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Mrs. Cloud Strife (Told from Tifa's view)

When awareness returns to me my memories of the previous day slowly come back to me. I married Cloud and then…I stop at the last thought and close my eyes, remembering his kiss, his touch, every time he entered me…

I smile, sigh contentedly and roll over onto my back, I realize I'm alone. I sit up quickly and look around the room, Cloud is nowhere in sight, where could he be? I jump out of bed and hurriedly get dressed, the whole time I'm asking myself the dreadful question; did he leave?

When I'm finished dressing I hurry out to the small kitchen. I find Cloud sitting at the table reading the morning newspaper, a cup of coffee is in his right hand. I collapse silently against the doorframe and mentally smack myself for even thinking he could be gone. I gaze at Cloud for a while, he's shirtless, and his well toned muscles are like small mountains under his skin.

As I stand here and watch my perfect husband…my breath catches in my throat as the realization hits me for the first time, Cloud is my husband.

He must have sensed my presence because he looks up, a smile gracing his usually hard face. He folds up the paper and stands up, stretching as he does. But his face contorts to a look of pain and he drops his arms back to his sides.


I hurry forward, lay my hands on his chest and look worriedly up into his eyes.

"What's wrong?" My voice is worried and I search his eyes.

"Nothing's wrong, my back's a little sore, that's all."

"Do you mind if I take a look?"

"No, not at all." He kisses my cheek and I walk around him, I'm shocked at what I find.

There are eight long, deep cuts down his back, starting at his shoulders and ending just above his waist. I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand; I must have done this to him last night. The cuts are already scabbed over and have started to heal, but when Cloud stretched he split some of them open again and blood is flowing freely down his back.

"Oh my gosh…"

He turns his head, trying to look at me.

"What's wrong?"

I don't answer for a moment. I'm still staring at the wounds, angry with myself that I had done that to him. He turns around and gently lays his hands on my upper arms; he kisses me softly and rubs his thumbs against my skin.

"Tifa?" His voice is quiet and patient. When I finally find my voice I can't get it above more than whisper.

"Your back is torn up…I must have done it last night. You should let me take care of it."

"I'm fine Tifa…"

I'm already on my way to the bathroom. I open the small cabinet under the sink and extract the small First Aid kit I keep there. I walk back out to the kitchen and find Cloud exactly where I left him. I stop and stare at him, the lines of his chest, the scars that litter his torso.

His eyes meet mine and after a few moments under my intense gaze he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. His hand lingers there and he laughs lightly.

"Are you going to take care of me, or are you just going to stand there and stare?"

"Just give me a few more minutes."

I fall back against the doorframe and place a hand on my hip; my eyes are still glued to his. After about a minute he crosses his arms over his chest, causing him to wince in pain.

"Come on Mrs. Strife, don't keep me waiting forever, I'm in pain."

I feel a smile creep over my face, I like the way that sounded.

"Mrs. Strife…I really like how that sounds…"

He moves forward with inhuman speed and envelops me in his tight and warm embrace. I hug him back, being very careful of the cuts. He pulls away and places a hand on my cheek.

"I'm glad you like it, because it's the best I can give you."

He's looking directly into my eyes, his gaze both intense and gentle. Our faces are drawing closer together, so close they're almost touching.

"I love having it; it's the best thing you could have given me, aside from your love. I wish you would call me 'Mrs. Strife' more often."

He moves down to my neck and kisses it softly, muttering quietly.

"Mrs. Strife."

He slowly kisses my face, neck, shoulders and chest, after each kiss muttering the name. Finally, he places a finger under my chin, lifts it up and traces along my lower lip with his thumb. He leans ever closer to me, our lips are almost touching.

"I love you Mrs. Strife."

Our lips finally join and I feel a sense of security, something I've never felt in his kiss before. Maybe in his presence, his embrace, but like this; I like it. He sweeps me into his arms and takes me down the hall to my room, our room.

Today marks the rest of my life with him, the beginning of our life together. Me and him, Mr. and Mrs. Cloud Strife.

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