Kyoko still wasn't used to how many roles were now open to her after her success with finding her "Natsu" in Box R. But she was especially surprised when Sawara-san called her into his office to tell her that Director Seiji Shingai had offered her a leading role in a movie he was directing. She hadn't seen or thought of Director Shingai since the time when she had first started the Love-Me Section and had acted against Ruriko. She was very pleased that Director Shingai had remembered her and wanted her for a role.

When Kyoko found out her role would be the heroine of the story and not a Mio-like character Kyoko felt that she was definitely on the path to beating Shotaro. But then Sawara-san told Kyoko that her romantic lead would be Ren Tsuruga Kyoko's happiness diminished. Sawara-san noticed the change in Kyoko and wondered what was the cause; from what he'd seen Kyoko and Ren's relationship was much better than when they had first met, and that they were even in a close sempai-kohai relationship. So he was a bit concerned when Kyoko asked for time to think it over.

As Kyoko was pondering her new dilemma, and walking to deliver paperwork for her Love-Me duties, she walked into somebody sending the papers flying. She bowed her apologies and bent to retrieve the papers.

"This is nostalgic. Didn't we first bump into each other in this exact same spot when we first met?" said a very familiar warm voice.

Kyoko looked up and dropped the papers all over again. "Tsuruga-san!"

Ren was confused as to why Kyoko had been so shocked that she dropped the papers and helped her recollect them. As they stood he realized that Kyoko seemed anxious around him and he wondered why. Deciding to try to get her to open up he decided to bring up the movie that they would be in together.

"I heard from the President that we're both slated to star in the new Director Shingai movie" he stated.

"Uh, yes, I just talked to Sawara-san about it. I haven't decided yet whether to do it or not."

Ren felt shocked at this response, the role was definitely suited to her taste. What could possibly give her pause in accepting the role? He was about to ask when Kyoko said very hurriedly "Well, I have to deliver this. Sorry again Tsuruga-san!" and all but ran away leaving him very confused.

As Kyoko returned to the Love-Me office after delivering the papers she still felt her pulse pounding. She knew she no longer wanted to costar with Ren for fear that she might actually fall in love, but she knew this was a great opportunity for her. She badly wanted some advice but to tell Ren what was troubling her would undoubtedly bring out the Demon Lord. She couldn't possibly tell him she didn't want the role precisely because she didn't want to fall in love with him. That would incite a never before seen type of fury from the Demon Lord. She knew Ren noticed something was bothering her, but she couldn't tell him and he could see through her lies. But who else could she talk to? As she was asking herself this, the door to the office opened.

"Mo! I can't believe I still don't have enough jobs yet that I can't avoid coming in and doing this stupid Love-Me stuff!"

Kyoko turned to her best friend Kanae Kotonami, commonly known as Moko-san, with big happy eyes. Just when she needed someone to talk to, her beloved Moko-san had appeared as if answering her heart's call. Kyoko dived to give her a hug, but as always, Kanae sidestepped it easily.

"I told you to stop giving me those creepy eyes!"

"Moko, I need your advice."

Kanae was secretly glad to come in and see Kyoko. It had been a while since they had gotten together, and she had missed her friend. She had heard that Kyoko got along well with two of her costars in Box R and had spent time together outside work. Kanae was worried about being replaced and so was glad to hear Kyoko still needed her. So Kanae quickly agreed, and they changed out of their uniforms to leave.

As Ren and Yashiro were heading to the parking garage, Ren noticed Kanae and Kyoko leaving the building together and felt a twinge of jealousy that Kyoko was going to confide in Kanae instead of himself. But Ren knew eventually Kyoko would tell him what was bothering her, he would make sure of it.