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Chapter One: Descending...

They were falling, falling fast to the world they left along time ago, a world they only got to view from high above. They were the same yet different and they hated each other. Once you die and enter the gates of heaven your memories of your past life is gone, but one thing you don't forget is feelings. These two had history together, they might not have known it but they certainly knew they didn't like one another. And for that they were exiled to keep the harmony amongst the other angels. They were in constant competition with each other, always arguing or fighting and the committee does not tolerate that kind of behavior. So they were on probation till farther notice.

They were unconscious as they fell towards earth, one with black wings and the other with white. The whole thing about angels having white wings wasn't necessarily true. The Angels' wings reflected their personality; therefore they were a variety of colors. The angel with White wings was the first to reach the ground landing with a thud, which woke him from his slumber. He sat up in a field of long and wild green grass with tall overbearing trees surrounding the huge opening like a stadium. He rubbed his hands over his face and let his head fall back, his light brown eyes staring up into the light blue clouds. He remembered the court meeting he had with the committed and their decision for his absence in heaven, he was against it but many others were for it. He groaned and fell back, his wings spreading out underneath him and rested his head on his arm, one knee bent up. Maybe being exiled won't be so bad, he could just think of it as vacation, and he closed his eyes to listen to his surrounding. It was so quiet and peaceful, the birds were chirping, there was a gentle breeze through the trees and he could hear running water not too far off in the distance. He felt content and he realized that he lost that feeling at some point while in heaven. There was no privacy really, everyone knew everyone and everything was always out in the open for a big place there were no secrets. At least they couldn't read each other minds, and of course there were other benefits, but he felt bored most of the time, which is also why they probably sent him down here so he could stop complaining. Angels did have certain gifts, they were insightful creatures and close to perfect, in order to aid humans and be a guardian they were given the ability to hear human thoughts and all of there senses were enhanced for that purpose, not to mention strength, their healing factor and agility. He knew that he had things to do while down here, but he decided that it could wait and he might as well enjoy himself.

That is until a heavy body fell on top of him, the wind was knocked out of him and he couldn't breathe, all he felt was pain. The person on top of him groaned and shifted, his black wings spread open and closed as he opened his dark blue almost black eyes and stared into a pair of brown ones, he blinked.

"Light-kun?" He mumbled. Raito was breathing quite heavily as he shoved the other angel and his foe off of him.

"Get off of me Lawiet!" The one called Raito or light wheezed out. Lawiet shuffled back some until he was completely of Raito and sat in front of him, both knees bent up, toes curling in the grass and his thump at his mouth. His large dark blue doe like eyes scanned his surroundings as Raito had, taking in everything with curiosity.

"Where are we Light-kun?" He asked finally breaking the silence, Raito rolled his eyes.

"On Earth L. Where else would we be, don't you remember the court meeting?" Raito asked dusting off his shoulder and his perfect golden brown hair that now had grass and dirt in it. 'How irritating, I'm dirty and I get to spend my vacation with him…great.' He thought. He finally thought he would be able to escape the other male angel in front of him but it seems like god really wants to punish him. They were both sent down here for the same and different reasons. He had hoped they would be in separate places but of course not. Lawiet really aggravated him; his never meet anyone who could grate on his nerves like him. Anything he does annoys him, from the way he talks, to the way he eats and the way he sits, and walks. Although he hates L, he was also the only person who kept him somewhat entertained. The man was a genius and they matched each other's intellect very well, he was the only other person who could keep up an intelligent conversion with which always ended with arguments. This was bound to be interesting, there goes his peaceful vacation.

L blinked twice and continue to nibble at his thumb, his head tilted to the side as his mind recalled the meeting Raito had spoken of. They were sent here as punishment and to reflect on how to better themselves. While they were here they would have to complete something, which they did not know yet, someone would send a message the committee said. They weren't on vacation they, were on probation this he knew fore sure. His thoughts were broken with the sigh of his unwanted companion, his eyes shifted over to Raito who was now standing up and looking around once again his pearly white wings flapping to clear itself of debris. Lawiet stared at Raito letting his eyes travel down his perfect form, from his perfect hair and to his pedicure toes. When they were sent down they should have at least given them some kind of clothing, they both were completely nude. Raito glance down at Lawiet to catch him staring shamelessly at his body, he glared and his wings covered himself. It really wasn't that big of a deal seeing how no one really wore clothes in heaven, so they both have seen each other in their full glory. He found himself looking Lawiet over himself, there wasn't much to see because he was hunched over in that awkward position he always sat in and his mouth was busy with his thumb. L was quite tall, but when he hunches over it shrinks him down and makes him look shorter, and he was quite skinny. Light once thought because he was so skinny he would be able to defeat him in a fight, L proved him wrong like many other occasions. Lawiet's ebony hair fell into his face as always so he couldn't really see his eyes but he knew when the man was staring. He did it quite often, which usually leads to some kind of fight.

"Well don't just stand there we need to find somewhere to go." Raito said and with that his wings unfolded and began to flap as to fly off, he was three feet off the ground when he suddenly fell back down. 'What's going on?' he thought, as he got up and tried again, only to fall back down. Lawiet watched this from where he was sitting, and he noticed that Raito's wings were shedding a lot, white feathers were drifting down at a fast rate, he was pretty sure he knew what was happening. The forth time Raito tried to fly of he was five feet off the ground and smirked down at Lawiet who only cocked his head to the side. Raito felt a sharp jab of pain in his shoulder blade and yelled out his arm reaching back as he fell back down to the ground. Lawiet also felt pain in the same area and he closed his eyes and bit down on his bottom lip holding in the groan of pain. Raito laid curled up on his side as his wings twitched and shedded while residing back into his shoulder blades, he hadn't felt this much pain since, well ever. Lawiet wasn't in any better position he was kneeled over both hand gripping the grass his face contorted in agony while his onyx black wings began to sink in his shoulders, a trail of blood flowing down his back. Raito couldn't hold his scream in any longer and they both screamed out as their wings finally disappeared, their skin closing over and healing where their wings once were. Lawiet collapsed forward breathing in heavily and glanced over at Raito who was still on his side, his body trembling from what just happened. It seems they would have to walk the Earth without their wings.

"What just happened?" Raito asked to no one in particular as he slowly sat up. The pain was gone but his shoulders felt stiff.

"We have lost our wings Light-kun." L sound already back in his original sitting rolling his shoulders to decrease the discomfort he felt in his shoulders, Raito narrowed his eyes

"Really I had no clue, Idiot." He said sarcastically.

"Has Light-kun lost some brain cells, when falling?" L said glancing over at Raito, and nibbled on his thumb.

"Be Quiet." Raito said while getting up, he had a little trouble with his balance because of the lack of the extra weight form his wings. He felt bare and vulnerable; he really missed having his wings. He brushed his hair back and sighed, where were they suppose to go. He remembered there was a river near by he cleared his thoughts and try to zone in on the running water again. 'Almost got it…yes there, it sounds far, but we can make it.' He smiled to himself, for accomplishing something unlike L who was being entertained by his abnormal toes, and he heard a rumbling. Raito blinked and looked around, he heard it again, and he looked over at L who was starring down at his stomach and poked it, his stomach responding by grumbling again.

"It seems that there is something wrong with my stomach." Lawiet said pressing his knees tighter to himself and wrapping his arm around them, Raito shook his head.

"You're hungry L, that's the only reason I can think of." Raito said. L thought about it, he could vaguely remember the feeling of hunger. Eating wasn't a necessity in heaven therefore this felt foreign to him.

"We should probably try to find somewhere to rest and eat seeing how we are 'Human' now."Raito said 'At least we have some of our gifts left.' Lawiet stood up and stretched, coming up to his full height which was an inch or two taller than Raito.

"Lead the way then Light-kun, I would like to get rid of this hunger quickly." L said.

They walked into the forests surrounding the clearing and began the troop down hill in silence, both lost in thought.

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