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Chapter two: Another Day...

In the City…

The door closed behind Matt as he stood on the front steps to the building he lived in. Looking up to the sky through his goggles he sighed and lit the cigarette already between his lips. 'Another shitty day.' He thought as he began walking down the crowded streets with his shoulders hunched and head down. Breathing in the sweet nicotine and the city polluted air, he made his way to the shop. Jazz would chew his ass out if he got there late again. Too bad that might actually happen since he left his house twenty minutes later then he should have. The upside is that the shop wasn't too far away. He would have to catch the downtown bus and ten to fifteen minutes later he would be standing in front of his job.

Matt hopped onto the bus paid his fee and chose a seat in the back near the window. He plugged his headphones on and increased the volume listening to some music he downloaded from DDR. Shoving his hands into his pocket, his head slowly bobbing to the beat he sat back to watch the streets tainted orange move past him. A few minutes later Matt stood in front of Electronica "Electronica! Where you can get your technological needs." and walked in his head down and his finger running against the keypad of his PGS, the bell above the door making his presence known.

"Matt you're fucking late! This is the last time, I swear it!"A tall, tanned man with a slender build walked out from the backroom, the shimmering curtain of beads clashing together as it shielded the room behind him once again. Matt's manger was also the owner of the shop and was pretty young. He was only twenty six but he knew plenty about technology and after inheriting this place from his uncle, he decided to make it into every electronics geek's dream world. Only selling the newest and best quality game systems, television, DVD and stereo systems, computers, laptops, the list goes on and not too mention the shops collection of games and computer programs and some other illegal computer programs which was exclusively sold to high priority customers.(For example Matt and hackers of the like.) Which is probably why Matt decided to work here, not only that but he got to try most of the new programs out and could fix any problem. So people came to him when they needed their computer fixed or advice on the best products out there.

"I know I say it every time but this time I fucking mean it, next time you're late I'm throwing your ass out of my fucking shop!" Jazz stood in front of Matt his hand on his hips giving him a pointed look. Matt rolled his eyes and walked past Jazz and waved his hand in dismissal. They both knew Jazz would probably never fire him; he needed Matt just as much as Matt needed this store. This was just routine for them. The young manger did wish someone would take him seriously once in awhile. Matt did respect him though, and he was a pretty laid back boss. He helped Matt a lot by letting him have this job whether Jazz knew it or not. And Jazz did, he didn't know what exactly how much but he did know this kid was troubled and knowing how brutal life could be, hired him on the spot without any problem.

"Yea, Yea I got it, won't be late again. Did that hard drive I ordered come in yet?" Matt dropped his bag by the feet of his chair and sat down at the front desk. Turning on his computer he started up all his previous programs. Jazz felt a headache coming on and scowled at his worker, well his only worker really. There was also Mimiko but she barely did anything while she was here except harass the male customers and sometimes she might just ring them up too. But she was out for today and Matt was his technology geek, pure genius the guy was. Too bad he sucked at showing up on time and he rarely took Jazz seriously. He was a smart mouth, and not too mention he pays more attention to the computer than to any of his other duties. Jazz sighed and ran a hand through his dark, shaggy purple hair, some wondered how he managed to actually run his fingers through, his hair tended to look like a big fuzz ball. Except for good days when the waves were tamed and stuck out less. Either way that was something he couldn't really help, how unfortunate for him.

"Yea it's in the back somewhere with all the new shipment and that guy came looking for you again wanting to know if that new Hack Jacker program came in yet." He said while stocking up the DVD shelves. He glanced over at Matt who was completely immersed into his cyber world and rolled his eyes.

"He said he will be back after lunch or something." Pausing from stocking the shelves he tilted his head and rested his hand on his hip.

"Geez it must be the sixth time this week he came by… what so good about this program anyway?" Matt looked up at Jazz and gave him a blank stare. It's true that his manager was knowledgeable when it comes to technology but computers weren't really his thing.

"It's only the gateway to thousands of possibility to the hacking world! A trafficing network…dude there is no way you would understand its importance." Jazz looked halfway offended he huffed and turned back around to the shelves mumbling something along the lines of "arrogant know it all computer nerd punk". Matt smirked. 'What a Noob.' He thought and glanced at his watch.

"Time for a cig break." Matt said as he stood up Jazz waved him off and continues shelving all the new equipment.

"Oh and don't smoke in the backroom again! I don't want it stinking up the new furnisher."

"You mean that cheap ass used couch you brought? The shit stunk the first day it got here…' he mumbled as he walked through the parted curtains.

"I heard that!" his manager yelled.

In the forest…

"I thought Light-kun said he knew the way?" L nibbled at his thumb as he followed behind Raito getting frustrated by the second.

"Shut up, we're almost there." He forced out through clench teeth. There was no way they could be lost, he can hear the river it was somewhere near by but maybe just not as close at he thought originally.

"Hm there is a forty-five percent chance that we are lost…too bad we don't have our wings, right Light-kun?" Raito had to hold himself back from turning around and punching his annoying companion in the face. He decided it was just best to ignore L. Breathing in and exhaling out he opened his minds eye allowing him to see farther ahead then what a normal person would be able to see in their view. There was a parting in the trees up ahead and he closed his eyes to listen closely to his surroundings. Zoning everything else out besides the sound of running water, it grew louder each moment he took a step.

"It's further ahead." Raito said as he opened his eyes and reverted his sight to minimum view.

"Hmm" It seems that though their wings were gone they still had their other senses and ability. Thinking of that L smiled and decided to test the theory out.

"I will see you there Light-kun" and with that L ran right past Raito almost flying by the tree's his figure just a blur. He heard Raito growl a few ways behind him and ran even faster. Raito was on his heels L push forward dodging trees easily jumping over any obstacle in his way. 'The probability of Light-kun passing me is quite high.' He thought.

"Aaaah! Not yet!" Raito roared beside him running full speed ahead and crossing in front of L. At some point this had turned into a race to the river. Which was expected seeing how competitive they both were, neither wanted to lose to the other. L chuckled, there was a tree coming up ahead instead of dodging it, he run up it instead and the tree began to bend under his weight. As he reached the top he leaped into the air and the tree swung back into place like a rubber band. He flew above the trees and Raito, landing a few feet ahead of him. He glared at the back of L's head and zigzagged his way through the forest. They were almost to the river and he would be damned if he let L get there before him. With a burst of energy he doubled his speed and caught up to L. L looked over at Raito and raised an eyebrow. There were many races in heaven mostly out of boredom or fun and L had to say that Raito was pretty fast having raced against him before. Raito was fast yes, but L had longer legs and for someone who was so scrawny he had strength especially when it came to his legs. Jumping and running was simple to him but Raito always seemed to catch up to him, almost surpassing him in speed…Almost of course.

They were neck to neck when they both practically burst through the forest and skidded across the water. L jumped a few feet back landing on the river bank and Raito continued to run across to the other side of the river, it was a tie. 'Finally a bit of space.' He thought as he kneeled and cupped the water in his hand and drank, the run making him thirstier than before. He splashed the cool water on his face and ran a hand through his hair then looked across the river. L sat by the edge of the river his knees bent up, his thumb was back at his lips and his free hand was trailing softly through the pristine water. Raito scoffed and laid down on the river bank resting his head on his folded arms. Closing his eyes he felt at peace almost forgetting who was only a few distance away.

L ran his fingers through the water and watched as some of the fish swam towards him, almost as if there was some force pulling them closer. An instinct maybe. The fished followed the direction of his fingers as if in a trance. The corner of L's lips twitched up and he stopped his hand movement and the fish stopped too. He stood up and looked up to the sky. The fish now out of their trance went back to their natural route following the currant. Ranges of noise erupted from L's stomach and he glanced down at it and remembered why they came down to the river in the first place. He was still hungry. He looked over at Raito who seemed fast at sleep and behind him to the forest. His mind made up he glanced once more at Raito before walking back into the forest to search for something to eat.

Thirty Minutes Later…

Reddish brown eyes shot open and blinked, Raito finally awake sat up and yawned stretching both his arms above his head. He kneeled by the river side once more, cupping the water in his hand he drank the water and frowned at his reflection; his hair was out of place. He ran his fingers through a few times before he felt somewhat satisfied with his hair. He was expecting a remark about his obsession with his looks and when it never came he looked up and around to find the other angel missing.

"Where the hell did he go now?" he mumbled. 'Whatever it doesn't matter, I wasn't sent here to babysit.' He thought. He glared at his surroundings waiting for his eccentric rival to pop up. With a shrug he walked over to the nearest tree and sat under its branches. A few minutes went by and when he still saw no sign of Lawliet he groaned and got up huffing as he jumped over the river and into the forest. He really disliked the man at this moment, why was he even searching for him? Who knew it's not like the guy couldn't take care of himself if he needed too. They had many fights in the past to prove his point, Raito sighed in annoyance. Raito walked further into the forest with no sense of direction at all, he tried listening in for him but didn't hear anything but the wildlife and nature it self. He expanded his eyesight a few times thinking he caught of glance of him when it was actually a deer. When he found L he was going to kill him Raito decided. He hated playing games and that's what he felt L was doing, just toying with Raito to make him lose his mind.

L hummed to himself as he walked aimlessly in the forest enjoying the feel of nature and the sound of the other living creatures surrounding him. Even the tiniest insect burrowing it's self into the dirt could be heard. He enjoyed it all and listened contently to everything. He had time to ponder about his situation some more and the possibility of how long their stay on earth would last. Who knew really, it was up to the big guy and the council. "I suppose my last fight with Light-kun was a bit overdramatic." He said aloud. They had damaged too much around them and finally everyone got sick of them fighting. Though he could admit to mostly instigating some of their fights or aggravating Raito purposely he was never the one to throw the first blow. Well there were some occasions when he had to, but usually he was well within rights to attack. There were somethings he took personally. Those times he felt the most shameful and disappointed at his behavior and for letting Raito get to him like that. For some reason Raito was the only one who could breakdown his composure. L was well aware of the fact that he was different then others and lacked some social etiquette. But that is not something he can change nor does he want to. He's perfectly fine with the way he is. Many respect him for his intelligence and knowledge, and his instincts were rarely wrong. Raito is one of those people but he would never admit to it. They just never saw eye to eye on certain subjects. When the debates start between the two most decide it would be better to leave, seeing how they could barely keep up with the two geniuses. Times like those were pleasant for L, when they weren't fighting Raito could be a most enjoyable companion and competitor but it always escalated into something else.

Lawiet sighed and brought his thumb up to his lip. He wish he still had his wings, he doesn't mind being nude at all but he missed the warmth that his wings brought him, they console him. But now he could really feel their loss he wanted to see if there was at least a scar to remind him of what was once there. 'I wonder if Raito feels the same, there is a good chance that he does.' He thought. His stomach growled a bit louder this time and he tried to remember the last time he ate. It must have been months ago. Yes now he remembered, he had a fruit salad bowl, a parfait and coffee with twelve cubes of sugar. 'Anything will do for now.' He thought. A few feet away he heard rustling in the bushes. He cocked his head to the side and walked closer.

"Whatever could you be hm?" Whatever creature was hiding there paused for a second before rustling around frantically. L squat down and peered into the bushes.

"Hello there." He said softly, inside the bushes he could see two chipmunks jumping around nibbling at deep purple colored berry and the other doing the same. They both stopped as if sensing his presence and hesitantly edged closer to him.

"I don't suppose you little ones know where I could find something of substance do you?" L asked reaching his hand out, the braver of the two ran up his arm and around to his other arm before jumping off again and running off. L stared at the chipmunk that stopped and looked back at him before running off again the other following now.

"Hmm, shall I follow?" L stood and began the tune he was humming earlier all the while following the two little creatures. Who knew he would be so fond of animals, and they fond of him. Finding food shouldn't be a problem.

The chipmunks brought him too another clearing that was much smaller and by the sound of it closer to the river. They had walked back some ways but were off his original path. He walked over to the bush they ran into and plucked a plump blue berry off and ate it. To his surprise it tasted much better to any fruit he had ever eaten in heaven, or maybe under the circumstances his taste buds had changed. It just seemed much more flavorful and sweet. Licking his fingers after eating more of the plump juicy fruit he stood and glanced to his right. He heard foot steps and it could only be one person. Raito emerged from cluster of trees looking far angrier then was warranted. He stood there glaring at L who continued to lick his blue stained fingers.

"You…" he grounded out his eyes narrowing to slits. L blinked.

"Do you have any idea how long I have been searching for you in this god forsaken forest?" Raito stalked over to L, he stared back not fazed at all.

"I'm sure Light-kun will tell me." Raito clenched his jaw, not appreciating the sarcasm one bit. He grabbed L by the shoulder and pulled him closer.

"I could care less if you were to get lost or if I ever had to see you again. But this punishment is for the both of us and I'm not willing to see the consequences of not following it through completely. So do both of us a favor and don't wonder off!" He practically growled at L shoving him back. Instead of stumbling a few steps back he only rocked back a little in his stance.

"It was never mentioned that we had to be besides each other at all times…therefore I am free and capable to go where I want Light-kun. I suggest you not try grabbing at me again though." He said as he turned back to the bushes of berries already forgetting about the others presence and began stuffing his mouth with the juicy round berries. Raito didn't hesitate, he flew forward planning on punching the back of L's head when L twisted his body around his leg swung out and met with Raito's stomach. Raito flew back some but landed on his feet.

"You bastard!" Raito roared as he went crashing into L. they toppled over and Raito's fist connected with L's cheek, he got in another punch to L's lip before L shoved him off using his powerful legs. Again Raito landed a few feet away and ran right back at him. L had jumped up quicker than possible and trawled around his leg swinging out behind him and kicking Raito in the chest slamming him down. L was ready to walk way from this, fighting never solved anything. But of course Raito would never let it go and so he collided into L both landing hard to the ground and began wrestling for power. They barely noticed the disturbance the caused to the forest and its occupants. Nor did they notice the figure now sitting atop a tree branch near by, watching them fight all the while twirling a piece of hair around his finger.

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