Twilight Drinking Game

How to get totally drunk while reading, you guessed it, Twilight.

Spoilers: I'm pretty sure all of this is just stuff from the first book.

A.N. Just so we're all clear. This is for fun. I really wouldn't recommend doing this for real...

Take a shot every time...

-Edward's face is described as 'perfect'.

-Edward 'dazzles' someone. Two shots if it's NOT Bella.

- Mike Newton hits on Bella.

-Bella trips of falls down. Two shots if she hurts herself or someone else in the process.

-Bella describes Edward's smile. Down a six pack if the word 'crooked' is used.

- Edward disapproves of something Bella does.

- The word 'marble' is used to describe Edward's body. Two shots if it's his lips.

-Edward tells Bella that he's too dangerous to be with.

-Any one of the Cullen's is described as looking like a model. Double shot if it's NOT Edward

- Bella doubts herself. Double shot if it's because Edward just did something amazing.

-Bella's scent is described as 'flowery'. Three shots if it's not said by Edward.

-Bella starts a sentence with 'Oh, Edward!' Down a six pack if he just saved her life.

-Edward makes a comment about not being able to read Bella's thoughts.

-The word's 'ice' and 'skin' are used in the same sentence.

-Someone attempts to ask Bella out to the prom.

-Bella feels she has to cook for Charlie.

- The word 'velvet' is used to describe Edward's voice.

- Charlie tries to get Bella to hang out with Mike. Or any other boy besides Edward.

- Anyone of the Cullen's say anything about cars. Down a six pack if it's Edward telling Bella how slow hers is.

- Edward does anything sweet for Bella. Down a six pack if she bitches about it afterwards.

A.N. And so it ends. hehe. Hope it at least made you smile. Reviews are amazing. :D