Me: Well hello once again!

Neji: Why are you so cheerful?

Me: If you must know...I recently found a new anime called Shugo Chara! (the ! is actually added to the end) and it is one of the cutest things I have ever watched! It is so funny and the guys are all incredibly good looking. I highly recommend watching -screams off into the distance- Ikuto! Wait for me!

Neji: -sighs- Fangirls

Me: I heard that!

Neji: The drug that was mentioned during last chapter along with this one is completely made up

Me: Well...the name is. There is actually one that came close to having the same effects, but not enough, so I forgot about it

Chapter 12 When someone said count your blessing now…for they're long gone…

Hinata's P.O.V

While we walk down the stairs, I wonder why Sasuke would have a room down here, but then again, I can't say I'm not surprised.

I try to voice my thoughts, when Neji beats me to the punch. "Where are you taking us Uchiha?"

"You're just going to have to wait and see, now won't you Hyuga?"

I hear a small growl from Neji, and I try to get them to stop fighting, but no thoughts come into my head...It was somuch easier talking as Hitomi. "Sasuke, please tell us what's going on," I plead. I mentally put myself on the back for my job well done when Sasuke sighs. "…You said that the symptoms of the drug were internal bleeding and memory loss, correct?"


"Well, there is a drug called murmurcide, and it is used to make its victim forget anything that the injector wants them to forget. And, if necessary, make them slowly die from the inside."

I gasp and try to find my voice. "But h-how?"

"Whenever taken, the drug messes up the organs of the drugged body; in other words, it messes up the veins around them to make them bleed, but it also, but very slowly, screws up the brain when taken too many times. The body becomes dependent on the drug, and after a large amount of it has entered, the person's brain starts to crave it. And when the injections stop suddenly, the veins around the important organs; such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs get drowned in blood. So once the liquid enters the lungs or heart, the person drowns on their own blood."

I shiver; wondering if the same fate is in for me. "You haven't had enough for any of those things to happen, Hinata. So don't worry. All that might be troublesome is getting back your memories."

I smile in gratitude and relief. "And how do you know all this, Uchiha?" Neji asks, reminding that he is still present.

Sasuke stops walking so suddenly, I almost crash into him.

Have we still been walking this whole time? Most likely.

"…I never told anyone this, and not many besides myself and my parents know about it, but…my older brother was a highly respected and highly feared assassin, and he had always used that as his main way to kill his victims."

Okay. Now I'm officially shocked, and somewhat mortified. This is defiantly not something a girl who has lost her memories wants to hear; her boyfriend's brother was a killer that liked to torture people for a living.

"He also used a huge amount of this poison to kill my…our…family." I hear Sasuke whisper, and continue walking.

My eyes widen, and I wonder why, after everything he has been through, Sasuke would still chose someone like me to be his girlfriend.

When Sasuke stops for a second time, I see a large door that has `Do Not Enter` engraved on the wood. He opens the door, and we walk in.

The room is filled with dusty, yet clear bottles that have all different color liquids inside of them.

"What is this place?" I ask.

Sasuke walks to the back; seeming to be searching for something. When he finds it, he pulls it off the shelf, and walks backs to Neji-nii and me. "This," he raises the bottle, "Is what you will find in the other container."

Neji takes it, and studies the contents with a steady eye. "It is exactly the same. But how did-"

"Itachi was the creator of many of these poisons, and this one was a first. By now, I would think that he could make this poison gagged, blindfolded, and backwards."

"So all we need it is find the antidote."

"It's not that easy."

Neji glares at Sasuke, and even though it is not directed at me, I flinch from the intensity.

"None of these drugs were created to just be cured in the end, so only Itachi knew how to make the cure."

I feel my heart skp a beat. Does this mean I am supposed to die?

"I don't think anything will happen to you Hinata, since you didn't have much of it. But if it makes you feel better, I will find the cure, alright?"

I smile gently at him as I say, "Thank you Sasuke."

He smirks back at me, but I can feel the hidden gentleness emitting from him.

"Ahem." We both look to Neji. "If you two lovebirds are done, we should start leaving."

"What? Are you scaredHyuga?" Sasuke says; his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Neji turns to glare at him. "No, Uchiha, I'm simply saying that it might be scary for you since you seemed rather jumpy while coming down here."

It's Sasuke's turn to scowl darkly, but he starts walking anyway.


As we reach the living room, I decide to ask the question that has been nagging at me since we first got here. "Sasuke, why did you seem worried when I talked about the man with the red eyes?"

Sasuke stops mid-step; freezing with an odd look to his face.

"I have been wondering about that myself, Uchiha."

"…" Sasuke sighs, then sits down. "I told you about how my brother was an assassin, right?"

Neji and I nod. "Well, he used to have eyes that were the same color as mine, but after a few years, he decided to change them. He got contacts to make his eyes a different color, and I'm not completely sure if it is true, but I overheard my parents say that after killing so many people at that young of an age - he was only 14 at the time – my brother's eyes actually turned to the color that he got."

"And that was…?"

I try to press the answer, but Sasuke still looks completely zoned out.

"His eyes changed to the color he liked most…blood red."

I feel my body freeze. Blood red? That was exactly like the color the man that I saw had. Does that mean…?

"So you think that your brother was the one who drugged Hinata?'

"I had a feeling that he was connected to this, especially when I had a dream with him a few nights ago, but when you said that the person you saw had red eyes – and that one of his homemade drugs was used on you – everything made sense."

Sasuke walks to the window and looks through the glass.

"And what, precisely, is supposed to make sense?" Neji asks.

Sasuke slowly turns back to us.

"That Uchiha, Itachi is back."