OK my first fanfic. Enjoy I think.


Ok my name is sakura haruno I'm just your average girl living in an average town and get in a lot of trouble so my story starts here in konohagure.

It all started when I was walking home a night.

"Sigh I'm almost home and I need to take a bath sheesh." I said in an angered tone.

Everyone said to never go out at night cause of vampires. Sigh and stubborn old me didn't believe them until I saw one with my own two eyes. Now I think to myself I always ask this question why am I soo stubborn. It had to be me to run into a vampire and of all vampires an arrogant prince with a stick up his ass. Sigh so I continue…

Two steps then a leap. I was running like hell. First off, I am not the only one running there are three other girls with me. Ino, hinata, and tenten so what's with this story you ask we're running away from vampires, four to be exact. So this id where we start.

"Ok hinata and me will go right and ino and tenten will go left."

All three girls gasped at her decision.

"But sakura they'll hunt us down one by one" said hinata

"Forehead think about this what hinata said will happen you what he did to you the last we escaped said" ino said.

"Yeah he made you pay for our decision" said tenten.

"I know but still I miss my family my mom everyone else it's been two years since I saw them and I'm not gonna let some vampire with stick up his ass ruin it for me. He already took two years of my life I will never get back ok." said sakura.

"Hmm you still think you all can resist us huh girls" said a voice.

"No not even five minutes of freedom, Sasuke" sakura said in a low voice.

"Well well what do yah know Sasuke looks like every one is here "said naruto.(A/N to me naruto should be very devious in this no mercy!!!!)

"Ok hinata when all of them start to laugh at naruto for being scolded by the teme tell everyone to make a run for it ok" whispered sakura.

Hinata only answered with a nod of her head.

"Naruto you dobe what the hell are you smiling about I thought we all agreed that Sasuke will do all the damn talking you idiot" barked neji.

"Will you stop arguing you troublesome idiots" said shikamaru as lazy as can be.

"Ok then they're arguing lets go." sakura whispered to hinata.

"Hello you guys." They are still arguing, "You guys," Sasuke let out an agitated sigh.


"Ok you guys see what I mean." They all shook their heads and said no. "I mean that they will find us blurt out a random question to confuse naruto he is obviously the weakest link in their whole plot." Sakura said emotionlessly.

"Geeze forehead at least you have a brain in that head" said ino.

"Ok lets go !"

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