AN~ the idea came from bubbles5147 an another site. thanks a ton!

Daphne looked out the window at the two figures in the midst of a snowball fight. Why did Puck like Sabrina? It didn't make sense. She was a pessimist, she had hated him at the beginning, and she messed up constantly. And yet, in the future, they were married. Married! Those two! It wasn't fair. She had loved Puck practically since she had met him, but she had to hide it and pretend to be happy that Sabrina was going to get a happily ever after. What about her happily ever after? Didn't she deserve one? What was wrong with her? Why Sabrina? Why not Daphne? She shook her head. This wasn't like her. She was the happy one, not the kind of person who would brood over something like this.

Which was why Puck should like her and not Sabrina.

She mentally went over a list of differences between the two of them. She was an optimist. Sabrina was a pesimist. She thought Puck's tricks were hilarious. Sabrina hated them. She loved Granny's food, and eating in general. Sabrina hated Granny's cooking and could probably go a day without eating and not even notice (an~ this is not a hint that sabrina is anorexic. she just dosent mind not eating.) She was OK with being embarassed and put in her place. Sabrina was proud to a fault. She was sweet. Sabrina was bitter and had anger problems.

Of course, the reason Sabrina had about 90% of those anger problems was because she had spent a year and a half taking the brunt of the brutal treatment for the two of them. they had always been a team, but Sabrina had done the hard stuff. She had sacrificed a lot to make sure Daphne was able to keep that one thing.

Maybe there were a few redeeming qualities about Sabrina after all. She was determined. She would take care of the people she loved if it killed her. Being proud could be a good thing at times. so could a little anger. And all the horrible mistakes Sabrina had made, she had learned from. she would never make those mistakes again, and she hopefully had a long career ahead of her. Actually, this list could get a lot longer.

Daphne smiled a little sadly. She knew what she would do. The same thing she had been doing. Sabrina could have her happy ending, because she did honestly deserve it, and Puck obviously loved her. Daphne, on the other hand would go on loving both of them silently, and hope that she could move on someday. Because the two of them were meant for each other, and they didn't need a third party she would be supportive and try to be as happy as she could.

And just maybe she could get her own happy ending later. Actuall, even if she didn't, she could always hope. After all, what are optimists for?