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Here we go.

"Did I die?"

"What? Come on, no. No!"

"Did you sell your soul for me, like Dad did for you?"

When Dean didn't answer him, he knew the answer. Sam's shoulders dropped in defeat and he sighed. "How long do you get?"

"One year."

Bobby and Ellen walked over to the trunk with the Winchesters. Ellen caught Dean's eyes. "That Demon might be dead, but a whole lot more got through that gate."

Bobby sighed. "Well, I hope you boys are ready, because the war's just begun."

Dean threw the Colt into the trunk. He glanced at his brother and they smiled.

Dean was the one to say it this time. "We got work to do."

After slamming the trunk Dean felt Bobby's hand on his shoulder and, thinking he was going to lecture him more about his deal, he jerked away from the touch.

"Damnit Bobby, just let it go, it's done, alright?"

Bobby ran a hand over his beard. "What in the hell you talkin' bout boy? I just wanna run an idea by you."

Dean nodded. "Oh. Ok, well shoot."

Bobby leaned against the trunk of the Impalla. "Well, now that you got about 200 or more demons on your asses, how bout a little help?"

"Well, it really depends on who you got in mind, I don't know. I mean me and Sam usually do better-"

Bobby spoke up before Dean could finish. "I was talking about Stephanie."

------------One Year Ago:------------

Sam and Dean needed some help finding their father after Meg had taken him hostage, so they went to see Bobby.

Dean paced through the house talking to Bobby. "...Cocked the shotgun and everything."

Bobby smiled a little remembering the story. "Well, John tends to have that affect on people."

Dean smirked before answering. "Yeah, I guess he does."

Dean noticed a darkhaired girl walk into the room with her nose, in what looked like a hundred year old book with about five hundred pages in it, talking and reading as she walked. "Ok, Uncle Bobby I found that Latin translation you wanted"

She noticed the two other men in the room, one more than the other.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know anyone else was here."

The girl caught Dean's gaze as she spoke before suddenly looking away as a blush spread across her face.

"Oh, It's all right. I'm Dean." He extended his hand.

"Stephanie." She replied reaching foreward shaking his hand. "I'm Bobby's niece."

Dean glanced at Bobby and raised his eyebrows in question and curiousity. "I didn't know you had a niece." Bobby just nodded.

Dean realized that Stephanie was still holding his hand. When he looked back her eyes met his again, she was gazing into his eyes with such intensity that he couldn't look away. It was almost like a moment of understanding between them, they never met but almost felt like they knew each other very well because they were a lot alike.

Bobby and Sam both noticed the way they were looking at each other and thought of it as something else.

Bobby cleared his throat.

"Stephanie, why don't you go clean the guns, and sharpen the knives."

"Yes, Sir." Just like all good soliders do when they're given orders, Stephanie turned and left. Thankful her back was turned so no one could see her smiling like an idiot as she went.

Stephanie was 16 then. Dean was 27.

Dean was finally brought back to reality by Sam shaking his arm. "Dean. Hey Dean!"

Dean jumped slightly. "Huh? What yeah?"

Bobby looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Boy, you listenin' to me?"

"Wait a minute, Bobby." Dean shook his head. "She can't be any older than 16. What the hell, she's still a kid."

Bobby snorted. "She's 17 and don't go tellin' me about how she's too young. How old were you when you first started huntin' with your Daddy? She's been huntin' since she was 11, she's pretty good with weapons and she'll rival Sam with her research."

Bobby leaned toward Dean and pointed a finger into his chest. "You just opened the damn gate to hell and let those evil bastards out. You're gonna need all the help you can get. She's good, and she's available to help. You gonna turn down help? You got a problem with her?"

Dean shook his head and backed up. "No, no problem...Steph's comin' with us. Got it."

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