little town of Elkins, West Virginia. I moved here after getting hired on to be the new English Literature teacher at Elkins High School. Today would be my first day at a new school, only this time I would no longer be the new student, but the new teacher.

I opened my closet to look for something to wear. It is an unspoken "tradition" to dress-up nice the first day of school and I had begrudgingly bought an outfit I thought would be appropriate for the occasion. I grab for the dark slate gray pencil skirt and the white puff sleeve button-up blouse with the white camisole next to it. I lightly chuckled to myself as I thought how I, of all people, would now conform to the look of the stereotypical teacher with the stereotypical knee-length pencil skirt and white button-up. I had always been anything but typical, but I wanted my first day to go off smoothly and to just blend in like all the other teachers.

I dressed quickly and threw on my pair of dark grey heels while brushing through my almost already styled hair. Again I was thankful that it didn't take much for me nowadays to get my hair to look presentable. I fixed my hair up into a loose updo and pinned the curls in place hoping that it would be enough to get me though the day. I never bothered with make-up normally, but for the sake of making a good impression I put on a little eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara. I wanted to look just as simple as I could, not wanting to look overdone.

Within a matter of a half hour I was ready. I walked into the kitchen and reached for a bowl and a box of cereal for breakfast. Some things just never change and breakfast was certainly one of them. As I sat eating, I looked outside and assessed the weather. It was looking slightly warm but still cloudy enough that the sun's rays would stay hidden beneath the cloud cover. It seemed my love for the sun had diminished since living in Phoenix with my mother oh so long ago. I had learned to enjoy the coolness of northern United States and embraced the small town lifestyle. I pondered just how much of him made me appreciate these things that I at one time had taken for granted. I sighed and realized I had only eaten very little of the cereal I had poured into my bowl. I got up from the kitchen table and poured the rest down the sink as I looked out of the window. Today was just another day without him, another day to move through.

I finished up my morning routine of washing the cereal bowl and grabbed for my laptop briefcase on the counter and shoved in my laptop computer and any other essentials that I felt I would need for the first day of school. I grabbed my keys from the key rack and hurried to my car, yet another thing that had changed, and put my stuff in on the passenger side seat. I no longer drove my old rusted '53 Chevy truck. It had since been decommissioned by Charlie and in its place he had bought me a 1987 Honda Civic for my college graduation. It still reminded me of my truck though, with its old rust color and antique look about it. I would never have the latest and greatest vehicles nor would I ever want to. Who needed a new '08 when a '87 was perfect for my needs? Certainly not me.

I drove the short distance to the high school and pulled into the parking lot. It didn't take long to find a suitable parking place since teachers' parking had its own designated area. I got out and went around to the other side to get my things. I paused just long enough to look in my right-side mirror to make sure I still looked presentable and then walked to the front of the campus and through the front doors of the school.

I knew my way around the campus already, having been here about a week ago to adjust myself to my new surroundings and to organize my classroom as I saw fit. I slowly walked down the long locker halls to my classroom, room 214, and used my key to open the door. It was just the way I had left it. I walked down between the aisles of desks toward the front of the classroom to my desk and set my stuff on top of it. My hand lightly grazed the deep rich mahogany desk and I took a deep breath and let it out. This was now my classroom. This was now my new home away from home. I hadn't changed much of the classroom from how it had previously been set up, but I had added little touches here and there to make it my own.

I surveyed the room and went to open up the two windows on the right side of the classroom to let in some fresh air. Breathing in the fresh crisp air filled my lungs and cleared my head a bit. I turned around to once again appraise my classroom. Looking toward my desk, my eyes fell upon the blank blackboard behind it. Something seemed like it was missing and I racked my brain to try to figure out what. Then I realized what that something was and made my way over to the board. I picked up one of the black markers and wrote in big letters "Welcome Back to School!" and today's date in the left hand corner of the board "August 26, 2008" I looked again and crinkled my nose. Something still was missing, and that's when it hit me, I was the new teacher at school and was sure no one would know my name so underneath the big, bold "Welcome Back to School!" I wrote my name "Ms. Swan". A small smile lighted my face as I snapped the cap back on the marker and turned to rest my hands on my desk as I looked out into the sea of vacant desks in front of me.

I stepped out of my classroom closing the door behind me and headed in the direction of the school's main office. On my way to the office, I passed by several students mulling around in the hallways checking the big orange posted signs directing them to their homeroom where they would be receiving their assigned school schedules for this fall semester. I felt more and more confident as I walked pass them as their heads turned to judge the appearance of the new teacher. I was no longer the average looking high school student, but was confident that I now exuded the poise of a serious young adult teacher. I had always had a much more mature personality even in high school, but now at least my body fit better to that of my mental age.

The main office was slightly crowded with students, as I'm sure was typical for a first day of school. I ambled over to the attendance office clerk's desk to pick up my class rosters.

"Morning Ms. Swan" the older women cheerfully called out as I came closer. "Here are all your classroom attendance rosters for this week. Just made sure to tear off the edge each day and put it in the clip outside your classroom so an office student aide can come by and pick it up at the beginning of each period."

She handed me the stack of official school-looking papers and proceeded to further instruct me on how to fill in the scantron bubble next to the name of the student if they were absent.

"Thank you again Mrs. Harper" I said as I flashed her a quick smile before turning back to once again shuffle through the crowded office area.

Back in the confines of my classroom I began organizing myself to get ready for my first period class. I, luckily, was exempt from getting to be a homeroom and having to pass out the new schedules to students and therefore had this opportunity of having a half hour of free time to fully prepare myself. I kept checking the clock every few minutes as the nerves inside me began to build up. I was excited at the responsibility of finally being a teacher, but at the same time anxious beyond belief. I smirked at that thought that maybe some unexpectedly kind student would come through the door to give me a bright red apple to place on my desk to initiate my days to come as their teacher. But who ever does that anymore? I laughed to myself and checked the clock again.


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