AN~ Still embarrassingly short, but better than it was before. Beast POVish. Kind of 2nd person POV.

Pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like to be the most hideous creature in the world. Can you? Can you really think about what it would be like to be completely, detestably, terrifyingly ugly?

Of course you can't.

It's the kind of thing you can't do unless you've been there. You've never been that ugly, or anywhere near it. So you can't imagine it. Even if you think you're hideous, you're not. Compared to what I've been, you're a supermodel. And you're gorgeous on your own, even without comparing yourself to me. You're lovely. You've never been monstrous.

I have.

I still am, actually. The spell is broken, and I look the way I used to most of the time, but when one of us loses focuses, or we're angry at each other, I turn back into something like I was before. Something hideous.

And even when I'm myself... I did a lot of damage when I was a beast. It wasn't healthy, but I hated myself, and I thought maybe I could kill myself. It didn't work, obviously. Instead of putting myself out of my misery, I just covered my skin in scars- big, ragged, ugly things all across my face, remnants of when I had claws.

I will never be handsome again. I've paid dearly for my mistakes, in more ways than one. And now I'm trapped in a cage of a castle with my daughter, because I made the mistake of wanting to be free of a tiny town that I never deserved to be caged in.

Some people think magic is excellent, and I might never have fallen in love without it, but I will always say that it is as ugly as I am, and it's never done anything good for me.