There are lots of things Shane loves about girls. She loves the way the walk, the tight jeans they somehow manage to stuff themselves into, the way they make moon-eyes at her. And not just some girls. All of them. No one can resist Shane's pull. Well, except for Lara Perkins. She got nothing from that girl. What a weird lesbian.

As Shane once said, she's the center of the universe. Of course, she said that about her place on OurChart. Little did she know, she really is. Every West Hollywood lesbian has either slept with her or wanted to at one point or another. When Shane enters a room, girls run out crying.

Once up on a time, Shane stopped for no one. She had stalkers and haters galore, but she never let it stop her. Each escapade was forgotten as soon as it was over. Better said, Shane loved the chase. Once she caught the girl, it really wasn't worth sticking around.

The few times Shane did stop, disaster occurred.

Case in point: Cheri. Carmen. Paige. You can count the girls she actually stayed with on one hand. Even then, she fucked it all up.

Until she met me.