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Edward's POV

I had no idea Jasper had such a one track mind. Or maybe, I did and never really fully registered it before. But now, as I stepped off the plane, arm slipped around Bella I could see the only thing in his mind; Alice. She was dancing in front of me, trying to find an appropriate way to throw herself at him without really doing so. She was subtle about it, and I always tossed it off to a delicate love for him, and he for her. I was wrong.

Perhaps now that I have Bella I can see it more clearly. Rosalie and Emmett are more…expressive with their relationship, open about it but from now on I know whose relationships are deeper. Oh yes, Rosalie loves Emmett and Emmett loves Rosalie, just like Carlisle loves Esme and her in return but it's nothing, nothing compared to the insight I get by just hearing the thoughts from Jasper and Alice. This doesn't mean their love isn't just a strong, it's just…different.

They are not complimenting each other's beauty; they are not admiring each other. Alice isn't wondering what Jasper was up too, if he killed anyone. Not because his eyes are still golden but just because she trusts him, with everything. In her mind I can see it, deeper. She trusts him to save her life, trusts him to always be there and to follow her everywhere. Jasper is the same. He worries, trying to protect her and not get caught, but it's different. He isn't afraid, not anymore not now that she's before him. He doesn't truly care what happens. All he knows is that Alice survived, all he can think is she's here, alive…or not, and she's still his.

They take hands. A small gesture, yes, but I can see that it has deeper meanings to them. They aren't like us; they were not created the same as me, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle. They had different paths to take, different routes to live before us. And the unity, the bonding, the knowledge that they are like us, but not like us binds them together far more than their love. It's hard to imagine, because they're love is there. Jasper will never live a day without Alice and Alice will never live a day without Jasper. They mean too much for each other. Since the very first day Alice was changed, Jasper has been in her mind, holding her here and not turning her into an uncivilized creature. Jasper is not the same though. He had other things keeping him from turning uncivilized but Alice eases the guilt, the pain and the small bit of shame of killing the humans. She keeps him from blaming himself, just as he kept her from going crazy in the beginning. I can understand I can…empathize on what they have. It's different from the others, because none of the others were going crazy; none of the others were awash with guilt. I can see their relationship clearer…because it's like mine. Deep.

Never after this day will I ever doubt Jasper and Alice's love. Never after this day will I ever think of their relationship as simple…they've offered me insight, and I took it.

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