Chapter 2

Dan always enjoyed being home alone. He loved having a little piece and quiet. He loved watching movies that weren't really good for Zack to see. He wrapped up Zack's presents. He did additional Internet searches on Derek Brennan. Despite all the searches there was no mention of Ashley. Derek had married a physical therapist from the rehab hospital he was in.

A couple of hours of being home Dan received a call from Katie. He told her about his latest journeys meeting Derek and the sweet baby girl. Katie even though she has issues and insecurity over Dan's journeys lent a listening ear and tried to give Dan advice.

"Maybe your purpose is to help find a couple to adopt Ashley and give her a good two parent home." Katie told Dan over the phone line.

"I'm not sure Katie, Derek seemed to adore the baby. He said he enjoyed taking her to the park everyday. Dan responded.

"Maybe I can track down Ashley's father and get him to take his baby. Dan said.

"Have you asked Jack about getting info on Derek's accident ? Katie asked.

"I haven't gotten a chance to ask him he and Theresa have been busy with baby stuff. He responded.

Katie then said "I got to go my parents are taking us out for dinner. Good luck with your journey. She said with her supporting voice.

Dan stayed thinking about Teresa and Jack for awhile. Teresa was eight months pregnant with Jack's baby girl who they decided to name Erin. He did his best to offer advice to Jack about being a father and husband. Jack and Teresa decided to wait until after the baby's birth to see how their relationship would be affected by a child.

After laying on the couch watching TV Dan began to have the pains and sense that it was time to journey back to the past. He found himself at the park again. He then saw Derek at one of benches with a stroller parked next to it. He has Ashley in his strong arms. He walked over to them.

Derek smiled and said, "We haven't seen you in a couple of days."

"How are you doing" He asked.

"I'm doing well. Dan responded.

"How have you two been ? He asked

"Great Ashley did well with her shots and she is getting stronger everyday." He said

Dan sat down on the bench.

"Why don't you ever bring your son here? Derek asked

"He lives away from me with his mother." Dan quickly responded with a fake story.

" Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry" Derek said

"It's ok we get along well and my son has a great mother." Dan said

"I wish I had a mother for Ashley" Derek said sadly.

"I don't mean to pry Derek but do you know anything about Ashley's father? Dan asked.

"You remember how I told about my sister worked for a magazine. Derek said.

Dan nodded.

"Well she had a short relationship with one of the photo journalists a guy named Frank Vassar. He left her as soon as he found out about the pregnancy." Derek said.

Dan then did his best not to show the shock of what Derek said. He glanced down at the baby in Derek's arms. Ashley wasn't some random baby that needed his help. She was his half sister. Dan looked up and saw Livia in a distance looking towards him.

Dan quickly made up the excuse that Livia was a coworker who he needed to talk to. Derek asked him his last name and Dan made up a fake surname of Jackson and said bye to them and told him he would meet up with them sometime soon to talk about baby care and other things.

He walked toward Livia and said "the baby is my sister."