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Pairings: ItaHi.

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"So you're telling me...." pause... "that Itachi stole your Jashin pendant..." another pause.."and he used it for something personal. Am I correct, Hidan?" Pein, the Akatsuki leader questioned.

Hidan nodded.

"And how would you define personal in this case?"

Hidan sputtered. "He- he.. I-... He just used it for something fuckin' personal, okay!!!"

Pein quirked an eyebrow. "If you don't explain it Hidan, I wouldn't know how far as to punish Itachi, if it were necessary."

The Jashin worshipper dug his face into his palms from his seat in front of the leader's desk. "That bastard!" he pointed at the door, "... he.. he.. argh!!! I can't say it. It's fuckin' embarrassing!" He slouched into his chair.

"Hm.. would you like me to call Itachi in?" Pein asked. "I'm fairly sure he would do a fine job at explaining things, seeing as he's blunt as ever."

"I don't give a shit! He already fucked up my ritual!" Hidan screamed.

"Itachi." As if on cue, the door opened and in walked Uchiha Itachi.

"Yes, Leader-sama?" Itachi's voiced was leveled between amusement and serene calmness.

"Please explain to me why Hidan is acting like a three-year old tramatized child."

"I took his pendant," Itachi replied.

Hidan interrupted immediately. "Took?! TOOK?! You fuckin' stole it, you bitch!!!"

"Bitch?" Itachi questioned. "A bitch is a submissive human being, Hidan. I, in other words, am not a bitch. I'm too pretty to be one, as you can see." He smirked.

Pein stared in mild amusement, before interrupting.

"Itachi. I also heard from him," he gestered at a fuming immortal, "that you used it for something.... personal. Am I correct?" the leader asked.

Itachi nodded.

"And what might this personal thing be?"

"I decorated my dick with it." Itachi responded, smirking.

"Ahh..." Both noticed the leader tried to hold in a laugh by plastering an amused smile.

Hidan stared increduously. "What the fuck are you smiling at?! I just knew this shit would fucking happen!! Why did I even bother coming to this dickweed?!"

"I do believe Itachi has done nothing wrong," the leader concluded, ignoring Hidan's comment, "therefore, he will not be punished."

"What the fuck?! And you fuckin' call yourself 'Leader'. Don't be bullshitting me! Arghh...!! Forget it! I'll die before this shit is over!"

"You can't die Hidan," Itachi stated.

The albino just groaned and banged his head on Leader's desk.. ranting about how he would fuckin' kill Itachi before it was all over.

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