Not everything was bliss and happiness. The first fight was totally unexpected, one small sentence Shane had whispered while going down on me.

"Why don't you tell your father about us?"

I shriveled away from her, skittering up against the headboard. She tried to encase herself over me, arms on both side, trying to squeeze out what she said. She shook her head, as if to say: 'oh well, let's just fuck.' My face contorted into a disgusted frown and I pushed her off of me.

"I'm done. I can't do this anymore, Shane."


"I can't have you insisting that I tell my father. I can't hurt him. And you just don't understand that. He's been there for me, ever since my mom died. And I know how bad it would be if I told him. He might never talk to me again!"

Shane softened, melted like butter on a hot summer day, and I almost felt bad about snapping at her. Keyword: Almost. I slipped out of bed and pulled on my clothes. I left her house and didn't come back for an entire week. I stayed at my father's, and he seemed pleased that I'd actually spent more than ten seconds in his company.

Shane had been getting antsy for a few days, calling me, begging me to come back home, and I had the feeling something bad was going to happen.

"Tom showed up at Max's. They're getting back together."

"Great. So Max just dumped his girlfriend like a hot potato? Typical guy." I liked Max, he was nice and funny, but it irritated me that he could do that.

Shane was silent on the other end.

"I guess it isn't that simple, is that what you were going to tell me?" Rage grew inside of me. "Because Max and Tom love each other, it's okay for them to hurt people as if nothing else in the world matters?"

"Look, that isn't what I called for. I was going to say, if they can get back together, why can't we?" I was trying not to fall into her trap. Trying. Trying. But her voice was making me eager to crawl back into her bed.

Needless to say, I went back to her a few days later.

I was fed up with her bullshit and lies by our third fight.

I accused her of cheating. She was acting all sneaky and didn't want sex at all anymore.

She always cried out "Shay!" in her sleep.

Whoever this skanky Shay girl was, I was going to sniff her out and kill her.

Shane was mine. MINE.