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Dead Eyes

I stare
Reflection greets in a lustrous shine
Pale skin
Impecable features
Dainty curves of perfection
Lips turned downwards
Rosemary butterflies
Hair cascades through the air
weaves of golden thread
They see nothing but lies
Endless twists of enveloping grey
They see this
This body
The body of a fraud
They see an imposter
Someone designed to replace
A meaningless replica
But they know nothing
The hollowness is overpowering
An empty shadow that eliminates all feeling
I'm forgetting
Forgetting everything
And at the same time
Forgetting nothing at all
No one will ever know who I am
Not even myself
Yet I will try
Try to redeem my soul
I am me
They will never convince me otherwise
And as I stare at my reflection
Eyes remaining darkened
I have never been more sure of anything else