Date Started: November 29, 2008
Date Finished: November 29, 2008

Summary: There was nothing Daisuke could do to prevent it now. They were meant to be together. It was destiny.


Motomiya Daisuke stared from the sidelines. The rhythmic beat of the activity rang softly in his ears. His eyes traced over the scene, his hands remaining fixed at his sides as he stood and watched. He took in a deep breath, inhaling the familiar scent of sweat and bared witness to the passion in the eyes of the participants.

Hikari… He had never seen her eyes so. He sighed at the scene. Her intense concentration, the eyes of determination, they were enough to cause him a shudder. Her face glistened with sweat due to her actions; she moved left, back, right, and then forward… around and around. Her legs looked ready to give out.

She grunted with each new action; her resolve encouraging her onwards, trying to move her body even when it told her it could not. And then the end came. With a cry of relief Hikari let herself drop backwards, flat against the ground. Her chest rose up and down achingly with each intake of breath. The last few seconds seemed to have tired her greatly.

Daisuke watched her as she managed to come up to a sitting position and then she turned her head to look in his direction. Their eyes met and Daisuke gulped. He suddenly had the urging sensation to turn around and flee back to the classroom and act like he wasn't even there to begin with.

It was too late for that, even: Hikari had waved at him.

She smiled shyly at him and beckoned him over. "Are you going to stand there and watch all day or are you going to come over and join us?"

Daisuke frowned. "I don't think I'll be any good at this."

"Don't give me that look," Hikari said. "This was my first time, too. I'm sure you'll do fine."

He still remained unsure; the boy at her side looked rather scary. "Will he mind?"

Hikari blinked, then looked back to her partner. "Taichi, do you mind if my friend joins us?"

The scary boy grinned proudly. "Of course not! I'll tell Sora to play defense for Koushiro at the goal and then the three of us can take shots at 'em!"

He then kicked the ball towards Daisuke. It landed in front of him, and Daisuke stared down at the foreign black and white object by his feet. He nudged it a bit with his foot, getting a feel for its weight.

There was nothing Daisuke could do to prevent joining their game now. He and soccer were simply meant to be together; it was destiny.

End Notes:
- Koushiro is known to have been in his elementary school's soccer club along with Taichi and Sora pre-Digital World; it's unknown what position he played or if he was even a regular on the team.