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A/N: This was not just written by myself. This fanfic is an edited role play that I did with a friend of mine. I really did try to put it together so that it didn't read too much like an rp...

"I see you used the Royal Dolton, good..." Ciel took a sip of the warm tea. Blue eye fixed on his butler, almost with a cold look that was too grown up for someone his age. He wanted him to know, as well as everyone, that Ciel Phantomive was the master of the Manor now. Only him...

He shut his eyes, drowned his thoughts in the tea, taking another sip, before asking nonchalantly, "...today's plans?"

Everyday was duty and routine. First was grooming himself, making sure the mansion was safe, then waking up the other servants, getting the tea and meal ready, getting Ciel up, and then now there was the part of informing his master what the on the day's schedule. "Several invitations need to be responded to, some studies should be done as well, and then Café Soho wants to open up downtown. The owner states he is rather close to the Queen, and apparently they are requesting that you be one of the testers for the food, if you decide to."

Ciel looked at him, idly fiddling with his ring, half-listening, expecting the usual duties and getting them, until the mention of the cafe, where his face showed a hint of surprise with a flicker of excitement at the prospect of new tastes and new sweets... however, he still hadn't finished the new game, and the head of Phantom toys wasn't one ..shouldn't be one to slack. Though he really, really wanted to go, he wouldn't show it to the butler. "I'm too busy to go to some cafe. I've got work..." As if to stress this, he shuffles some papers on his desk, putting them together in front, his visible eye looking off to the side.-

Like a loyal dog, Sebastian watched his master closely. There wasn't much sign on his face other than 'happiness.' He tried to read the younger's expression, but expression was something that Ceil also lacked just like himself. "I see…I shall inform the owner of your decline then." He paused for a moment as the noise of the papers shuffling together filled the room. "Would you like me to leave you to do your work? At 1 P.M. we must do some studying." He stood just as still in place. He had to admit, going out may prove to be interesting, but his interest was in Ceil and the boy's priority. Whatever he wanted, Sebastian would not question or tell him otherwise.

Looking at the papers he had been shuffling, Ciel's lips parting to answer the butler, and then closing again. The papers just happened to be revenues for the month. His eye skimmed over them, "wait..." his expression remained the same, expressionless, as he read the papers for a minute. He then glanced back up to Sebastian, putting the papers down. He leaned back in the chair, gazing at him, "Did you say the owner of this cafe is friends with the Queen?"

For a second, Sebastian's eyes shifted down from Ceil's face. He focused on the boy's hands at that moment…those small and slender fingers…That single word was spoken then—wait. At once the demon looked back at Ceil's visible eye. Slowly his smirk directed to the corner of his lips. "That is right, I did say that…and that is what Mister Ethyl, the café owner, said." Staying in the same position, the toe of his foot only shifted slightly. "Are you having second thoughts, my master? Might I suggest that Mister Ethyl deliver some of his cooking here if you do not wish to go out?"

"The Queen's children are our top customers. " He smiled then, a quick, upward turn of the lips. His mouth smiled, his eyes didn't. He had forgotten what it was to really smile. Still, he was as close to content as he could be, with the way things had turned out. It would be good for his business to go to the opening , where he would get a chance to try new sweets, and it would be nice to get away from the Manor...from them... "Please inform Mister Ethyl that I will attend his opening. I'll leave you to get the carriage ready...just let me know, at what time we must leave."

That smile: It was a rare right indeed to behold. Sebastian couldn't help but wonder if Ciel had something on his mind. Perhaps he would test the food and then turn the taste down so that Mister Ethyl would be too embarrassed to open the café? "I will do that and return to you as soon as possible in order to let you know." Sebastian took that as his dismissal as that was a pressing matter of today's task.

Giving a final bow to his lord, he turned and shifted a foot so that he could go to the office and make the call.

Business went smoothly and the man was more than happy to know that Earl Ciel Phantomhive was going to come to try his food today. A time was decided and it wasn't long at all before Sebastian was facing Ciel again. "In an hour…he seemed rather eager to have you…" He said slowly, his senses tingling about this ordeal, but he was not going to tell Ciel since Sebastian had his don't ask don't tell aesthetics.

Ciel glanced up from his papers as his eyes were once more met with that of Sebastian. He listened, then his lips parted and he gave out a little sigh, putting the paper down and closing his visible eye. 'Eager huh...?' He reached out a hand, taking the cane from beside his desk and curling small fingers around it as he opened a sapphire orb and looked at his butler, for indeed he was his in more ways than one. "Greed makes people eager, Sebastian..." the boy stood up then, walking around his desk, cane clicking against the marble floor, closing the gap between servant and master. He looked up at Sebastian, then looked off to the side, "....are these clothes suitable, do you think?" referring to his usual garments. If the opening was in an hour, they would have to make haste.

Sebastian watched every action, no matter how small or how large. It was his job, after all. He had to be there for Ceil if even to protect him from a trip on the floor. "Yes…that it does." He agreed to the statement that was made about greed. He knew about greed all too well due to being a demon…

As Ciel stepped closer to him then, Sebastian studied him closely. Did he look suitable? Yes, he did…but this was also an opportunity for touch. Speaking of greed, Sebastian was greedy for his master. He tried not to think about it, but he often felt that he was more into Ciel…er….this contract…then Ciel was with…him. The demon liked to think that he just took his job very seriously. "I think a shade down from that color coat would fit better with those shoes…" He said and then turned to the wardrobe, taking out another jacket. "May I?" He got on one knee to be at the other's height. Reaching forward, he attempted to remove the suit jacket from Ciel since it was his job to dress him, but his hands seemed to have lingered a bit more on the boy's body than normal.