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The sun was shining high in the sky, and only a few clouds hovered slowly through the air. The weather was warm and perfect for outdoor activities. It was truly a magnificent day. However, this was no ordinary day for two certain girls...

"...Hold still..."

Torako Kageyama turned to face Ushio MakunĊchi with a look of pure confusion spread out on her face. "...Huh?"

Suddenly, Ushio reached out and grabbed Torako by the wrists. Leaning in closely, Ushio whispered, "Now...just close your eyes..."

Torako's eyes grew as wide as dinner plates. "W...WAIT!!! WHAT THE HELL...ARE YOU DOING?!!"

Cocking her head slightly to the side, Ushio replied, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to kiss you...and you'll like it...I promise..."

"H...Hold on here!! What right do you have to kiss me, dammit?!! Besides...I'M NOT GAY!!!" Torako cried, struggling to escape Ushio's powerful grip on her.

Ushio smirked. "Oh, really? You're not gay, huh?! Then what about all those times I noticed you staring at Suzume Saotome's nice little ass, eh? You like flat-chested girls, right? Well, luckily for you, I'm pretty flat-chested myself..."

"I...I wasn't staring at her ass!!!" Torako snapped, her cheeks flushed. As much as she tried to deny it with her heart and soul...she couldn't help but admit that deep down, Suzume really DID have a nice little ass.

"However, I don't want you to fall in love with anyone else but me," Ushio purred, "So that's why I'm gonna make you love me first...got it?"

"That's...that's totally unethical!! I mean...seriously!! This isn't funny! At all!"

"I'm not trying to be funny..."


"Just shut up and let me kiss you," Ushio hissed, and her lips were inches away from Torako's, when...


Gasping, both girls looked over and saw Nene Ando, the red-headed class rep and professional bisexual (but she's much more interested in the girls than the boys), running towards them at amazing speed.

"Ugh...not you again..." Ushio sighed.

"I think that girl's stalking me..." Torako muttered, seemingly forgetting the situation she was currently stuck in.

"She is, actually," Ushio nodded, "She once showed me a scrapbook she made with all these photos of you...it was hot..."

"You don't say..."

Breathing heavily from her sprint, Nene exclaimed, "Torako...Torako is in love with me, not you! Let her go! NOW!!!"

"SAY WHAT NOW?!" Torako gasped.

"Lies! Torako loves me! Or at least she WILL love me!! I WILL MAKE HER LOVE ME!!!" Ushio snarled, a dangerous blood-lust flowing around her.

"Hmph! You really believe such idiocy? Fool! I know how to treat a woman such as Torako-chan right!!!" Nene mocked, the same deadly aura pouring from her body.





The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife...whatever that means.

Taking this moment to slip out of Ushio's grasp, Torako quickly ran off for her life, leaving the two girls to glare at each other with pure hatred in their eyes.

Placing a stern hand on Nene's shoulder, Ushio asked her, "Do you want to have a 'make out' fight over Torako instead...?"

A grin graced Nene's lips. "Heh...I thought you'd never ask..."




The next morning, Ushio woke up in Nene's bed, nude and confused.