About Kaoru/Kaoro/Kyle's love for Kaede, as if he was invisible.
(sorry for wrong english grammar and sometimes you might think i say bad things about Kaede)
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What ya doin' tonight, i wish i could be a fly on your wall,

"I wanna guard you from anyone, anything, at anytime for your love"

Are you really alone, whose stealing your dreams, why can't i breathe you in to my life... (So tell me)

"I really wonder why you loved Dilan/Setsu though he doesn't even like care about you?"

What would it take to make you see that i'm alive?

"I try my hardest to make your attention to be at me even for a while..."

# - Chorus:

If i was invisible, then i could just watch you in your room,

"I try and try but why don't you care for me protecting you?"

If i was invincible, I'd make you mine tonight,

"I need some time for the two of us... alone..."

If hearts were unbreakable, then i could just tell you where i stand...

"I was always being ignored by you because of that Setsu... If i could just only hear good things about us..."

I would be the smartest man, if i was invisible,

"I would learn every language of "I Love You" just for your love..."

Wait, I already am...

"I'm not seen as a person... as if i was invisible..."

Saw your face in the crowd, i call out your name, you don't hear a sound...

"That Setsu... always getting your attention though he doesn't care.. While I, try my hardest for a little attention but not even a glance comes..."

I keep tracing your steps, each move that you make, wish i could read what goes through your mind... (Oh baby)

"I would follow you where ever you go, the sky, the sea, the land..... but you still don't notice me..."

Wish you could touch me with the colors of your life...

"Even just a single touch of caring, can make me happy a day..."

( Repeat # )

I am nothing without you...

"I would die if you wouldn't love me back..."

Just a shadow passing through...

"When i run for you, you ignore me as if i was invisible..."

( Repeat # )

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