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Forever Invisible

Dear Diary,

I'm officially a fifth year! My mum and dad didn't see me off today (shocking), but my brother and sister did; made a huge deal about it right before I got on the train. It was so embarrassing; I don't even have the proper vocabulary to explain how absolutely mortifying it was. And what's even more horrifying is the thought of how they're going to act when I leave for my seventh year. Oh dear Merlin…maybe I can carpool to Kings Cross that year? Besides the fact I'm only two years away from graduating, nothing has changed; I'm still pretty much invisible. The only people who even know I exist in my own house are Remus, Lily, Christine, and Alice. Not even my last roommate knows I exist! How depressing.

Forever invisible,

Alexa Embers

I sighed heavily and closed my golden covered diary, tucking my quill into my bag. Honestly, I don't think anyone is more invisible than I am; how pathetic is it that one of my roommates doesn't even know I exist?


Glancing out the window, I noticed how the scenery flew past quickly; everything was a blur of colors and shapes and lines and other unidentifiable objects. It was hard to believe that this was the English Countryside; it looked so different when you're heading somewhere ordinary people shouldn't even know exist.

Hm…that sounds very…crazy.

Ah well. It was bound to happen, what with my mom being…well, my mom. She's so insane; I've tried to owl an asylum, but I guess the owls scare the patients because I got some kind of restraining order from the one in London a few years back.

Ha. Silly crazy people, the owls will only hurt you if you're tiny and squeak.

Gah. I'm tiny! But I don't squeak, so I should be safe. But I do shriek. Isn't that basically the same thing? Oh no! I'm going to DIE!

Ok, I'm overreacting. I'm all good now. Well, as good as I'm ever going to get, I suppose. I was torn away from my overreacting mind when the compartment door slid open and a tall, long-legged girl stepped in, carrying a large bag in one hand. She smiled at me, her brilliantly white teeth slightly blinding.

Oh goodness…what if I went blind because one of my friend's smiled at me? That would be mortifying. But not as mortifying as a tearful sister and an overprotective brother saying goodbye to me for my seventh year at Kings Cross.

Shudder. I'd gladly go blind first.

"Hey Lexi, how was your summer?" Christy asked, sitting directly across from me, flashing that blinding smile again. I shrugged indifferently, hiding my diary discreetly. Don't want anyone to find that.

"It was alright. How was yours? I heard you went to Spain this year," I replied calmly. Christy nodded vigorously, her Barbie-blond hair bouncing in sync with her head. Her beautifully up-turned blue eyes stared at me, a spark of excitement in them. I took in her 'improved' appearance. Her skin was a darker tan color (tanning booth, I bet), the color a deep caramel that gleamed in the sunlight. Her absurdly long legs were being shown off with the short skirt she wore, along with the yellow strapless shirt that had small ruffles on the hem.

Yes, ruffles.

Her D-cup breasts were being supported with what I could only guess was a wonder-bra and her eyelids were glossed with a thin layer of orange eye-shadow, a little smoky in the corners. Her mother was a master at make-up, so, naturally, she would get this talent.

Ha, of course.

I fidgeted slightly in my seat, picking at an invisible piece of lint on my faded jeans. I read the writings, trying to distract myself and kept my self-esteem at the reasonable level it had been at. But, as always, it was being knocked down by the mere presence of Christine Poppy, the number-one bachelorette in all of Hogwarts. And as if being a beautiful, make-up extraordinaire, most lusted-after girl wasn't enough; she was a Quidditch star too! Oh, happy days!

We aren't even that great of friends; I think she just puts up with me because I give her answers to our homework. Evil wench!

"…and I met this boy, Miguel! Oh god, was he amazing!"

And I did not miss the double meaning in that word.

"Sounds like Spain was fascinating," I inserted dully. She nodded and laid back against the seat, fanning herself as she, no doubt, relived moments with the Spaniard, Miguel. Eh, whatever, at least I don't have to talk to her so much.

I pulled out my diary again and flipped through the word-filled pages, looking at the numerous doodles I put in the margins of the pages. There was one where Christy was ugly and flat-chested and invisible while I was the outgoing, beautiful, make-up professional! Yes, I have issues, do not question.

I (very discreetly, I might add) picked up a strand of hair and held it up to my eyes, examining the dull red color. Okay, well, it's not that dull; in fact, it's the liveliest thing about my looks! Pushing the strand behind my ear, I pretended to sneeze and glanced down at my body. There were my average, C-cup breasts with no wonder bra, just a regular blue and purple striped one.

Which no one knows, besides me. My torso was covered in a thin blue T-shirt with a picture of Hello Kitty, her big wide eyes staring right back at you all creepily. Ugh.

My jeans were, of course, faded and frayed and ripped in some places with lots of writing jumbled together. Altogether, my ensemble was nothing too extravagant. And I sure as hell didn't go to Spain for my vacation; I stayed at home with my muggle family, exchanging tiny words of conversation and small greetings and tearful goodbyes.

Honestly, I don't think my parents even mind me going away; they'll give me a 'fond farewell' than act as if I had died. My relationship with my whole muggle family is strained; we don't get along so much anymore and with each passing year, I lose more and more interest in the muggle world.

When I leave the house, I'm going to be invisible to them too! The only people who I've never been invisible to before.

An awful sob story of the Modern Age!

The compartment door slid open and I flushed when I looked up. James Potter smiled at the two of us although I think he thought I was just some kind of mannequin doll used for decoration.

"Alexa!" he exclaimed and engulfed me in a large hug. I was pretty much past being able to speak at this point, so I just sat there, being hugged by this very strange boy, who pulled away and grinned at me happily. "How was your summer?"


He laughed as my statement turned into a question. But, honestly! What did he expect? I mean, yeah, sure, I helped him last year in potions, but I mean…he actually knew who I was?

"Uh…how was yours, James?"

"Ah! Normal, uneventful, sporty," he answered, waving a hand dismissively. I raised an eyebrow as he flopped down beside me, ruffling his hair unnecessarily. Serious, what's with that? As if his hair isn't already messy enough!

I really shouldn't criticize the people who actually know of my existence; bad omen. I sighed and leaned back against the upholstered seat, staring drearily out of the window. It was beginning to rain. How delightful.

"So, James, where's Lily?" Christy asked craftily. Potter rolled his eyes at the girl, his smile turned down slightly at the question.

Hm…I'm not sure why, but I sense some serious hostility between these two. It's like there's some kind of electricity between them.

ZIZIZIZI! Someone gets electrocuted from the tense atmosphere. I hope its Christy. Than her newly redone hair will frizz and puff out like an afro. Ha. Take that, evil wench.

…Oh Merlin, I need to get out of my head. Maybe I'll actually go to Hogsmeade this year, take my mind off of my deliriously depressing life situation. As I continued to wallow in self-pity, I felt something (or someone) poke me. Glancing down, I saw a grinning James.

"Yes, James?" I asked, smoothly. He grinned wider.

"Would you mind if the Marauders share your compartment? I don't feel like searching for one right at the moment," he asked, giving me the large innocent doe eyes.

But I blanched when he said 'Marauders.' As in all four boys. As in Sirius Black will be in here…at the same time I am!

GAH! Not good.

Say NO! my subconscious screamed at me. But, of course, I did not listen. "Yeah, sure, I don't mind."

Stupid, stupid Alexa!

"Sirius will be in here?" Christy squealed. I barely refrained from snorted. I did, however, roll my eyes as she began to apply an unnecessary fresh coat of make-up. Honestly, she already looked like a freaking Greek Goddess! SHE DOESN'T NEED ANYMORE MAKE-UP, DAMN IT!


I have serious jealousy issues. Yes, I know I'm envious; I'm not dense, despite contrary belief, I'm just outwardly in denial while inside I scream at the top of my lungs how much I wish she would eat so much, she'd bloat out like a balloon and never show her face again. A girl can only dream.

"Alexa, have you seen…James?" I looked up and smiled at Remus smally, gesturing towards James, whose head was currently on my thigh, with an exasperated expression. I was used to his overly-friendly attitude after tutoring him last year. If anyone had been lying on my thigh, however, they'd probably end up in the Hospital Wing.

I have quite the hot-headed temper that frightens most people. It just simply amuses me the way they get all scared went my temper goes out of control.

"Why, hello, Moony!" James greeted exuberantly. Remus looked down at James, an amused expression flitting across his features before he sighed and exited. James shot up and huffed before jumping to his feet and following his friend out into the corridor. I sat there, watching the spectacle in silence, than slumped into my seat when James left. Now I was, once again, invisible.


"Leave me alone, Potter."

I perked up instantly at the sound of my savior: Lily, my best friend in all of Hogwarts! Ah, she's come to rescue me from my lonesome loneliness! Yay!

I watched as she walked straight past our compartment, without even a glance.

My savior just ignored me. How rude of her to do so when I am in dire need of company! Other than Malibu Barbie, who isn't much of a conversationalist. I really wish we were good friends; really, I do! But...she's always so...perfect and snobbish, even, and -dare i say?- slutty! It drives me mad, that's what it does! Not to mention the fact she's glared and scowled and whispered rumors about me when my back is turned.

How nice of her! Making sure I get some kind of attention so that I don't die a lonely, honestdeath. Pfft...whatever.



My life needs some sprucing up, I see. Well, it would, if I, you know, actually had one.

Today was supposed to be a good day; a happy day. But 'tis not so! It has turned from bright to dark; happy to depressing; deep to shallow!

...Ok, I'll admit, the last one really didn't make much sense, but the other two were pretty dramatic! I should become a writer. Then I wouldn't be invisible. Maybe guys will finally notice me and ask me out on many glamorous dates ending in passion filled nights! . . . Gah. My innocence! It would be lost to a stranger! Ok, so the famous and glamorous life-style isn't for me. Too bad, really; I could probably get some good publicity with my Fritish (for those who have no clue what the hell 'Fritish' is, it's a mix between French and British. I made it up myself. Genius, eh?) accent and beloved bilingual tongue!


I wish my owl was currently with me. Mina must be all lonely up in the Owlery, bothering the other owls with her mournful hooting. Heh, yeah right. She has more friends than I do. Which is, again, pathetic and depressing.

"Why are you guys in here?"

My head snapped up from it's currently ducked position and I smiled widely at Lily, momentarily forgetting her earlier act of abandonment. "Lils!" I cried out happily, tackle-hugging her, like I so often do. She laughed and hugged me back before shutting the compartment door behind her and sitting beside me.

"So, how were your summers?" she asked curiously. I snorted and shrugged, rolling my eyes to indicate the uneventful, frustrating summer I had suffered through.

"I had to suffer through many boring, non-magical games that put me to sleep better than Slughorn's Sleeping Draught," I said deadpan. Lily laughed and swiped at my shoulder, missing by an inch.

"You could've come and stayed with me!"

I shook my head gravely. "I could do no such thing. My parents wanted me there, so I complied."

Lily stared at me. "You're a pushover masochistic of a person, you know that?"

And I, being the pinnacle of maturity, stuck my tongue out at her. She can not be suffice to live up to my amazing ability of sticking out my tongue when annoyed! ...I'm slowly going insane.

Lily rolled her green eyes in response to my superior tongue-sticking-out (ha!) and turned to an impatient Christy. "How was your summer, Christy?"

And she went off into the explanation of her wonderful, fantisical adventure in Spain with Miguel. Something I constantly notice and never quite fail to feel slightly off about, is that Lily can make friends so naturally. She's just this huge magnet that, instead of attracting metal, she attracts friends. Although, I did hear Michael Wither (ex-boyfriend of Lily's; they're still friends though, so no worries) had some kind of metal plate down near his...lower regions. Rumors can be so amusing, as long as they aren't about you or anybody you particularlycare about. I do know that's a rather horrible thing to say, as I had just ranted about Christy and her ludicrious rumors, but honestly, who doesn't enjoy to hear about something so completely idiotic and random and so not true? Personally, the more far-fetched, the better; they're funnier. I don't waste the time I have on spreading them; what would be the purpose of that? To see how they react? Make myself feel big and mighty?

It's people like that who get on my nerves. It's naturally in human nature to be curious; so, of course, most people like to hear of rumors because it spikes their curiosity. Spreading them is a different matter entirely.

Yeah, I know, I can be serious. Although, Sirius is always serious...

HA! Pun!

An extremely overused pun that still remains funny to this day.

"I'm going to go change," I informed the other occupants before walking out of the compartment and down the corridor, heading to the nearest bathroom. People didn't even noticed I passed them, but I suppose I've gotten used to it by now. It's not that big of a deal, really; I'm sure why I make such a big deal out of it. Maybe I'm futher in my insane progression than I orginially thought...


And than I was tackled by some moving force. I shrieked (I so told you) and collided with the ground, releasing a loud grunt. It took me minute to realize it was a human squeezing me to death. "Alice!" I gasped.

"I've missed you over the summer!" she cried out joyously, letting go of my body, which I was eternally grateful for. Pulling myself into a sitting position, I smiled widely at my other best friend, Alice Hart. She grinned back at me before dragging me back into a hug. And damn, can she hug! It feels like I'm being squeezed be a Giant! Only, you know, smaller.

"How was your summer?" I asked, standing back up, brushing off my jeans. She shrugged nonchalantly, but I distinctly saw a red color tint her cheeks.

"...Did Frank...?"

Alice nodded vigorously, squealing loudly before engulfing me into yet another hug. I really need to have a talk with her about personal space and the amount of hugs one person can take in a sitting. "Yes, he finallyasked me out!" she laughed. Alice is probably one of the happiest, most caring, most...understanding people I have the immense fortune to meet. She worries more about her friends than herself, which probably explains why we have trouble dueling in Defense Against the Dark Arts against each other; I can't stand to hurt her and vice versa. Of course, Professor Paril gets frustrated because we both hold back. But honestly, does he truly expect us to hurt each other for practice?

Jeez, what is it with people these days? I bet it's because they lack culture. Not like I actually know what the bloody hell culture is. I don't get much of it either, apparently. "That's great, Alice. Maybe you can double-date with Christy, once she gets Sirius wrapped around her finger," I suggested innocently. But, of course, she knows me oh-so-well and saw right through my innocent façade.

She frowned. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I'm just in a bad mood today," I sighed, shrugging. Alice appraised me for a moment before patting my shoulder.

"Don't worry; this year will be fun, you'll see," she encouraged.

Sigh. Always the optimist, that Alice. "Yeah, sure. Well, I have to change," I said, holding up my clothes before walking into the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror, frowning. My usually bright violet eyes were dull, lacking the usual 'spark' everyone is always going on about. I've never seen it personally, but maybe it's because I don't entirely care. The bridge of my nose was specked with freckles, light but still noticeable, even on my fifteen-year-old self. I traced my features with my eyes, looking down at my full pink lips, the frown on them obvious. The pink stuck out against my pale skin, along with my vibrant red hair. Unlike Lily's, which is more of an auburn, my red hair is a shining red that gleams with color in the sunlight. I envy Lily for her hair; it doesn't stick out like mine.

Sighing, I got dressed quickly and swung open the door, walking back to my compartment.


I stopped dead, just outside of the door, watching Lily roll her eyes at something James said and Sirius laughed at while Remus talked to Peter, dutifully ignoring his moronic friends. I blanched.

What. The. Hell.

I thought they left! Augh! This is going to be very awkward.


Oh wait...I'm Forever Invisible. They won't even notice me. Well. No more worrying, I can just walk in, sit down, and ignore them as they ignore me. Resolutely, I opened the door, closed it behind me, and waltzed over to my spot, sitting down in the corner while taking out my diary from my bag. Lily looked over at me and smiled, eyeing my diary like a starving lion.

She's always wanted to read it, mainly because I'm so secretive about...well, basically everything. I smiled back apologetically, shaking my head indefinitely while pulling out my quill and ink pot, scribbling down in the empty page. It wasn't even much of an entry; just meanless words jumbled together to keep myself occupied while Christy and Sirius made goo-goo eyes at each other.

Merlin. It's rather degrading...and I'm not even involved in it. Why can't they just go snog and leave the rest of us in peace? Oh yeah...because a certain lady named 'Fate' hates me for something horrible I've done in a past life.

Stupid reincarnations.

I will find out what I did and make up for it. I will!

Until then...I'll just...wallow in my self-pity, I suppose...

"Oh! Alexa, I didn't see you!" James exclaimed, looking over at me in shock. I looked up from my writing and smiled, shrugging but not speaking. I wasn't entirely sure what to say to that; I knew he hadn't seen me. I'm invisible, remember?

"How was your summer, Alexa?" Remus asked pleasantly. I sighed and looked out of the window for a minute before smiling back at him. No one needed to know about my parents lack of care; it was no one's business.

"It was...alright, I suppose," I shrugged. His brow creased worriedly.

"You suppose? Is there something wrong?"

Jeez, why do people have to be perceptive, today of all days?! Ugh. My self-pity is slowly slipping away, so I can no longer wallow in it. How sad.

"Uhm...wrong? No, of course not!"

Lily was watching our exchange. "Come to think of it, Lexi, I didn't see your parents at Kings Cross. Don't they usually see you off?"

I snorted involuntarily. "Since when? They did in first year; after that, it was my brother and sister. That's you probably saw the last couple of years. They're both reasonably older than me, so..." I shrugged, tailing off, going back to writing in my diary. Or pretending to, anyway, very aware of the worried looks from Lily, Remus, AND James. Honestly.

You'd think I was holding a razor over my wrist, threatening to cut myself until I bleed to death.

...Whoa. That was rather...um...gory? Depressing? Horrific? Not sure which adjective better fits the scenario above.

"If you don't mind me asking, why don't your parents come?" Remus asked. I glanced up from my diary, my eyes narrowed slightly.

"Hm. Not sure, exactly. It's probably because they have better things to do," I muttered with another shrug. Suddenly, the door slid open and Alice stood there, looking at the large group. My eyes darted over to Sirius, only to see him whispering something remarkably funny into Christy's ear. I looked away as quickly as I could, staring up at Alice.

"Ah...Lily, Remus, there's trouble...a couple of Slytherins," she panted, pointing to the left. Everyone froze for at least three seconds, each of us deducing our own scenario.

Mine consisted of some ugly pug-faced Slytherins shooting various curses at a little Hufflepuff. Then the brave Gryffindors rush in and save the day!

Yes, I realize this isn't very creative, but it'll do.

Lily jumped up and was out of the compartment, followed directly by Remus and I with Sirius and James and (of course) Peter on our tails. Soon enough, a curse went flying past our heads and hit a poor bystander in the background. Instantly, we all had out wands out, pointing them at three oversized Slytherin boys towering over two smaller sized Gryffindors.

Huh. Ironic.

"Alright, that's enough," Lily announced. The snakes looked up at us, sneering their Slytherin sneers. I rolled my eyes. They are so not intimidating.

"Aw, look, it's the Gryffindor gang," one of them mused, his voice loud and slow and utterly stupid sounding.

"Aw, look, it's the Slytherin cowards," Christy mocked. I blinked as Sirius kissed her cheek, obviously impressed. Sighing heavily, I turned back to the Slytherin's and walked forward, trying to get to the terrified (second years, by the looks of it) Gryffindors. Unfortunately, they Slytherins were as stupid as they looked; they blocked my way. I scowled.

"Hey, look, the little mudblood's looking to get past," one chortled. I raised an eyebrow as low, angry hisses were heard behind me. Suddenly, James was right beside me, holding his wand to one of their throats.

"Take it back!"

I sighed as the argument ensued, waltzed past the bulky, brainless bunch and kneeled beside the Gryffindors. I smiled. "Go on, now. I suggest staying in your compartment until the prefects take care of the Brainless Trio over here," I said, pointing at the Slytherins. They nodded quickly and took off, sliding the compartment door shut and pulling the shades down.

Hell, I don't blame them. I remember my first confrontation with big Slytherin jackasses. Ha. They were in the hospital wing for three weeks.

Ah, good times, goooood times.

"Oi, mudblood, we're talking to you!"

Abruptly, I was grabbed by the back of my shirt and pulled up. I gasped in shick before the anger kicked in.

Who the bloody hell do they think they are?!

Without a thought, I send a curse at the nearest window of a compartment, ducking my head as it rebounded and hit the Slytherin thug square in the face. His grip lackened and he fell backwards with a thud. I scowled down at him. "Huh. Mudblood. I'll show you dirty blood," I grumbled, my mood darker than earlier. The other two were looking at me like I was the plague.

Brainless jackasses, that's what they are.

"I suggest, for your own safety, you go back and play with your Pureblood Pals," I snapped irritatedly. They blinked before walked towards me threateningly. However, before they moved so much as an inch, Lily and Remus shot them with two blue lines of fire. They fell to the ground in a heap.

I looked up, hoping, suddenly, Sirius had seen my wonderful display.

That was stupid. He was standing there, snogging Christy shamelessly against the wall of the corridor. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the compartment with the group, talking with Alice and Lily. No one else seemed to realize I was there anymore.

How incredibly shocking.

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