A dark shadow over the rooftop…

"Yo, Angie."

It paused at the rough, feminine voice, and another shadow stopped next to them.

"Out an 'bout, I see…"

"How'd you know?"

The first shadow, wearing a tattered grey, hooded cloak, pushed back the cloth, revealing a humanoid turtle.

Her skin was a velvet-jade, and she had wide crimson eyes.

The cloak fell open to show a yellowed plastron, a sweetheart shape at the top.

The she-turtle smiled, punching the other shadows shoulder.

"Ya can be pretty predictable."

"SURE I am, Izzy…"

The other shadow was roughly the same size, and the open trench coat revealed a darker-skinned turtle with a simpler, paler plastron.

She was even more muscularly built, though they weren't that large, considering females didn't have enough testosterone to make big muscles.

The first shadow you probably know very well.

This was once little Angela Hamato, Artemis and Leo's little girl.

She was still getting in just as much trouble, but she could handle it herself now.

The other she-turtle was Isabella Hamato, the little girl born during the whole mutant outbreak business.

"You coming to help?"

"Why not? I could use the warm-up."

Angela smiled a bit at that, pulling her hood back up to shield her face in shadows.

"Keep up."

Isabella grinned, buttoning up the trench coat and pulling on a fedora.

"Let's go."

The two shadows jumped as blurs across the rooftops, speeding around chimneys and obstacles in their path with ease.

A sudden shout from nearby had both skid to a halt, trained ears zeroing in on the source…

"Next street over."

"Alley on the left."

Both jumped to the location, and landed on a fire escape to survey the troublemaking.

It was only about ten Purple Dragons, harassing a poor young woman.

The Purple Dragons used to be a big deal, from what the two teens had heard, but had gone down the crapper once their leader 'retired' from the business due to 'difficulties'.

Now they were just random thugs, and were easy enough for two trained kunoichi to deal with…

Jumping down, Angie shifted slightly in the shadows on purpose to catch their attention.

"Well…Look at what we have here…"

She could smell the alcohol on their breath, saw the sway in their balance…

Obviously, this would be easy…

"Looks like we've got a new toy to play with…" Another slurred, slinking towards the shadowed she-turtle.

The other woman seemed terrified for her, but Angela just gave a disarming, angelic smile.

"I wouldn't say I'm a toy…"

He tried fingering her side with sloppy fingers, and soon realized he found some kind of hard…shell?

She took hold of his wrist, and he cried out in pain.

"That's not polite." She chastised lightly, crushing and twisting his wrist as he dropped to his knees.

The others seemed to be sobering at the sight, of this shadowy girl bringing a man down with a seemingly-light hold.


Crimson eyes looked up calmly at the still-frightened woman.


Obeying instantly, she bolted, and Isabella's shadow came down to block the men from following.

"Now, now…Don't go runnin' off. That's a bit rude, don't ya thin'?"

"Who are you girls?!"

Angela threw the writhing man off to the side…

"That's not a 'ard question ta answer…It's actually quite simple…"

"We're kunoichi. Shadow warriors. And we're here to show you why drinking and doing stupid things is bad."

The Purple Dragons charged, and something flashed under their clothes before they drew weapons.

In a matter of fast-paced moments, all of the thugs were out cold on the alley floor.

"Oh, yeah! Who rules?"

They high-threed each other.

"WE rule!"

With the grace of shadows, they used a fire escape to jump to the rooftops once more.

"MAN, did ya see that one move I just did? It was like WHAM, an' 'e was down fer the count!"

"We're getting REALLY good at this!"

"So you've done this before?"

Both froze mid-step, and turned around…

"Oh…hi, daddy…" Angela greeted, smiling sheepishly.

"Um…Nice night, huh?"

"Hi, pop…Um…would ya get mad if I tried to run?"


"…Can I still run?"



"We're gonna have to take this one head-on, Izzy…"



"It WAS!"


"So it was YOU, young lady."

Angela blinked, realizing what she'd said…

"Oh, damn it…Thanks, Izzy…"

"Just tryin' ta help…"

"Oh, shut up…"

"Home. Now."

"But daddy-!"


With a defiant pout, Angela headed off in the direction of home, and Izzy muttered curses and 'damn dragons made such a ruckus…got us caught' before following.

The four turtles sighed, and Leo put a hand on his forehead to try to rid himself of a headache.

"Well, look on the bright side…"

Both brothers turned to the youngest, who had a wide grin on his face.

"They'll only be teens for four more years!"


The two eldest brothers groaned at the information, realizing they had four more years of this to deal with…

"Splinter was right…You two got kids just like you." Don stated, and the two younger brothers headed off after their nieces.

"…We should trade…" Raph grumbled.

"I'd rather 'ave Lily or Z…"

"Let's go home…"

The six disappeared into the night, not realizing they'd been spotted…