Disclaimer: I own nothing. Twilight and it's series belongs to Stephenie Meyers, not me.

Authors Note: A one shot, involving Jacob. Probably a bit out of character, you decide.

For a moment, the world stopped.

There was no light, no air, no hope.

Just an eternal eclipse that spanned throughout my heart.

I fought so hard, so very, very hard.

But that wasn't enough for her, was it?

I could be her sun, her world, her everything.

And yet she choose to stay in this eternal night.

Breathing became difficult, as I struggled to stand before the weight of my heart collapsed my lungs.

She loved me, she said so herself.... so why did she choose him?

Wasn't I good enough for her?

The sea-breeze danced across my features, it's taunting chill causing me to snarl.

What did that damn bloodsucker have that I didn't?

Nothing.... Nothing.... Except....


Bella, my Bella.

Didn't she realize that she killed me when she embraced the darkness?

Didn't she realize that by joining those monsters, she had sealed my fate?

Foolish little Bella, didn't she realize....

"Didn't she realize that she was my world?"

The sunrise is quite beautiful at La Push, especially when one knows it's the last light they'll ever see.

A wry chuckle escaped from my lips, a phantom of escaped terror.

So this was how it was going to end.

A wolf dying with his tail between his legs instead of fighting until the bitter end.

For some reason, it feels more fitting this way.

I stared down at the jagged rocks, beckoning me to join them.

If I can't have her, what point is there?

The sun will never be bright, without her in my arms.

A life without the sun would be too much for me to bear.


"You are my sun." I whispered as I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the final leap.


Her screams echoed through out my mind, as the wind whistled in my ear before abruptly stopping.

The roar of life slowly died out from my senses, as everything faded to darkness.

Really, I couldn't think of a more perfect death even if I tried.

Authors Note: This is my first time writing anything based off of the Twilight series, so sorry if it's bad. :/

I'm thinking of possibly continuing this, but I'm not sure.