Surprise From The Past

Chapter 1

It had been six months since Dan Vassar started time traveling. Dan traveled back and helped people get their lives on the right or reunite with family and preserve the life of people who in the present day would do good for the world.

It was an average day for Dan at the paper. He had finished up a couple of stories. He told Hugh he was leaving early to do some shopping for Zack's birthday. Zack and Katie went for a trip to visit Katie's relatives for a couple of days.

Dan headed to Max's Toys a popular toy shop in San Francisco. He planned to buy Zack model cars that he could put together. He arrived at the shop but as he put the car in park. The head pain started. Dan quickly got out and the blue light appeared and with that Dan went back to the past.

He leaped into a busy park he saw from a sidewalk newspaper vender that the date was April 18, 1985.

He then saw a young man struggling with a crying baby. The young man looked to be around 22. The baby was dressed in pink she seemed to be a month old. Dan approached them gently.

"You need some help there." Dan asked gently.

The young man had some distress and nodded.

"You have kids" He asked.

"Yeah I got a little boy". Dan responded.

"I'm Derek this is my niece Ashley."

"I'm Dan" He answered.

"Can I try calming her down." Dan asked.

Derek handed off the baby to Dan.

"Dan held her upright and rocked her gently. You have to calm her down like this. The baby girl stopped crying a bit and he handed her back to Derek.

While holding her remembered the time he spent learning to calm down Zack when he was a baby.

"You must be a pro" Derek said.

"It seems like you are babysitting." He responded.

"Actually I will be raising Ashley. My sister died in a childbirth exactly one month ago.

Her name was Terri Brennan a journalist for California Travels Magazine. She was living in Los Angeles.

"Do you read it." He asked.

Dan nodded.

Derek then looked down at his watch. "Look I need to get Ashley to her doctor's appointment.

"Maybe we can meet her tomorrow. You seem to know a lot about babies. I bring Ashley here everyday she seems to like it here." Derek said.

Dan said,, "I'm not sure. I'll try to be here tomorrow."

As Derek and Ashley left. Dan went back to the present day. He founded himself back at the toyshop parking lot. He went and bought Zack's gifts. He headed back to the San Francisco Register to do some database searches on Terri and Derek Brennan.

He looked up Terri first on the magazine database. He found out that Terri was a popular journalist who traveled around the state and wrote about landmarks, vacation spots and famous Californians.

He then looked up information on Derek. He found an old news article dated May 1988. The article headline read "Local paraplegic forms wheelchair basketball team". A picture of Derek appeared.

Derek was injured in a car accident on May 5, 1985 and later formed a basketball team for paraplegics in the area. There was no mention of Ashley in the article. Dan wondered if Derek had kept her or if she had been taken away from him due to his disability or if he put her up for adoption. Dan also found information that Derek was now a popular disability activist in the Bay Area while working as an accountant.

Dan knew his mission to keep Derek from becoming paralyzed in order to keep Ashley with him.