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I yawned, but I didn't open my eyes. I felt so warm and safe. I snuggled closer to the source of warmth.

My mind started to gear up for the day by asking, why is it so warm? And, why am I not in my bed?

I opened my eyes slowly, and waited for them to focus. When they did, I blushed.

I was snuggled against Harry's chest, with my arms around him, and his around me. I nearly panicked, when I remembered the events of last night. The meadow, the stag, Harry watching over me… us falling in love…

I smiled softly, and snuggled closer to him, waking him up. He seemed a bit disoriented, until he, too, remembered the events that had taken place the night before. He smiled down at me, and gently kissed my forehead. He looked up, and blushed.

"Don't look now," he murmured softly to me, "but we have an audience."

I turned my head, and blushed even redder than my hair. All of the students in Gryffindor house were standing there, grinning. When they saw that we noticed them, they all started to applaud, cheer, and, in the case of some of the males, whistle.

"Way to go, Harry!" One of them shouted.

"Yeah! Way to get him, Hermione!" Another added.

"Do you all have anything else to say, before Hermione and I go get dressed?" Harry asked in a mock growl. They all nodded.

"What?" I asked, still blushing from the comments.

"FINALLY!" They all chorused. With that, they all started to disperse, many of them laughing, most of them discussing us.

I sighed in resignation. At least today was Saturday. No classes today (A/N: I don't really know if the Hogwarts students have Saturdays and Sundays free of classes, so I'll just assume they do.). I had finished all my homework the night before, before going out. I had also managed to convince Harry and Ron to finish their homework on Friday, as well, for a change.

I smiled, gave Harry a quick kiss, and got up. Harry got up, as well, and gave me a hug before we went up the separate staircases to our dormitories.

I dressed quickly (A/N: Basically, she brushed her hair and teeth, and got dressed. Firethroat: Will you shut up with the Author's Notes already? Me: No.) and hurried downstairs. I waited in the common room for Harry, and it was only a minute or so before he joined me.

Ron was also in the common room, reading Flying With The Cannons again. He grinned at us, then waved and said, "Have fun, you two! And don't do anything you'll regret!" It took us a couple seconds to figure out what he meant, and when we did, we both blushed what seemed nearly as red as a tomato. We decided to exit the common room at that time, and heard Ron laughing after us.

"So, were do you want to go today?" Harry asked after we had exited the common room.

I grinned. "How about the library?" At Harry's look of horror, I laughed. "Just kidding!"

"How about the maze?" Harry suggested.

I smiled. "Sounds great! I've been wanting to get a chance to explore it." Harry nodded in agreement, and we made our way downstairs to get some breakfast first.

The maze had been grown after our fourth year. Professor Dumbledor had thought it would be fun for the students to have a large hedge maze to relax in, so all of the teachers had worked together to grow one and enchant it, so that it would be safe for the students. Placed periodically in the maze, about one every fifty feet, were special markers. All you had to do was tap your wand against one three times, and your wand would point the direction out of the maze. It was to make sure that none of the students got lost. There were so many twists and turns in the maze, and the fact that the hedge walls were ten feet high, made it pretty easy to get lost in there.

After dinner, Harry and I walked outside and down to the maze, which was near the lake. It looked like we weren't the only ones with the idea, though. A lot of other kids were making their way to the maze, as well.

Once we were inside, we split away from the others, and headed down some of the maze corridors to find a secluded spot.

It took us about ten minutes to find a spot where we were sure we wouldn't be bothered for a couple minutes. In unspoken agreement, we both transformed to our animagus forms.

As soon as we finished changing, I suddenly felt a little shy and coy around Harry. I suppose that it was the doe part of me that made me feel that way. Normally I was comfortable around him.

Harry tossed his head energetically, showing off a little. I would have laughed if I were human. He looked funny when he did that.

I decided to have a little fun with him. I used my nose to tag him, then bounded off through the maze. Harry stood there for a second, then started chasing after me. Our sharp hooves cut into the soft grass turf that made up the bottom of the maze, slowing us down just a tiny bit. But we didn't care. We just liked to run.

We came up to a hedge wall, and I decided to see how good Harry's reflexes were. So, instead of stopping, or turning, I gathered my muscles, and leapt right over.

I had quite a sight in front of me when I landed and skidded to a halt. Right in front of me was a couple, kissing like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't identify them, because they weren't facing me, but they seemed pretty familiar.

I grunted in surprise when Harry slammed into me from behind. Apparently he wasn't able to stop in time.

The couple turned at the sound, and glared at us.

"Do you mind?" The boy asked.

If we had been human, we would have apologized, but we settled with walking off quietly. The couple went back to making out.

Once we found a secluded spot, we changed back, and started laughing.

"I don't think we should tell Ron about that." Harry said, chuckling.

"I know." I said. "He'd freak if he knew that we saw Malfoy making out with Ginny."

That sent us into another fit of laughter. We didn't want to be mean to Ron, or keep secrets from him, but he would go on the warpath if he found out. As mean as Malfoy had been in the past, we trusted Ginny's judgement in this. She knew what she was doing. (A/N: Yes, I am a Ginny/Draco shipper.)

We changed back to our Animagus forms again, and resumed our game of tag. I was able to keep ahead of Harry, due to me being faster and more agile.

We also happened across a lot of couples making out, actually, and we would just leave them alone. We understood not wanting to be disturbed when you were with someone you loved.

We were trotting along, side by side, when we heard someone crying. Harry and I exchanged a puzzled look, and followed the sound to see who it was.

We found Neville sitting by himself, crying softly. If we hadn't had our enhanced hearing, we wouldn't have heard him.

Harry lightly brushed his tines against Neville to get his attention, then cocked his head to one side, as if to say What's wrong?

Neville looked up, sniffling. He blinked in surprise when he saw us looking at him curiously.

"Sorry if I bothered you…" he said. He turned away and started crying again.

I exchanged a glance with Harry. We could both tell that this was serious. Neville cried sometimes, but he was never as bad as this.

I nudged Harry pointedly, and he nodded in agreement. Neville was a good friend, and he wouldn't blab.

Harry again gently nudged Neville with his tines, to get his attention. Neville turned, and Harry and I both felt terrible when we saw his tear-streaked face.

Harry and I both changed to human, and asked in unison, "What's wrong, Neville?"

Neville didn't seem very surprised by our change, and instead fell to crying again. Harry and I sat down on the stone bench, on either side of him, trying to comfort him, although we didn't know how.

Finally, Neville managed to choke out what was wrong. "It… it's my… my grandmother… she… she died… a… dragon…" and then he fell to sobbing uncontrollably again.

I was at a loss for words, and I could tell that Harry was the same way. What do you say to someone when a family member dies? Especially when you're as close as Neville and his grandmother were. For me, it'd be like my parents dying, or for Harry, Sirius dying.

Harry spoke. "Hey, Neville, it'll be okay. Your grandmother isn't really gone. There's still a part of her in you, if only you would look for it." Neville looked up, sniffling.

"Harry's right, Neville. And the important thing is to remember all the good times you had together. Maybe when you both laughed over a joke, or a quiet moment spent together, or when you were little, and she tucked you in at night." I added, trying to help.

Neville nodded, but still continued crying.

"And it's okay to cry." Harry put in. "I know how hard this must be for you. But think of it this way. Your grandmother would want you to eventually go on. She knew you loved her, and I know that she loved you back. But she wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over her death."

Neville nodded again, and said slowly, "I guess you're right… but it still hurts…"

"I know." Harry said. "And the pain never really goes away. But things will get better. Trust me on this."

Neville nodded sadly, but his tears finally began to abate.

We stayed with Neville the rest of the day, comforting him. In fact, by the end of that day, he was almost back to his cheerful self. Almost. Harry and I could both tell that he still was upset, but we knew that he would be okay. Neville was strong in character, although he didn't often show it to others. But we knew. He would be just fine, after a while.

"It's getting late." I said when the sky was pretty dark. "We'd have to go pretty fast, even in our Animagus forms, to get there before we got into trouble."

"Yeah." Harry said glumly. "No offense Neville, but I'm not sure if you could keep up with us."

Neville smiled, for the first time that day. "I think I could keep up."

"How?" I asked. Even that fastest students at the school would have a hard time with that, and Neville wasn't one of them.

In answer, Neville changed into a very large lion.

I gaped, while Harry laughed. "This school is just full of Animagi, huh?" Neville made a funny sound, and it took us a second to realize that he was laughing.

Harry and I changed, and we all set off through the maze. It turned out that Neville could run pretty fast as a lion. I was just glad that he was our friend. Real lions and deer didn't exactly get along well.

Harry knew the maze better than Neville and I did, and easily led us out. We put on all our speed, and made it to the side of the castle before anyone spotted us. After checking to see that the coast was clear, we changed back, and walked inside.

It turned out that we weren't very late, and no one really noticed our arrival. We sat all sat down next to Ron, panting.

"Hey guys." He said, grinning.

"Hey." Harry said, helping himself to some of the food. Neville and I followed his example.

Dinner was uneventful, except for Peeves deciding that it would be great fun to dump a bunch of food on Snape. The entire hall had to stifle laughter as he stalked off. Once he left, everyone couldn't help themselves. Even the teachers started laughing. Everyone was surprised when even stern Professor McGonagell cracked up. (A/n¨ Sorry if we got the name wrong. We all forgot how it was supposed to be spelled. Sorry. Blonde moment. Firethroat: But none of us are blonde. Vurso: The readers get the idea.)

When dinner was over, all of the Gryffindors went back to the common room. Most of them got out homework, and the air was filled with the scratching sound of kids writing with quills.

We explained the day's events to Ron, leaving out the Malfoy and Ginny part, of course, and Ron immediately expressed sadness for Neville, over his grandmother. Ron seemed dumbstruck when we told him of Neville's animagus form, and Neville laughed softly.

Ron grinned. "See Neville. I told you. You're a true Gryffindor! You even changed into a lion!"

Neville blinked in surprise. "Yeah. I guess you're right."

Ron laughed. "And why is it that I keep missing out on all the fun stuff happening?" We all started laughing, and got a few glares from some of the nearby students trying to concentrate.

"Think of it this way." Harry said. He kept a straight face, but you could see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "If Snape ever bothers you again, Neville, you could always change into your lion form and bite his hand off." We all laughed at this, but quieter this time.

Finally, it was time for bed, and we all walked upstairs to our dorm rooms. Harry and I separated with a hug and a kiss at the door to my dorm, and he and the others continued on to theirs.

After I had gotten ready for bed, and was falling asleep, I asked myself what the future held. I dismissed it after a minute or so. Whatever it was, Harry and I would be together, and we would have our friends. That was enough.

With a yawn, I drifted off to sleep.


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