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Rosalie POV.

I remained on my high chair for the remainder of my shift, watching from afar as the boys and Bella and Alice set things up around what would soon be a camp fire. I was glad that the beach was emptying, the crowd thinning steadily. I knew that soon, we'd be the only ones left on the beach.

As the last few minutes of my shift came to its end, I packed up my things into my bag and then stared at my watch, willing the time to tick by faster so I could get out of here and away from Emmett, who unnerved me so easily.

I visibly jumped when I heard Emmett's voice come from below just as the second hand hit the hour, signalling the end of my shift.

"Come on then princess" he called as I felt the podium vibrate a little.

Perplexed as to what he was doing, I looked down to find him scratching his back against one of the structure's legs.

I rolled my eyes before sitting back. Who was he to tell me what to do?

"What do you think you're doing here? Shouldn't you be dancing naked around the fire?" I threw in the barb and then began to regret it. My imagination ran wild with the possible images of him naked beside a fire.

"You'd like that wouldn't you…" I could hear the smirk in his voice clearly, there was no missing it. Before I could retort, he spoke again. "Come down Rose, your shifts over."

I could see that I had no choice but to give in. He was obviously going to stick to me like glue, so going home was out of the question, also, Alice and Bella must have agreed to Emmett doing this otherwise, they'd be here too, fighting my corner.

I gave up and began to climb down the wooden structure. As I reached the bottom, l felt two strong hands grip my sides. I almost lost my balance then and there from the overpowering sense of strength that I felt emanating from the body behind me.

He held onto me and gently pulled me down the last part, letting my feet to touch the ground gently.

I had no idea what to say. He was intimidating me again with his size and silence. From what I had seen of Emmett in school, he was the life and soul of a group, always grinning, letting his dimples show, or he was laughing and joking. Today was the first time I'd seen him so serious and silent.

"I need to go change at the cabin first…" I muttered as I began to walk toward my destination.

He followed me silently, keeping a short distance away to my side so I could just see him in my peripheral vision at all times. I unlocked the door of the cabin with the key Edward had returned to me earlier and made my way inside.

I flicked the lights on and chucked my bag onto a nearby table before I heard Emmett declare from outside, "Shape up, I'll wait here for you."

I kicked the front door shut before pulling my 'Lifeguard' t-shirt over my head.

After grabbing a change of clothes, I headed into the dingy bathroom in the corner. I changed into my new red bikini before heading back out to the main room of the cabin to chuck my uniform back into my bag.

Just as I began to put my clothes away, the window beside me caught my eye. I suddenly realised how easy it could be for me to jump out and run silently away, across the sand before heading for home. I crept over to the window and tested the lock. I unlocked it with a little click before I grasped hold of the frame and went to open the window.

I jumped for a second time in the last few minutes when the front door banged open. "Don't dare try that window…" Emmett threatened as he glared at me.

In my frustrated rage, I threw my t-shirt at him, shocked at his entrance and that he knew what I was getting up to. My top hit him square in the chest. He caught it in his hands and threw it back at me just as fast, hitting one of my shoulders.

"Don't keep me waiting." he said in a steeled voice before turning and shutting the door soundly behind him. I remembered his words from earlier in the day when Royce had captured me just outside. "I told you not to keep me waiting."

I shivered at the memory before quickly throwing on an oversized white cardigan that reached mid thigh. I buttoned up some of my flowing cardigan before grabbing my bag and my beach towel and heading back outside. I locked the door behind me, expecting some jibe from Emmett, but I didn't get one. I turned around find him already stalking off into the dusk darkness toward the camp on the other side of the beach.

I turned my head, knowing that it would be so easy to just turn and run, but I felt drawn to Emmett, no matter how sharply he treated me.

"Rosalie…" Emmett's warning call reached my ears. He'd stopped walking and still had his back to me. The man must have been able to read my mind, it was getting strange.

I quickly marched over and kept pace with him once he began to walk again. The uncomfortable tension between the two of us was palpable as we walked. It was so dense, it was almost suffocating.

My nervousness from the tension between us pushed me to try and break the ice and get some conversation flowing.

"Did you have a good time today?" I asked in a whisper as I played with the buttons on my cardigan. I caught a movement in the corner of my eye and saw him nodding his head. It was like getting blood from a stone. I was trying and he wasn't making an effort to work with me. I tried once more, "The kids looked like they were having fun…I watched you chucking them in sea…" I muttered awkwardly, letting my sentence trail off as he remained silent.

Emmett's strong deep voice broke the silence at last. "I know, I was watching you too."

I didn't know what to say back to that, I felt shocked, flattered, self conscious, embarrassed and excited all at once from his simple statement.

Emmett carried on after a moment, most likely sensing that I had no response to that. "How do you do your job Rose? Make it look so easy when you always have guys following you, staring at you, watching you from the corner of their eyes?" he asked, sounding seriously interested and perplexed.

I felt confused as to where all of this had come from. "There are some jerks sometimes but there's no need to overreact." I stated.

"What about that guy today? You're telling me that I shouldn't overreact about him?" He asked with curiosity and anger entwined in his voice. I didn't feel afraid of Emmett even if he was angry; it just made me feel despaired.

"Royce is a jerk and I know him. He's never done something like that before; no one has in all time I've worked here." I stated, feeling the need to just let the whole Royce fiasco go. "And why do you need to over-react Emmett, why should you care?" I asked. I hoped to get an answer, but all I got in response was an almost inaudible,

"I don't know, amour."

We carried on in complete silence before reaching the little camp that was far away from any other stragglers who may have been left on the beach. I noticed that Bella and Edward were sat close together, talking intently while Alice sat between Jaspers legs, massaging one of them.

"That cramp gone yet?" Emmett asked as he approached, directing his question to Jasper. He was cheery and sociable again now that we were back with the others.

"Alice is doing a great job getting rid of it." Jasper replied before wincing in pain and flexing the toes of his foot.

Emmett sat across the fire from me, chatting and laughing, occasionally engaging me into the conversation or asking me a question. He acted as if there was nothing wrong between us, no awkwardness.

After an hour or two and some heart stopping smores, we were all settled on the sand beside the fire, basking in its warmth. The only sounds I could hear as I lay there, staring up at the emerging stars, were of the fire cracking and the light chatter of my friends around me.

The fire popped once more before I heard a distinct splashing noise of more than one person getting into the sea. I could just make out the sounds of chatter and laughter. I closed my eyes, grinning as I listened to Emmett argue with his brothers over something or other to do with a camping trip they were going to have with their parents soon.

I began wondering if I could fall asleep here when I heard someone yelling in the distance. The adrenaline immediately began to course through my body, sharpening my senses while my heart began to beat faster. I was instinctively on alert and ready to go if someone was in trouble. My eyes snapped open as I heard a second shout over the sound of the guys arguing.

I got up and quickly ran toward the sea, listening intently to the intense splashing I could now hear. I followed the sound while trying to blank out the sound of my friends behind me, yelling at me to slow down, asking me where I was going.

My feet hit the wet sand seconds before they hit the sea. I ran in, going deeper and deeper until I began swimming. I cursed as I realised that I still had my cardigan on, but it was skin tight on me now, too late for me to try and take it off. I drew nearer to the sound of splashing and pleading and from the strong moonlight; I could just make out the form of a person.

"I'm coming…" I managed between breaths, reassuring the person as much as myself.

I just reach out to the person when two other heads popped up behind the struggling guy and swam forward. My heart beat erratically as the person who had been struggling began to float normally, skilfully in the sea.

A hand clamped over my mouth at the same time an arm came around my waist. I struggled against the person, kicking and splashing while already knowing from this dirty trick that it was Royce holding me now.

I struggled against him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to keep the both of us afloat easily if he had two hands on me. I knew I could give up on floating and he would have to let one arm go from me to keep us both afloat, but I wouldn't put it past him to leave me underwater for a while as punishment. I couldn't risk that.

I cooled down, knowing I was a strong swimmer and then kept kicking, pedalling my legs to keep myself up. I faltered as I felt Royce's mouth at ear.

"I've got you now…" he sneered before he lowered his head to my neck and let his tongue trail up from my neck to my ear.

I struggled against him, feeling sick at what he'd just done. I splashed my hands on the water and tried my best to elbow him so he would let go.

The sounds of the others approaching appeased me. I could tell that Emmett was there from the shouting and the almost growls that I could hear advancing. I felt a little more relaxed knowing that he was on his way. He'd pried me from the clutches of Royce before; I hoped he'd manage it again. I felt a little uneasy of Royce's friends though. The odds were stacked up against Emmett, but I could see that a few of Royce's friends were struggling to keep afloat by now, they were tiring fast.

I bit down on Royce's hand as Emmett reached us. I hoped that would distract Royce from Emmett and so he would let me go, but he didn't. His grip around my waist tightened painfully and I beat desperately against him, trying to get him to let go or even slacken his hold.

Emmett punched and shoved his way through Royce's pathetic friends while I shouted abuse at Royce, He just laughed and started to run his other hand slowly across my stomach while kicking harder to keep us afloat.

"Emmett!" I screamed his name in desperation, hoping that Edward and Jasper could cope with ridding the other guys now that they'd caught up.

"Get your hands off of me!" I screamed at Royce as I beat at his hands, scratching them, sinking my nails in whenever I could.

He ordered me to stop then followed the order which I ignored with a forceful punch to my gut. I doubled over, my body curling up. The pain took over my mind and I only snapped out of it as I began to feel myself going down in the water. Royce was the only one keeping us both afloat and he was doing a lousy job of it.

I tried desperately to keep moving but almost gave up. Thankfully, Edward got to me and pulled me from Royce's grasp. I looked around frantically for Emmett, needing him with me more than Edward or Jasper.

"Rose, stop trying to float. He punched you, didn't he? You must be in pain…" Edward whispered in my ear as Jasper came over and helped Edward hold me up too. I felt shattered and glad that Edward and Jasper were here to hold me.

I could see Emmett pushing Royce and could clearly hear him roaring at him. "I'll make you pay for touching my Rose, believe me!" my heart stuttered when I heard him call me his.

The sounds of shouts from the shore caused Edward Jasper and I go quiet.

"Alice and Bella…" I stated flatly after a few seconds. I knew their voices better than anyone.

"Shit, those other guys must be there now…" Jasper muttered as he and Edward began to move us in the water.

"Wait…I want to stay with Emmett…" I admitted in a desperate whisper as I looked back at him.

"You need to come with us Rosalie…" Edward argued as he began to move us again.

"No, you guys go, please, I'll be fine." I protested before pushing off from them and holding myself afloat.

I could sense that they were going to argue, but when they heard the girls shout once more, they quickly headed for land.

I swam my way back to Emmett who looked murderous at me. He must have been mad that I hadn't gone back to shore. I melted into his side, wrapping one arm around his waist as I tried to stay afloat. Thankfully, he pulled me closer, bringing my back to press against his chest. He held me with an arm around my waist and kept us up.

"Let go of her, she's mine, she always has been…" Royce seethed as he lunged forward.

I pressed back into Emmett as he pushed Royce back easily with one hand.

"She's mine. You'll never have her, she's too good for a worthless bastard like you." Emmett snapped. I could see the anger in Royce's face but I got pleasantly distracted as Emmett shifted me in his arms, trying to get a better hold on me.

I heard Emmett's growl and felt it reverberate through to me before I felt a solid hard force hit the side of my head, next to my temple. Pain seared through me, making my head feel like it was cracking in two. My eyes went black from the pain and I felt myself slipping.

Emmett POV.

I knew she'd been knocked out when I felt her body slump, become lifeless, a dead weight in my arms. Her head lolled back onto my shoulder as I called her name, desperate for her to be alright. "Rose…Rosie…" I tried to keep strong, keep my voice from cracking from the intense fear, worry and guilt that swept over me,

She had been slipping in my hold and I had moved her. In that fraction of time, the blubbering idiot in front of me had missed his target and had hit my Rose right on the side of the head.

The anger within me boiled and as the asshole kept muttering apologies. I softly moved Rose's hair from her face before I looked up. All I could see was red. My fury doubled at the sight of the one who'd don't this to my Rose.

I kept my feet moving, easily keeping Rose and myself afloat. Without warning, I lunged forward and grabbed Royce by the throat with my free hand.

"Did you ever think you'd die drowning?" I growled as I gripped his throat tighter. I had no intention of killing the twerp; I just wanted him scared senseless. I wanted him scared enough not to fuck with Rosalie again, or any other woman for that matter.

He spluttered and splashed in front of me. I could hear Edward and Jasper calling just behind me. I had no idea that they'd got back out here, I'd been too lost in what was happening to hear their advance.

I could feel Rosalie slipping in my hold once more and with Edward and Jasper advancing, I let go of Royce and gave him a sharp shove out of my reach. I didn't want Edward and Jasper to see me like this. I didn't want them to see me so out of control of my emotions.

I held onto Rosalie tighter, wishing she could wake up and shout at me, anything would be better than this lifeless silence. I could feel my throat burning, closing up, my eyes burning with the intensity of my guilt. It had been my fault. I had shifted her in arms, made Royce miss his target that was me.

I looked back at Royce and could see him struggling to swim. My guilt over the whole situation worsened. I should have controlled my anger, but this was Rosalie, nothing about her was normal, especially the emotions I felt toward her. Everything was more intense, sharp and powerful.

I swam on to meet Edward and Jasper. "Take her for me; I need to finish sorting Royce out." I needed to get him to shore and give him a few warnings. Maybe a few punches too, but I wouldn't tell the guys that. I could just slip in a few without them knowing.

They both looked at each other before looking back at me. "Take her!" I ordered more forcefully before looking back at Royce who was very slowly making his get away.

Jasper shook his head before he spoke. "You take her back to shore, wrap her up, we'll see to him." The strength in his words was hard to ignore. Jasper was in his 'in-charge' mode. He was the level headed one. I knew I needed to listen to him because if someone was talking sense in this situation, it would be him. I wanted so desperately to argue, to tell him that Rose was mine and that I wanted to be the one to sort Royce out, but I couldn't.

Edward must have sensed the battle raging in my mind. "Wrap her up, get her next to the fire…" his voice left no place for argument.

I finally agreed, realising that they were both thinking clearly, being rational. I held onto Rosalie and began to swim us back toward the shore while Edward and Jasper went on to get a hold of Royce and make sure he made it back to shore alright. We didn't need any trouble; we didn't need him drowning and us getting the blame for the ones that had kept him out at sea for so long.

Deep down, I hadn't wanted to hand her over to Edward or Jasper anyway. I didn't want them to feel her silk soft skin, her perfect body. I knew that they were obviously smitten with Alice and Bella, but I still wanted Rosalie all to myself, and now I would.

The moment I made it out of the sea, with Rosalie in my arms, Alice and Bella rushed over and bombarded us with towels. I noticed that the girls looked pale and worried.

"Go get some blankets…my keys are over there, I might have one in the jeep…" I ordered. It was a lie. I didn't have a blanket in my jeep, but I knew that the girls needed something to keep them busy.

"I've got blankets in the back of my car…come on Bella, help me carry them." Alice said shakily before the two went to grab my keys and follow my orders.

Once the two were gone, I headed straight to the fire. I laid Rosalie down on her beach towel before pulling her wet, heavy, cold cardigan off. I threw it out the way before moving to lay a load of other blankets down closer to the fire. I quickly went back to Rosalie and scooped her into my arms, laying us down next to the fire.

I stretched out on my back and tucked Rosalie into my side so her back faced the blazing fire. I threw another towel over her legs for now, until Alice and Bella got back with the blankets.

I held her close, running my fingers through her hair, picking up strands for the fire to dry with its heat.

Rosalie began to stir just as Alice, Bella, Edward and Jasper made their way back to us.

"Here…" Bella whispered as she opened up the blanket in her hands and draped it over the two of us.

"Thanks…" I whispered before holding my breath at the sound of Rosalie groaning.

I rolled her slowly so she was on her back. I leant up beside her on my elbow and looked down at her, watching her as she came around.

Making sure not to touch the place where she was hit, I stroked her hair and traced my fingers over the side of her face.

"Emmett…" Jasper muttered as he knelt down beside us. I looked up and was handed a freezing cold towel. "We got some ice from the cooler in the back of the jeep, for her head…" he informed me before retreating back to the other silent three.

I gently placed the ice on to the side of her head and felt sorry for her when her face screwed up onto a frown and she moaned.

"Rose…open your eyes love…" I whispered. I needed to look into her eyes; I needed her to see, to know why I had been such a jackass all day. It was because deep down, I cared for her. In the beginning I was confused, mad at her for making me feel so strange, for making me feel like a lost puppy whenever I couldn't see her. By now, I was relieved. I knew why I had been acting so strange lately, hell, ever since I first laid eyes on her on my first day of school. When she got to that door, looking disarrayed and so naturally beautiful, I was lost to her. Ever since then I had watched her, looked out for her, not really knowing why I had such a fixation for her, but now I did. I wanted Rosalie all for myself. I wanted her to be mine and for me to be completely hers.

She eventually opened her eyes slowly, sleepily. They fluttered open and met mine with an intensity that knocked the breath from me.

I watched as the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile, and I felt my own smile on my face. Hey eyes danced and I couldn't help but feel the desperate need to know what she was thinking.

"I told you when I finished work that I should have gone home…" she said in a hoarse voice before breaking out into light laughter. I laughed with her, pleased that she was well enough to tease me and slip in a joke about the whole thing.

I relaxed next to her, keeping hold of the ice pack on her head. "Are you alright Rose? Does it hurt anywhere else?" I asked as I looked down at her, looking for any signs of hurt or injury.

She seemed to ponder my question for a moment until she began biting at her enticing bottom lip. "Mmmm…there is something that hurts…" she whispered.

My heart began to beat faster as I began to worry. I hoped it wasn't serious. I knew that the bump on her head was pretty bad, bad enough to knock her out, but sometimes people had worse injury's which were masked by lesser ones.

"Where love…?" I asked as Rose raised her hand to her face.

She pouted up at me before planting a finger on her lips. "Ouch…" she whispered, fighting back a grin.

I couldn't help but smile back. This girl was something else and I loved her spirit, her gusto, her body…

I momentarily let go of the ice pack and pushed her finger from her lips before l lowered mine to hers, melting into her touch. I held her close, revelling in the taste of her lips, her warmth and her eager response to me.

"Rosalie's concussed, the poor thing doesn't know what she's doing…"

I growled against Rosalie's lips at the sound of Jasper's comment before moving back and kissing her a few more times chastely on the lips.

"Shouldn't you guys be kissing each other instead of watching us?" I snapped while feeling annoyed that they'd broken our first kiss.

They all laughed which irked me even more.

Rosalie was the one to snap me out of my darkening mood. "Kiss me and do that growling thing again…" she whispered seductively in my ear.

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