AN~ There wasn't much salvaging this one, but I tried. Short and pointless.

"How can you not like Superchick?" Daphne screeched at Sabrina, pulling her earbuds off, a sign that things were about to get serious.

"Anyone with a name like that doesn't deserve to be liked," Sabrina replied without looking up from The Hound of the Baskervilles.

"What's wrong with their name?" Daphne asked hotly. She moved to stand between Sabrina and the lamp, blocking the light.

"Aside from the fact that most of the band is male?" Sabrina asked, finally looking up from her book to raise her eyebrows at Daphne and point at the cover of the CD nearby.

"Yeah, other than that!" Daphne snapped. "I mean, you like the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and they don't wear red jumpsuits!"

"It just sounds so... dorky!" Sabrina said.

"It is not!" Daphne's voice had risen to an ungodly shriek by this point, and Sabrina winced.

"You're entitled to your opinion," Sabrina said mildly. "Can I go back to my book now?"

This argument had begun when Daphne, talking excitedly about her new CD and how much she loved the band, had heard Sabrina quietly mutter to Basil that she didn't think they were all that great. Daphne had heared and become incensed, and Basil, sensing danger, had left the room as fast as his stubby legs could take him, abandoning Sabrina to the wrath of Daphne.

"No," Daphne said hotly. "Have you even listened to them?"

"Not really interested," Sabrina said mildly.

Daphne glared at Sabrina for a full minute, her expression getting more and more intense.

Sabrina shouldn't have been surprised by the way Superchick was blasted through the apartment on repeat for the rest of the week. She really shouldn't have. And they weren't half bad, to be honest. Not really her cup of tea, but a decent band. Sabrina could actually say she enjoyed a few of their songs. Of course, listening to the same few CDs over and over again would get old no matter how good the music was.

"Just tell her you've changed your mind," Henry begged on day four.

"I can't do that!" Sabrina shouted back over the music. "Then she'd win!"

Henry groaned and Basil whimpered, shoving a pillow over his ears. In the background, strains of Stand in the Rain blasted.