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So this is kind of linked to 'I Can Feel It', its just Rosalie and Emmett's shot this time.

Rosalie POV.

Baywatch, but not quite. My summer job had been the same for years seeing as it wasn't a hard job, but it wasn't all that fun either. Thankfully, seeing as it was such a boring job for a young, strong swimmer, I got paid a good rate an hour which kind of made it all worth while.

The meagre beach that I babysat wasn't anything big. It was mainly a place where the locals came to splash around and flirt in the heart of summer. During those summer months, the place would obviously be heaving with holidaymakers who just lapped the scenic views right up. I had no idea what they saw in the bland view of the sea and trees. I supposed that had I grown up in a city, I would have thought this place was Narnia or something.

My afternoon of work was just starting. Some new kid had been keeping an eye for the morning between 10am and 1 pm. It was a Saturday, this kid was lucky he could get such great hours to work with the good money he also got paid and still have a full afternoon and evening off. I was working from 1pm till about 5, unless the place was still swarming, then I may have to stick around for a little longer.

I cycled to work everyday on my cheap, rickety pedal bike. I had a car, but seeing as I only lived a short distance away, I either walked or cycled to work, all depending on how late I was running. Today, I was running a little late.

I free wheeled down the slope that led to the sandy beach and threw one leg over the centre bar to the other side. I kept the bike running down the slope while maintaining my balance with one leg holding me up on the idle pedal. The moment my front tire made contact with the sand, I jumped off the bike and kept on running with it until I made it the short distance to the little staff cabin.

The kid who'd been beach babysitting before me left the moment I opened the door.

"They're all yours…" he sighed before heading out to the baking sun that I'd cycled in. After dumping my bike in the corner, I threw my bag onto the floor and kicked off my flats. I pulled out a pair of flip-flops from my oversized Mary Poppins bag, and slipped them on.

I quickly topped up on my sun screen before slipping my pair of sunglasses down from the top of my head, to cover my eyes.

I glanced in the mirror to reassure myself that even in my haste; I had managed to wear my uniform. I had on my oversized 'Lifeguard' t-shirt and a pair of shorts over my stereotypical red swimming costume.

After grabbing my bag, a pair of binoculars and a whistle, I headed back out to the beach. I made my way straight to the iconic white, wooden structure high chair that let me overlook near enough the whole beach.

I climbed up and sat down, securing my bag onto a hook at my side. I sat up straight and pushed my sunglasses up so I could get a look at the scope of the beach. The place was full today, almost bursting at its seams, but then again it was one of those rare hot and dry days that people loved to revel in.

I cracked my knuckles and arched my back to click that too before settling back and taking the binoculars out from my bag and placing them beside me. Tweedle dumb from earlier had forgotten to take them with him earlier, but at least he remembered the megaphone.

After making sure that I'd studied my surroundings, mentally mapping out where the families with young kids were and where rowdy bunches of teens were too, I fished out my book from my bag. The downside to the job was that I couldn't listen to my I-Pod. It wasn't really a wise thing to do. I needed to be able to hear a shout, a scream, splashing. Thankfully, people brought their own music, and I could just make some out most of the time in the background. The crowd's steady chatter became numb to my ears within seconds, thankfully, being taken over by the sound of the sea meeting the shore.

I delved into my ragged old book, finding my place easily. I had read my small library of books countless times over the years of beach babysitting and had yet to get bored of them. I always knew what was coming around the corner and when, but always got pissed off if someone interrupted me, which tended to happen frequently. People called me for the most mundane things sometimes, it was infuriating.

Minutes after delving into my book, some shouts and hollers distracted me. I sighed heavily hoping that this wasn't a sign of things to come. I hoped that I wouldn't get interrupted from my reading all day by boisterous groups.

I picked up my binoculars and toyed with them in my hands while I scanned the crowd, looking in my near vicinity. I wasn't sure how close the crowd was when they'd shouted and laughed because I was so lost in my book.

It didn't take me long to find them. They weren't far away. I could make them out clearly from where I was and I could hear their next round of laughter just as clearly too. I could make out each one's voice from their shouts at one another. The big one's laugh was already trademarked. There was no mistaking him.

These guys were the new kids. There was the blonde, the auburn and the drop dead gorgeous.

They had been in school the past week and had caused a stir with their presence. New additions to the school were usually sought after, stared at, whispered about, but these three had brewed up some drama already.

Chicks had been caught fighting over them in the hallways and following the trio like packs of hungry dogs. The thing was, all three of the guys seemed unaware of what was going on. Bella, Alice and I reckoned that they were keeping up the indifferent act to seem superior. They could have any girl they wanted, hell; I'd even caught some of the female teachers lusting after them.

I had one lesson with the blonde, Jasper. The amount of times I'd caught the giddy teacher primping and preening before, during and after calling him out for an answer to a question was diabolical. I should have felt embarrassed for her, and sometimes I did, but the woman was too damn tragic for that.

I didn't really see what was so hot about Jasper. Sure, in a pair of aviators, with that tousled blonde hair of his and in a sharp winter jacket he looked good, but he wasn't drooling quality for me. Alice on the other hand got all giddy and even more girly whenever she saw him. I'd caught her eyes following him along the corridors, in the cafeteria but she refused to admit she had a thing for him. She didn't want to be classed in the same group as the other chicks that pined after Mr Whitlock.

Now that I was thinking of Mr Whitlock, something came to me. Alice always went on about how she thought he was only appealing to the women because of his slight stutter; apparently it gave him the sexy, slightly troubled persona according to her. I had heard the guy talk; I'd even spoken to him a few times in class and had yet to hear him stutter. I heard no whispers of it around school, but Alice had managed to corner him a few times since his first day in school and declared that he did stutter. I wondered if the dude just stuttered with Alice because the little sprite scared him a little. I needed to see that for myself.

I wondered if I should give Alice and Bella a call to come on down to the beach. I pulled my cell out from my bag and sent the both of them a quick duplicate message telling them to get pretty and get here fast.

Seconds after I hit 'send', the sound of the auburn one, Edward shouting caught my attention. Bella's guy. She was the same as Alice unfortunately. She wouldn't admit that she had the hotts for the guy but still gnawed at her bottom lip whenever she saw him. I could have sworn that she stopped breathing sometimes too if he got close.

Edward was an enigma though. He was the same as the other two when they were together, cool, calm and collected, but I'd seen him looking at Bella a time or two and he had looked anything but calm. Once, when the tiresome Mike had come over to beg at Bella's feet and wag his tail, I'd looked across the room and watched as the big gorgeous guy planted his hand on Edwards shoulder to keep him still. That's what I thought I saw anyway, I couldn't be sure because after blinking, they were back to their normal selves, no sign of restraint there at all.

Finally, the big guy. Emmett. I hated to admit how much of a reaction he caused in me, but I could hardly ignore it. I hated him in a way for making me feel like he did but then again, he was just so fucking sexy I couldn't help but watch him from the corner of my eyes, imagining myself teasing him for a change.

I remembered the first morning of their being in school. I was running late, rushing for the door to the school while still buttoning up the shirt I had on over my tank top. I finished buttoning up the few that I wanted closed and looked up in time to see a huge guy just ahead of me, coming down the corridor. I unashamedly let my eyes run down him, appraising his body before looking back up. He had a smile playing at his lips as he reached the glass door before me. He opened the door as I reached it and held it open for me to get in before he could go out.

I almost swooned right there and then when he looked down at me with his dark, brooding eyes and spoke gently in his deep, sexy voice,

"Après vous mon très chère bel amour."

I had no idea what that meant, but fuck, a big muscle clad tough guy looking gentle and speaking French sure as hell caught my attention.

I slipped through the door and I think I thanked him for holding the door for me, but I was a little too flustered to remember.

Since then, the brute hadn't spoken a word to me or even made any effort to do so.

Replies from Alice and Bella came to my phone seconds after each other. They both were up for it and were going to get ready to come down to the beach to keep me company.

I got back to reading my book, occasionally stopping to take a look around or to watch the trio of hot guys laughing and mucking around on the sand or in the sea.

An hour had passed since I'd arrived and Alice and Bella showed up.

"Hey Rose!" Bella's shout came from below. I looked down to find her and Alice clad in the new scant bikini's we'd gone out and bought a week ago. They both had shorts over the top, showing some decorum for a change.

"Set up camp guys, I need to go get some water…" I told them as I got up from my seat and climbed down from my post. I handed Bella the binoculars I'd forgotten to leave at the top before heading back to the staff cabin.

I made my way through the crowd, weaving through them. I looked up and instantly caught sight of a massive red jeep in the parking lot behind the beach. It was nothing like the crappy cars that littered the roads around us day in and day out. This jeep was huge, eye catching, intimidating and somehow a little arrogant with the way it took up almost two whole parking bays.

I wondered what sort of guy owned that and then almost faltered in my step as I caught sight of Emmett coming from behind it and opening one of the back doors. It made sense. Apparently the guys were filthy rich and lived with their adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen who apparently didn't look old enough to be even 30. There were rumours were, that they had moved from city to city, from country to country and were finally settling here. It was said that they had lived in France for a year, which would explain the reason for Emmett's little showing off in the language of love on their first day of school.

I was almost at the cabin when Royce and his followers intercepted me. Royce was a slimy kind of guy who was in his early twenties. I was familiar with him because my parents were big friends with his. I had never liked him, but our parents had always thrown us together over the years much to my disappointment.

"Rosalie, working again?" Royce asked as he reached out and tugged at the bottom of my 'Lifeguard' t-shirt.

I frowned back at him as he smirked at me and his friends laughed in the background. "No, I hang around at the beach and wear this for the fun of it…" I snapped before pushing past him and going on toward the cabin.

"Ouch, Rosalie, I was just trying to get a conversation going…" he said dramatically behind me.

I ignored him and unlocked the door before going inside to grab three bottles of water from the little cooler in the corner.

I turned around, expecting to see Royce in the room with me, ready to creep me out like he always enjoyed doing, but thankfully, he wasn't there. I wondered if he'd got the hint and buggered off for a change.

The bottles of water were cold against my stomach as I cradled them in one arm so I could lock the door behind me. I looked up quickly toward the parking area to see if I could spot Emmett again. He was hard to miss especially seeing as he was topless today.

I caught no sight of him, feeling a little disappointed and turned, ready to head back to Alice and Bella.

"Rosalie…you shouldn't have…." Royce's slimy voice shocked me as he stepped up close in front of me and made a move to grab one of the water bottles.

"I didn't." I snapped back, making sure to hold onto the bottles and glare back at him at the same time.

Royce remained silent as he stepped even closer to me, making me step back so I was pressed up against the door. I slipped the door key between my index finger and middle finger of my right hand instinctively. I already knew that I wouldn't stab him, the stupid fuck wouldn't try anything in broad daylight, but then again, it might be a warning for him not to play around with me.

I could hear his friends cackling and whispering to one another behind Royce, obviously enjoying the show Royce was putting on for them.

"Leave me alone Royce, I have work to do and you're wasting my god damn time…" I told him as I pushed my hand against his chest. The key between my fingers seemed measly now that I saw it, but I gave him another push making sure not to give into temptation and threaten him with a slice to his chest.

Royce grabbed my wrist to stop me from pushing him. I jerked my arm, trying to get him to let go.

My breathing started to come sharper and faster as panic began to seep through my body. Royce looked a little scary. His eyes were sharp, intent upon me and his grip on my wrist was becoming painful.

"Royce…." I gasped as I stared back at him, my eyes wide in shock as the pain increased.

I felt a second hand grip my forearm securely. I felt the terror creep up and into me at the idea of more than just Royce being in on this, restraining me. I panicked. I should have kept the key hidden; they could easily get it from my grasp, unlock the door and take me inside.

"I told you not to keep me waiting." A cold, hard, strong voice that was unmistakably Emmett's came from beside me. My panic turned to relief as I turned my head to look at him.

He looked murderous. He glared at Royce and I felt as the hold he had on my wrist lessened and disappeared. I looked down to see that Emmett had his other massive hand around Royce's wrist and from the strain on Emmett's hand and arm, it looked like he was squeezing Royce's wrist as hard as he could.

From the whimpering and pleas Royce was making now, I was sure that was the case.

Emmett let go of his wrist when Royce dropped to his knees. He only let go of my forearm so he could grip the top of my arm more securely before he began to steer us away from the gaping group.

I was too shocked to say anything. I had no idea where he'd come from. He must have walked this way, behind the cabin from his truck because I would have seen him otherwise. I was grateful that he got to me when he did. The look in Royce's eyes had been chilling. I'd seen a side of him today that I hadn't seen before.

"What were you going to do with that?" Emmett snapped, sounding as pissed off as he looked as he gestured to the key that was still wedged between my fingers. "That wouldn't even puncture his fucking skin…" he added while I shifted the key in my hand to hide it from him.

I felt tiny and stupid compared to him as he kept marching on, pulling me with him. We advanced towards my watching post from behind, so Alice and Bella couldn't see us.

Emmett stopped us a few feet away and turned to face me, still looking highly pissed off.

"Keep away from those guys if you know what's good for you, chéri." He said in a hard tone as he let go of my arm. I noticed his voice softened as he said that last word but I had no idea what the hell it meant.

"Do you think I went looking for trouble?" I asked back, feeling appalled that he might be implying it.

He breathed deeply through his nose, his chest expanding as he filled his lungs before he slowly let his breath out through his mouth. "Just forget about it. Act normal, you'll worry the girls…" he said in a low tone before he turned and walked away.

I opened one of the bottles of water I still carried and drank some down quickly before screwing the top back on and going back to the girls and to work.

I chucked a bottle each into their laps before silently climbing back up. I didn't fail to notice Bella staring toward Edward's direction with the binoculars and biting at her bottom lip.

They thanked me as I climbed. I hoped that they were both too distracted by the eye candy to notice my shift in mood.

"You alright Rose?" Alice asked wearily as she stared up at me. I sat down and pulled my book out of my bag once more.

"Yeah I'm fine." I lied. "I just managed to step on a stone…fucking things…" I faked the lie, rubbing one of my feet for emphasis.

"You should have worn your flip flops…" Bella chastised me in a far away tone. She was trying to keep up with what was going on but she was too far distracted with drooling over Edward to really know what was going on.

The time ticked by steadily. Alice and Bella managed to pluck up enough courage after an hour to go and swim in the sea when they caught Edward and Jasper in there.

I kept an eye on Emmett, noticing that he looked bored or mad, or maybe both. He sat alone on the sand, building tiny castle after castle and then smashing them with his fist before starting the same ritual again.

I wondered what had irked him so much. Did he think that I enjoyed being in the face of danger, that I loved being the subject of Royce's attention?

A few minutes later, I caught sight of a little kid pottering about a few feet from where I was sat, looking lost and on the verge of tears. I put down my book and stepped down, making sure to grab the megaphone at the same time.

"Hey there…" I began as I walked toward the young girl who must have only been six or seven.

She sniffed once before breaking down into tears. I quickly went to her, crouching down in front of her so I could give her an assuring hug.

"I lost my mom and dad…" she sobbed against my shoulder.

Once she'd calmed down and told me in which direction they had been in before, I took hold of the child's hand and began to lead us through the crowd. I was grateful that the kid was old enough to understand what was going on and could tell me her parent's names. The hardest ones to help were the younger kids who would just scream and cry. In those scenario's I'd just have to keep reporting a missing child over and over until someone came to me.

My heart began to beat faster as I realised that the kid was directing me in the same area as where Emmett was. I held my composure as we walked along, behind him and on ahead.

The girl spotted her parents a short while later who were waiting at their car, hoping that she'd come back there to find them.

I headed back to my post, hoping that I hadn't missed anything while I'd been away.

I could see Emmett's form becoming larger as I drew nearer. I carried on the same path I had taken before, torturing myself by choosing to walk so close to him. I wished that I had something to say to him, some sort of barb so I could get him back for being so harsh before, but I had nothing.

I itched to touch him as I walked behind him, but crossed my arms over my chest instead to stop myself.

"Sorry I snapped at you before…" his deep voice sounded apologetic and sincere. I turned and saw that he'd turned his head in my direction slightly but kept his eyes trained to the ground.

I couldn't think of anything to say back so I turned and carried on walking until I got back to my post.

I felt a little satisfaction as the time went by that I hadn't caught any sight of Royce or his friends since our little run in. I knew I needed to thank Emmett for his help and I would. I watched as Emmett joined Alice, Bella, Jasper and Edward in the sea, feeling a little envious that I couldn't be with them.

The girls looked like they were having the time of their lives and I couldn't wait to hear all the gossip when they'd eventually come back to me. I smiled in satisfaction as I noted that there were a few groups of girls in the sea and on sand who were watching the group with nothing short of hate and envy.

I settled back in my seat, content to let the remaining hour or two that I had left to work tick on by as I watched my friends in the sea.

My binoculars came in handy as I watched Emmett pick up Alice from behind and hoist her in his arms in the air. I watched as Jasper went after him laughing and splashing water after the two. He was rewarded for his effort to get her back when Emmett all but chucked Alice back toward Jasper who caught her in his arm easily.

I occasionally tore my attention from the five to a group of kids playing volleyball, but I soon found my eyes straying back to the sea.

As my eyes zeroed in on the group, I picked out their laughter within the sea of voices. Emmett had somehow been roped into chucking random kids from his arms, back into the sea. A few kids kept circling around again, joining their own queue, ready to be chucked once more.

I noticed that by now Bella was on Edwards back, clinging to him while he held one or her feet in his hands. He seemed to be inspecting her foot intently. I wasn't shocked. Poor Bella always came home from days out with battle scars. Nothing had changed.

Alice and Jasper emerged first from the sea a while later, walking dangerously close to one another. I could see their hands just brushing each others as they walked. I noticed that Jasper was silent and looked nervous again as he sometime did. Alice did all the talking as they walked, either to break the silence or because she had a lot to say and hadn't even noticed any awkward silence on Jasper's part.

I couldn't help but laugh to myself when I caught Alice turning and smiling at Jasper once she'd finished talking. The guy relaxed from his nervous stance and even grabbed her hand into his. I knew now that Jasper must have only been nervous around Alice in school from the thousand watt grin which was now plastered on his face.

"Rosalie…you know Jasper don't you?" Alice asked as the couple reached the bottom of my podium. We made small talk, greeting, asking how things were going before Jasper declared that he, along with Edward and Emmett were going to set up a little fire later on at the far end of the beach. He asked that I join as well seeing as Bella and Alice who had already agreed to join.

I nodded my head, agreeing. I noted that the other couple were swiftly approaching also. Bella was still being carried on Edwards back and the both of them had grins on their faces.

"Forgot how to walk Bells?" I asked teasingly as Edward stopped beside Jasper and jumped Bella on his back, causing her to hold on tighter.

"No…I just cut my foot on a rock…" she muttered, defending herself even though I didn't need to hear any excuses. She was spouting them because she was nervous with Edward, I was sure of it. "He didn't think I should walk on it until I got it covered, in case it gets infected…" she added as Edward reached out to stroke her injured foot gently.

"There's a first aid box in the cabin." I declared as I threw Edward my key. He looked at me quizzically. "Bella knows where it is." I added. I grinned as I watch his confusion disappear and a smile settle on his face.

"Let's go band you up then my lady…" Edward declared before heading off, following Bella's directions.

Emmett finally reached me once the other two couples had cleared off. He crossed his sinewy strong arms across his massive chest and looked up at me.

"You're coming over to join us once you finish work." he said before dropping his head and toeing at the sand silently.

"I don't know…I might just go home." I muttered as I looked over my shoulder toward the cabin where my bike was.

"Ohhh, I wasn't asking. You are coming over when you finish." he said in a self-assured tone as he glared back up at me.

"I don't need your permission, I'm going home after I finish my shift, you can't stop me." I spat back, wondering why this almost stranger found the compulsion to be so controlling.

"I'll just have to try my best then," he retorted before stalking away toward his jeep, leaving me a little irked.

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