Song List 1:

Prelude 12-21- AFI

Never Enough- 5 Finger Death Punch

Eyes On Fire- Blue Foundation

All the Pretty Corpses- Schoolyard Heroes

Don't Wake Me Up- The Hush Sound

Girl- The Beatles

Hemorrhage- Fuel

Only U- Ashanti

Save Me From Myself- Christina Aguilera

Ain't No Other Man- Christina Aguilera

Hit The Floor- Linkin Park

Runaway- Linkin Park

Dangerous- Akon

Here With Me- Dido

Time is running Out- Muse

Changes- 3 Doors Down

Blood- My Chemical Romance

Angel- Natasha Bedingfield

Endlessly- Muse

U Got It Bad- Uher

Tremble For My Beloved- Collective Soul

I Don't Care- Apocalyptica

Your Guardian Angle- The Red Jumpsuit

Going Under- Evanescence

Wreck Of The Day- One Tree Hill

Safe- Travis

The Garden- Mirah

Crush, Crush, Crush- Paramore

Never Think- Rob Pattinson

Monsters- Matchbook Romances

Invincible- Muse

Heaven Help Us- My Chemical Romance

Believe- Staind

Are That Somebody?- Aaliyah

Claire De Lune- Claude DeBussy

Map Of The Problematique- Muse

Open Arms- Jouney

Black Roses Red- Alana Grace

Lion- Rebecca St. James

Lacrymosa- Evanescence

Imaginary- Evanescence

Falling Away With You- Muse

Addicted- Kelly Clarkson

Esmes Favorite- Edward Cullen

Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park

Lullabye (Good Night My Angel)- Billy Joel

Decode- Paramore

I Caught Myself- Paramore

Go All The Way (InTo The Twilight)- Perry Farrell

Sleep- My Chemical Romance

Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

Vampire Love- Ash

Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The Sharpest Lives- My Chemical Romance

Paperthin Hymn- Anberlin

Now or Never- Three Days Grace

Ugly Side- Blue October

Dreaming With A Broken Heart- John Mayer

I Don't Care- Fall Out Boy

Angels- Within Temptations

Duck And Run- Three Doors Down

Starlight- Muse

To The End- My Chemical Romance

Paralyzer- Finger Eleven

Taking Over Me- Evanescence