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"I will always be by your side…I will never leave you again…no matter what…"

The demon's words washed over him, dispersed slightly the shadows that tormented him. He was safe...armed again against the bleak, dark world. He saw the other bow, and felt like a bird would feel if it's broken wing had been healed. He felt like he could fly. This was the Sebastian he knew, he trusted. Ciel knew that the demon couldn't lie to him, if they had a contract.

Then, his face was captured by the others hands and turned upwards. Once again the butler's scent invaded his senses, causing him to tremble. Only this time, it wasn't from repulsion. He didn't feel the need to slap the other's hand away. Somberly he stared into Sebastian's face, and saw in it the love that he spoke then, "I will always love you."

The words were oxygen, the demon's lips, the match, lighting his candle as they touched his own. Ciel's eyes closed and he felt himself weaken, his heart beat increasing. Could the other hear it? It scared him, confused him .The thudding in his veins that occurred every time their mouths met...the burning of his lips...of his blood.... whenever they were close...Sebastian... he couldn't fight him anymore. For a split second, Ciel was unable to move, then his arms rose, wrapped around Sebastian's neck, lips parted against the others as he breathed in more of his intoxicating, scent.

Closer…closer ... Sebastian needed to be closer. He could never be close enough until he was feeling Ciel's heart beat…Sebastian advanced himself, leaning over the bed and against his master. He could clearly feel the way the other shook. Now, with their contract, with both their signatures upon one another, he could sense and experience him so much more.

No words were spoken in response, but rather the thumping sound of the boy's heart was more than any sentence that he could have said. Ciel was always so cold…he was always so frozen and still…and to know that it was he, Sebastian Michaelis , that had awoken the child's body, his heart, meant more to him than any sort of blood or soul to feed Leonard.

The butler could sense everything. He knew every thought, every emotion, and every concern that was within Ciel's head then. He could detect that he was both satisfied and yet worried. Worried about what though? Could it have perhaps been embarrassment?

And then…had he finally received a kiss back in return? The younger splintered his lips against his. Those slender arms rose up and embraced him. It made his own heart stop for a second. He had never felt anything like this before. It was warm, and he felt as light as one of his raven black feathers…only, the raven was no more. It had turned into a dove.

He had two choices now, to pull back…to say goodnight…or to pull forward…and…But something had already decided that for him. Sebastian's strong but gentle arms wrapped around Ciel's body as he slid out of his own shoes so effortlessly. He drew himself back upon the bed, his lips never leaving the other's the whole while…With eyes closed, his tongue tenderly stroked along his master's bottom lip, his hands feeling up and down his sides.

Once again, Ciel fell back against the bed, with Sebastian over him, a completely inappropriate, forbidden position for a master and servant to be in. The Marchioness Middelford would be appalled, to see the way the Earl Phantomhive's fingers found their way to the other's soft hair. Threading through it, knotting in the tresses, clutching the demon to his master.

She would be astonished, at how Ciel felt a strange hunger at the pit of his stomach for the butler, and how he daringly pressed their lips firmly together. Opening his mouth further, he felt the other's hot breath mingle with his own. He was a child who had found a new, dangerous game, and he was greedy for it.

His body tensed and trembled beneath the others touches, arching, and he felt himself once more melting into that marionette, willing to be bent and pulled at the others will. The butler's name, the name of the one he so loved, melted out of his lips in a soft, almost tender whisper, "Sebastian..."

Then it hit him, like lightning, what he was doing ,becoming. The thought cracked through the recesses of his stone heart and the marionette string broke.

His eye wrenched open and he pulled himself from the others grasp, almost violently. Turning his face away , he pressed his rose colored cheek against the sheet. He struggled to catch his breath, and struggled further to say the words that fell from his lips in a cold whisper. "I'm... tired... I want to go to sleep..."

Desperately Sebastian wanted to, needed to, have Ciel touch him. His entire being, his body, his soul—everything, craved to have this boy's fingers on him. It was nothing more than a tease when those lean fingers waved through his hair. Even though his eyes were closed, there was more than just blackness given to him. So many colors danced about, around them.

The breath that was once so frigid was now warm from that fire, and the two of them, demon and human, exchanged their life force with one another. As Ciel's lips parted against his own, Sebastian breathed vigorously against his. His tongue lapped along the boy's lips for a second time before he took a daring chance and just barely exerted it within the younger's mouth. The tip of his tongue scarcely hugged against the child's. This was new and uncharted land that he was not sure if he could enter upon…

His name was said, in a way that it had never been spoken before. Just a little he slid his eyes open, the sight was blurred yet bright at the same time even though the light was dim in the room. "Mas…ter…" He responded in a breathy voice. His own hands continued to feel around the boy, wanting to explore every last curve of him…only, one hand had stopped at the child's shorts…His finger slipped over the button, but that was…just him walking onto No Man's Land…and stepping onto a mine field.

The explosion…the flowers around were destroyed. Sebastian sat up a but, his brow lifted and a small frown upon his lips as he looked at his king. He was quiet for a while. Maybe he would have believed him a few minutes ago…but now that they had this contract again, they had their link. Sebastian knew it wasn't tiredness, but fear.

"Master…" He said again, moving himself back over him carefully. It didn't take long for him to smile again, but it was not impure. "Fine…allow me to finish getting you ready for bed…" He let his hand drift back down the boy's front where he clipped the short's zipper between his index and third. It lowered, and his hands ran against him as he started to pull the shorts down around those long but immature legs. "…and you shall go to sleep like you want…where you will dream…and you…will…" He paused, idly running his hands back up. "…you will control your dream…" He tilted his head to the side, starting to run his moist lips back down the boy's neck, his hand stopping at Ciel's navel so that his digits could taunt just over his undergarment. "Allow yourself to use me…" He spoke with his boiling breath against him. "Please, enjoy me…control me, let me be your slave…tell me what to do…tell me what you want…and I will fulfill your every desire, my lord…" He arched himself further south, his lips kissing all the way down his chest until his tongue gave a single lick over the boy's nipple.

It had probably been countless time, when the boy was abused, and raped, but Sebastian wanted to make this different. Those dirty men were always the ones in control, and now he was allowing Ciel , for the first time to be the one in charge.

Ciel slowly turned his cheek and looked up at Sebastian. Saying nothing, he was surprised at how shallow and quick, his breath was as the other moved over him again. "Haa..haa..." He let his arousal darkened eyes roam over Sebastian's face as his own chest rose and fell...partly from fear, nerves...partly from something else. That creature from Hell...why did his voice, his touch, draw him in like a magnet?

That exotic purring voice once more drifted over him, "Fine, allow me to finish getting you ready for bed…"

'No! I don't want anymore touches! I'm…scared?' Ciel thought as he wanted to resist the other.

Then why did the earl's entire body tremble? His legs flinched slightly as he felt skilled fingers pulling his shorts down. The rush of air hit the burning, exposed skin of his thighs. Why did his stocking covered feet slowly shift and move against the bothersome fabric of his shorts, kicking them off? Why was his heart hammering against his chest as fingertips glided over it? He was filled with sensations he had never experienced before. The cord had snapped, but the puppet still moved, as the other wanted now, out of his own free will.

Those men, they had never spoke the way Sebastian spoke, or felt like Sebastian felt, they had never even looked at him. They had been brutal and taunting, smashing his innocence like a vase. Under Sebastian's touches, Ciel felt safe and protected. He was being molded again, made again into that delicate vase .

And like ceramic quivers underneath the skilled touches of an artist, when Sebastian's lips touched his neck, Ciel quivered, feeling a wave of weakness wash over him. Tilting his neck to the side and closing his eyes, he barely heard his savior's words. His mind revolved around those fingers on the thin fabric of his undergarment, making his breath catch in his throat.

"…and you shall go to sleep like you want…where you will dream… you will control your dream…Please, enjoy me…control me, let me be your slave…tell me what to do…tell me what you want…and I will fulfill your every desire, my lord…"

Was he then, to become the puppeteer in this game? Sebastian, the puppet? Yes! This is what Ciel wanted, to control Sebastian, to bend him at his will like a chess player bends his pawns. If the game became too dangerous, he could order him to stop any minute. He could cut the strings. He had that power now. Ciel's fear was slowly vanishing.

When Ciel felt that tongue against his nipple, all thoughts flew form his mind. His eye opened, blurred, startled by the electricity, the pleasure that coursed through him, making him shiver. His fingers curled around the sheets, the other's name fell from his open mouth, breathy and hot, so different than his usual icy tone, "Se...bastian..."

He knew what his first command was, had to be, "don't...stop..."

Those expensive shorts dropped onto the floor. Had Ciel even aided in the process of removing them? That alone caused Sebastian to feel slightly aroused once again. He had undressed the boy so many times, but the Earl just stood there, as the cold statue every time. Yes, he was getting him ready for bed…but the both of them know it would be a different bed from normal.

Sebastian took a moment to admire the boy only in his underwear. Indeed he looked so innocent, but this flower had been through a lot of harsh weather. Here Sebastian was, taking the flower form the earth and putting it in a pot, tending to it and making a vow to only give it rays of comforting light from now on. Ciel would no longer be away from sunshine.

So clearly he could feel the boy shaking under his touch, the sound of Ciel's breath matching with his body's thrill. It gave Sebastian a sort of natural high, and filled him more than any virgin's blood. To know that he was causing his master to fall to this dangerous drug that could be so addicting.

Having his name said like that, followed by those words, Sebastian couldn't help but smile. Perhaps his wide smirk could be felt against Ciel's flesh as his lips stayed attached to that sensitive nub upon his chest. "Mn~ Master…" He closed his eyes, breathing his ruler's name in a hot moist breath against his skin. He allowed his tongue to click against the nipple, in the shapes it made to form the words.

Ciel tasted so good. He knew that, but this was a new part of the candy bar. He wanted try all of it, every last ingredient, from the chocolate to the berries.

His hands continued to roam the land, the child feeling so soft and perfect under his touch. They explored all over him, not leaving one area untouched. He glided his fingers all the way from the other's shoulder, down his stomach, around his thigh, lifting his leg up a bit so that he could touch the bottom of his feet. Then they traveled back up the inside of the boy's leg where one hand finally stopped to just barely introduce itself to the child's crotch. Sebastian's fingers stroked and groped him just lightly while he finally released the nipple from within his mouth.

"Master…" He repeated, sounding completely intoxicated as he placed kisses across his chest until he met with the opposite nub and processed to lick and nip at that one. This was what he had always wanted, what always dreamed about every day and every night he slept.

The attention to his nipple, the way the other breathed his title, made Ciel's head roll to the side weakly, a wave of pleasure cresting over him . Each stroke of that soft muscle against his flesh, made the nub harden. His lips parted and a breathless, almost whining moan escaped them. His body arched involuntarily into the demons mouth, fingers digging into the bed sheets.

This, was new, uncharted territory for him. Never had he been touched, tasted this way...slowly... It felt so good, like he was drowning in the other's smell, touches, and words. He wanted to drown, to sink deeper into a world where only those hands that caressed his body existed.

Those migrating caresses were bringing him further and further away from his normal composure , into insanity. His blood boiled underneath his skin. His leg was lifted, thighs touched. Once more he was the puppet, arching, quivering, moving beneath those skilled fingers. When they glided over his crotch, a strangled gasp flew from him and he bucked his hips up, into that slow friction that sent jolts of pleasure through him. His young member throbbing and pulsing, startling him slightly with the scope of his arousal.

His eye opened, fixing hazily on the canopy of his bed. His fingers came up to claw at the demons shirt, cheeks glowing pink. His voice cam as a whisper with his next command, "take ...off your shirt Sebastian...". He suddenly wanted to see him, to see what was behind his garments...

It felt as if someone was turning the heat up in this room. It was like the fire just kept getting larger. Sebastian simply adored the way Ciel reacted to him, the way his squeezed those sheets, the way his body begged shamelessly for more of him. It made him feel like he was on fire, as if he were the flame himself. Being told not to stop, Sebastian was doing just as he was commanded.

Ciel just tasted too wonderful. The demon held the whole swollen nub within his mouth, his tongue dancing over it while his fingers continued to work over that soft and silky underwear. He could feel the child start to become hard just a bit, and Sebastian knew he had him now. How rewarding this was…

Up and down his hand moved along the soft curves of the boy. He wanted to not only feel him, but to drive him crazy with pleasure. The demon knew how much pain Ciel had been put through, and the emotions he held for the Earl made the butler aspire to introduce Ciel to the opposite of that.

The slight smile upon his lips curved to the corner of his face as his shirt was clutched. It made him prickle from head to toe to hear the order given to him. With a 'popping' noise, he released his love's nipple from his mouth and sat up, also withdrawing his hands.

Carefully, he positioned himself lightly against the other in a seated position upon his knees so that his own imprisoned erection rubbed against the thin fabric of his master's briefs. The tame smile stayed the same as his hands leisurely but alluringly coasted down his shirt, his fingers slipping each button free so soundly.

Once his chest became expose, he did what he was ordered to. It slid from his torso so smoothly. Eyes narrowed in somewhat of a playful manner then as he clipped the top with his fingers, holding it out to the side of the bed. With a quiet drop, it fell to the floor below.

His fingers clutched at the other's shirt, head bowing slightly, so that his cheek grazed the other's silky hair as the demon's fingers rubbed at his trapped member. The touching of his crotch, the moist mouth on his nipple, were slowly driving him into a frenzy. He quivered, thrusting his hips into that burning hand, sensing himself harden beneath the feel and weight of those fingers, flushing violently. Quick, ragged breaths escaped his parted lips, as well as the other's name, in a barely coherent whisper, "Se..ba..stian..."

Then, the demon removed himself. Why? He wanted that mouth on him forever. Ciel almost protested, but then he remembered his request, and he slowly fixed his gaze on the demon, heart pounding in anticipation. The boy could feel the way the demon's crotch rubbed slightly against his own, sending fire through his veins. He bit his lip. He was drowning too fast! He needed to be the puppeteer now! He wanted the other to be stripped down, like him. He was thankful Sebastian's hands were now dedicated to removing his shirt, for if they had stayed on him much longer he felt like he would have burst into flames.

Watching the demon, he pressed his hands, with spread fingers, into the sheets and lifted his upper body up slightly. He let his eye, almost blackened with pleasure, roam down that perfect chest. They were both males, but how different physically they were. Ciel always knew that his power didn't come from his physique, that he was a child. His strength lay in other areas. He knew it was because he was younger, but he marveled at the broadness of the others chest, his strong neck, and the line of his collarbone. Ciel's hands clenched into fists against the sheets.

The third and fourth commands, came from the earl's lips then, more authoritative then the last had been, "Blow out the candles, and then take off your pants, Sebastian."

"Sebastian". His name was said again in that passionate manner. Just hearing Ciel utter his name like that was enough to spread the heat to him. They were sharing the same disease. While most people would try hard to get rid of their symptoms, Sebastian only wanted it more. He would try to make the virus stronger. He would make Ciel moan his name over and over again like that…

His moon red eyes stayed trained on his master. He watched him, craving to see the reaction of what his given titillation would do to him as he rubbed himself against him. The boy bit his lip, and Sebastian let go of a single breath mixed with a hidden laugh. It was an answer that told him that the boy was trying to keep himself from indulging in the pleasure.

They were playing the same set of cards though as the demon noticed himself being looked at in the same manner in which he had been targeting Ciel. His eyes felt the Earl's eyes on him when he sat up.

He had to admit, with this shift position he felt even tenser than before. An eyebrow rose at what was said next. "Hmm…" He hummed to himself, slight disappointed. He wanted to see Ciel but, being a demon, he had superb sight in the darkness. However, he also wanted Ciel to see him. Oh well, there were other ways in which he could make Ciel experience him rather than just eyesight. "Yes, as you wish…my lord." He smiled widely with a narrow gaze.

The butler moved himself then, bringing himself once again off the bed. His silky fingers picked up the candlestick. His breath, as gentle and light as a spring breeze, out did the flames as he had done so often before. The moonlight became prominent in the chamber then.

With his grinning face, Sebastian turned back around to face his lord. He stood back so that the boy could have a perfect view of him. A finger teasingly stroked around the buckle of his belt for a little just before he unbuckled it. Pulling the piece of leather away, he made sure to slowly drop it to the floor to meet with his shirt. Now for the pants.

He directed the zipper down so leisurely, that one could hear the sound of the teeth parting. With a flick ,the trousers button was sprung. His pants dropped gently to his ankles. Stepping out of them, Sebastian also stepped out of his socks, toenails just as midnight black as his fingernails.

There the demon now stood in short, tight, coal briefs. It fit his body so supremely, showing off the perfect shape of his large manhood underneath. For a minute, Sebastian just stood there with his raven smile in order to encourage Ciel to look at him within the darkness.

Then, soundlessly he walked back to the bed, in reach of the other. Gently, he took hold of his master's wrist, barely wrapping his fingers around just incase the other did not desire this. He pulled that hand forward until he forced it into contact against his chest.

"Do you want to touch me?" His voice was captivating as he started to direct Ciel's hand around his chest and muscular stomach. "Do you want to feel me…?" Further….further….further down he brought the child's hand until it met with his confined but yet prominent erection. "…The way I did to you…." His tone getting even more alluring with each word that he said, with each stroke he would made the child's hand perform against him.

Sebastian was perfection incarnate. Ciel had always known it was so. It used to annoy him. So tiresome it was, the dark beauty of the other . Looking at him then, with the moonlight kissing his exposed skin, dancing over that devilish, feline smile, the demon appeared less a creature from hell, and more like something out of the Greek Mythology books in his library...A god...All Ciel could do was stare, as the other...fought to keep his face stoic. It didn't annoy him then, instead it made his breath catch in his throat.

The other took his hand , and he almost snapped a "Don't touch me, " as usual .Only Ciel couldn't bring himself to form words, to play the lord. His mouth felt dry, and he allowed himself to be controlled by that god, pulled into his orbit as the demon's skin met with his fingers. They trembled as digits brushed against smooth, unblemished skin as Sebastian's velvet voice drifted through the chamber, asking if he wanted to touch.

Deep down inside, Ciel knew that that is what he had wanted for a while now, to see what lay beneath those layers of butler attire. Countless occasions when he had watched Sebastian get him ready for the bath, rolling up his sleeves to show strong, graceful arms, and he had yearned to touch them. He wanted to see, to feel, those legs that could jump with such agility that could fight against countless oppressors.

Deep down, Ciel had craved to press his fingertips against Sebastian, against the muscles of the other's chest. To feel the friction, the heat, as flesh rubbed against flesh. The way his heart reacted to it, skipping and then accelerating, it was as if it was threatening to break through his chest.

Then, his hand was directed to the others erection, rubbed against it. The boy's ocean blue orbs widened, his breath hitched with a sharp gasp. Sebastian faded, for a split second, and he saw, he felt those greedy hands outstretched, and forceful. He withdrew his hand, bringing his free one to grip at his fingers. Ciel bowed his head, inky bangs hiding the way his round face paled. His shoulders quivered. The child stared at his hand, breathing heavily, just as rain began to beat down against the rooftop of Phantomhive Manor.

How is it that sunlight can both brighten, and burn? The inner turmoil Ciel Phantomhive went through then was kept to himself. He bowed his head more, revealing nothing to the other, and remained that way for a few minutes. The thoughts in his head were his alone.

Suddenly, he then looked up with a determined, fearless look too old for his age on his face. Almost abruptly he moved forward, his lips pressing against the demons throat, lips parting to inhale his scent, to taste his dessert flavored skin. Open mouthed they slid to Sebastian's collarbone, where he began to plant soft kisses against it. The tip of his tongue grazed the skin where the bone protruded slightly. Simultaneously, he slid his small hands slowly down the others chest, feeling the slight bumps as they moved against chiseled muscle.

His hand still traveled further down, daring, like the child himself. Ciel's hands stopped as they met with the fabric of the demon's undergarments. Was there hesitation? It was only slight. He inhaled sharply, a shuddering breath, and trembled as he pressed his slender fingers slightly against the confined member. Moving them slowly up and down, he mimicked in a fumbling, less experienced fashion, the demon's previous actions.

"Tell me..." the Earl spoke then, against the demons hot flesh, another order, his childish, elegant British voice husky, "how it feels..."

Having those tiny hands on his mature body was like bliss. It made Sebastian want to fuse with him even more. Even though he was the demon and Ciel was the human, Sebastian would allow Ciel to do whatever he wished to him at this point. He was a complete victim of love. It had taken him over. There was no more fighting the virus. Sometimes it really did feel so much better to give in.

Even though Sebastian was the carriage driver, he was still the servant. He continued to carry his master along the path, bringing him to the location where he desperately ached for him to be . The master did not want to go there though. His body jolted slightly as those fingers met with the area between his legs. This only lasted a second though as that small hand slid from within his loose grasp.

In slow motion, his arm dropped down to his side as he watched the younger closely. He could see the way that his master was having his own internal struggle even though there was nothing given away in the other's eyes. It was that nothingness that said everything. Sebastian had decided that this was something he could not force onto Ciel, but that he would have to tame his inner demons himself. He could always help him, of course. "Master~" He said with a compassionate smile, purring the name, the title, in such a way that would say more than just 'master.' Sebastian had just said 'I love you' all over again with the inflection of his voice. He was telling him that he was not like those men, those rapist, those beasts, but that he was his lover, and his alone. Of course in reality Sebastian was a lot like 'those men'…that is…to the rest of the world. Not Ciel though, not to his northern star.

Along with his unsaid speech came the rain. It was different than the water that ran down on them before. This was a sheltering, comforting rain. They were within comforting walls now, and not the mist of the storm outside.

What was it that Ciel heard then? Was it his words or the rainfall that brought the boy to look up at him again? Sebastian barely had time to process the new look within those ocean eyes before a wide look came to his own orbs. Lips pressed so adoringly against his throat. He swallowed harshly; the other was probably able to feel it, from the movement of his Adam's apple.

His jaw dropped just a bit, and his fingers parted at his sides. They itched to touch in return. Ciel's little mouth felt so hot and nice against him. Each spot that he kissed danced under those lips. When that cushy tongue lapped against his collar, Sebastian's breath caught in his throat only to come out hard in the end. Ciel…Ciel was touching him upon his own will. Those hands wandered downwards, his body feeling as if those hands made him ignite. How far would the child go towards being an adult? Sebastian almost begged for him to touch him more within that small moment of reluctance, but it happened.

Having those fingers work along his covered cock made his back arch, his chest almost touching against the other's. "Uhn…" he closed his as he moaned, only ever having dreamed that Ciel did this to him. His eyelids felt heavy, and it took effort for him to open them. He looked at the child. It becoming a challenge to breath straight. "It feels….it feels good…warm…" He paused to smile, eyes narrowing as he gave in some more and wrapped his arms around the slender boy, a hand swimming through his hair. "It feels like heaven~"

How many times had Sebastian bowed before him in the past? Countless...Ciel was not stupid. He knew it was the contract that forced the demon to submit to his wishes, but still it thrilled him, the power, the absolute power of having a force like Sebastian obeying his every whim.

And now, his Knight was bowing, but in a different manner. Arching, bending to his will, spider web waiting for his command instead of choking him. For a different reason, one he would not think about then, it was so hard to think at all. The moan that flowed from those perfect lips sent a thrill down his spine. Ciel felt much like he had that one night he had been given wine at Madam Red's dinner party, intoxicated, and the sensations invading him only made him more drunk. He wanted to hear more of the Sebastian's pleasure, to continuously break that cool facade. Small digits pressed further against the other's clothed erection, stroked faster against the length, fingers saying "...bow further to me."

The strong arms around him, the hands in his hair, Ciel closed his eyes and turned to press his round cheek against the stone wall of the demons chest. He felt safe, and yet in danger all at once. A small smirk ghosting over his lips as he heard the others words, his voice a low, soft ripple against the darkness, "Sebastian..."

He looked up at his demon, letting the hand that caressed his erection drift off to caress his thighs, traveling down his legs and brushing fingertips against the other's knees. His inexperience made him unsure of what to do next, he was out of commands now, his heart thudded in his chest, and it felt strange, so long he had been without a heartbeat, "Demons know nothing about heaven..."

Skin pressed against skin as Sebastian held onto the boy so dearly, as if he were his own child. He always wanted this, to feel Ciel's bare skin touch against his own. He felt warm, but who's body heat was it? Was it the butler's passionate desire that was simply covering over the frozen statue that was Ciel Phantomhive, or was it the Earl's heat as well?

His body ached and quivered for more of the boy's touch. It was almost an amusing sight to see the demon in such a feeble state form his normal immovable aura, but he was weak to Ciel's touch…and to Ciel alone…

A bit more pressure was applied to his member, and this made ecstasy invade Sebastian's world. Those little hands felt more of him, and it made him feel rabid. Ciel was torturing him. He needed to indulge in him now, to smother him.

Those words that were said…He pulled back just enough so that he could look at the other, his hand sliding from Ciel's hair to his face in order to tip his chin up. "Yes…that may be so…" the raven smirked with narrow bittersweet eyes, "but…I am not a demon right now…I am not your demon…I am your lover…a lover knows of heaven and all things good."

How right Sebastian was, Ciel thought. At that moment, gazing into those crimson orbs, Ciel knew that everything from Sebastian, which came from him, was going to be good. They were lovers. Ciel felt it, the love; it was almost a tangible force between their bodies. It called them closer, propelled his beating heart, and his quick breaths. The word made a rose tint form on his cheeks and he averted his gaze to the side.

Sebastian slid down to sit on his knees, his hands continued to caress the boy as he continued his decent down his master's body. While his hands ventured southward on Ciel's sides, his lips matched their path as he guided his tongue from his chest to groin. It was like he had heard what his fingers said to him, ordering him to bow down lower.

Now upon his knees, he placed his hands gently on the boy's hips while his mouth lingered softly upon the thin fabric of the underwear. With a single pull and shift, the servant positioned Ciel so that his slender legs could hang over his broad shoulders.

In an inert manner, he gave the boy a couple light licks to his arousal, his tongue wetting the fabric of the briefs. Slowly, his eyes shifted upwards to look at his king while he issued a few more laps. "Please master," he said between licks, his cheeks painted just slightly in pink, "…will you allow me to taste you completely?"

As the demon's hand traveled down his small frame, he quivered underneath the others touch. Ciel's thoughts were drowning in the rain, feeling those fingers slowly slide down his burning skin. When the demon's tongue joined their course, Ciel felt his body rise, his eyelids fluttered closed as a wave of pleasure crested over him, making him turn his head weakly. A small pleased sound lazily falling from his parted lips.

His hand had no trouble finding the demon's hair as Sebastian's mouth lingered near his undergarments. Involuntarily the Earl's legs spread, his greedy body speaking the language he couldn't, communicating with the demon his inner desires. Sebastian hoisted his slender legs onto his shoulders and a flicker of curiosity passed through the boy, mingling with a sense of anticipation. Ciel's heart pounded in his chest and he looked at the other, a shiver coursing through him as he spoke his name in a questioning breath "Sebastian..."

But his words were cut off. Eyes widened and a gasp fell from his lips as the other's tongue found his clothed arousal. An electric jolt of pleasure traveled down his spine as more licks followed, making his eyes close tightly together. Fingers fisting in the demon's hair, the boy's hips arched wantonly into his butler's mouth. Sebastian asked him a question then, about tasting him fully, and he blushed furiously. His head turned in an attempt to hide it, for he was sure Sebastian could see it even in the darkness. What would be his answer?

He wanted more good things....more of the pleasures of lovers. The boy nodded his assent, fingers trembling slightly in the other's hair.

The fabric of the boy's undergarments was rough yet smooth against Sebastian's tongue . Rough…and smooth….It was a physical manifestation of how this journey had been. Even though at times, Sebastian felt it was rough more than anything. But, it was also carving the jagged rock that was his heart into something smooth and inviting worthy of this boy, his King .

And now…for the final part…the final layer that needed to be lifted up to get out of the dark tunnel and into the daylight .

This was all so superlative. Ciel's body swam with his so perfectly. Every move that the butler made, big or small, was matched with his master's performance. It was simply splendid the way this child's legs parted for him and his hips pushed forward to meet his mouth. It made Sebastian's mouth water. This…this was what he wanted…to awaken this desire for him and him alone within Ciel's body and spirit.

"Mnh~" A breathy light moan dropped from his lips as Sebastian's hair was grasped. He hummed his pleasure against Ciel's special spot, the grasp only encouraging him to lick again…and he did. The demon pushed his tongue out further, steadily and vigorously taking a long final lap against the fabric of the underwear.

Scarlet eyes stared up the whole while, and his mouth grinned. He could see that bright blush upon Ciel's face, and he never looked more tempting than he did at this moment.

"Master~" He half spoke and moaned in a hot breath between the boy's legs. That nod…that single nod…it was the key he needed to unlock the treasure chest.

Tilting his head to the side, Sebastian ever so carefully clipped the fabric of the underpants between his teeth. He had done it so precisely as to only bite the underwear alone and nothing else.

His hands parted from the other for a moment, so that he could temporarily lift Ciel's legs to remove the piece of attire. With his mouth, Sebastian slid the underwear off around one of the child's leg. It dropped to the floor, meeting with his own shirt and pants. Sebastian had to smile at the sight of it, but it was all too soon that his eyes were back on his precious lord. Still on his knees, he looked at Ciel from head to toe, and finally just stared up at him. "You are so magnificent…and I shall make you feel that way, my love." Gently his hands rested upon the boy's hips, his eyes never leaving his master's face.

He took a silent breath to steady himself. He had only ever dreamed about this moment when he would be able to taste Ciel Phantomhive. Slowly, carefully, he inched himself forward. Every inch of the boy's erection met with the demon's soft moist tongue as he slid it sensuously from base to head.

The dead heart beating in Ciel Phantomhive's chest never felt so exhilarated, so alive.

It was definitely, a night for firsts.

Sebastian's mouth had never been there, in that spot between his legs. They trembled as the other's breath played between them, burning him. His blood and his body were on fire for the other. Ciel had never experienced these sensations be fore. He couldn't explain his body's aching the need for the demon, to be possessed by him. He was the fly, begging to be ravished by the spider. Hips quivered as he felt those sharp teeth slip off his undergarments, chest rising and falling in shuddering breaths as he felt the chill air of the bedroom against his now exposed skin. He had never felt so vulnerable, there, in the dark, so completely naked.

The devil's hands, when did it become a necessity to have them on him? Ciel wanted to order him, to never stop touching him, but he couldn't speak. His throat felt dry as his legs were lifted, as the demon stared up at him. Ciel turned his face to the side, blue orbs darkening, as he looked at the demon from the corner of his eye. The Earl cursed himself when he felt his cheeks grow even hotter, reflecting the heat inside him, pulsing in his groin. He didn't dare look at his erection, at the proof that he was… His eyes turned to glance at the wall, where he saw the shadows of the rain slipping down the window.

Those passion filled words, the way Sebastian called him, "My love". To hear that endearment from Sebastian's lips, it made an emotion wash over him that he couldn't explain, another first.

Then, that torturous tongue lapped at his member, and pleasure jolted through him. Ciel's eyelids closed and his fingers tightened further in the black tresses they had captured. His back arched, as the demon's name falling from his lips, before melting into a high-pitched, breathy moan. What were they doing? What was this? This aching for more, this longing to feel more of that tongue on him? When did it become the only thing in existence to Ciel? "Se…bastian…!"

The sweetest candy, the most expensive aged wine, and the water in the fountain of youth, the taste of Ciel's essence was all these, and yet none of these. This was the luxurious taste of Ciel Phantomhive, who had a better flavor and gave a better high than even the purest mountain spring on Earth.

'This…is what Ciel tastes like…' Sebastian said to himself in his head as he zealously took in the boy's essence. It was like everything he had ever imagined, and so much more. Just as he had wanted to feel every spot of Ciel, he wanted to taste every spot as well.

In a perfect response from the boy, his hair was pulled. This caused the demon to smile more as he kept his eyes plastered on his young lover. How lovely Ciel's cheeks looked painted in that scandalous shade of red. "You are delicious, master…" He said out loud just before he gave the boy another long lap to his erection just as before.

His hands started to roam around the child's legs then, feeling his hips and thighs in a slow and gently manner. He tilted his head, not caring that it would cause for his hair to be pulled more, for it was a good sensation. Gingerly, he slid his tongue back down along Ciel's shaft where he started lick circles around his prepubescent sac.

The intoxication Sebastian felt was just too much. It was like he was doing a drug that made his head spin and feel light. Naturally, his eyes began to close. Withdrawing his tongue, he replaced his licks with light kisses from the core of the boy and upwards until he his mouth reached the head of his cock. With much effort Sebastian opened his eyes, looking at his love in an almost drunken manner. One kiss to the tip of the boy's sex and then a flick of the tongue was followed by his lips wrapping around that succulent treat.


His erection was licked, kissed. Ciel threw his head back, eyes closing, and it was impossible to keep his face stoic. It scrunched in pleasure. His mouth opened, short, quick breaths spilling out. That tongue, it was torturing him. But, it was a torture so different then, that which lay in the repressed shadows of his past. Here was a languorous, wet, heavenly torture, making his head swim in pleasure and his back arch. Once again he was the marionette, who could do nothing but moan out in barely a whisper as his sac met with the demon's warm tongue.

The velvet voice, the silken words, the soft, ardent touches to his thighs, reduced the boy to a quivering mass in demonic hands. Ciel opened his blurred eyes to stare at the canopied ceiling of his bed. Looking to heaven he wondered at his weakness as he experienced the heavenly, as he drowned in the mounting ecstasy.

Sebastian… I'm so hot…

Ciel's still developing, hard member quivered and pulsed as Sebastian wrapped his lips around it. The inexperienced child thrust his hips, greedily placing them where they wanted to be: encased by that hot, perfect mouth. He felt his body tense, a white heat in his stomach.

It feels so good...

His head fell back, face tightened. He bit his lip, trying to keep silent, but still a cry forced its way out of Ciel's mouth as he suddenly came, shuddering uncontrollably. It felt like his head was spinning as his hips arched further, seed spilled out into the demons mouth.

To have Ciel in his mouth like this, it was his Arcadia. Who needed Lau to get drugs, when he had the best one ever brought into this world right here? Bit by bit he downed more of the boy's inches, the soft but stern surface of his tongue grinding against the bottom of the shaft as he lowered himself. And then…what was this?

Sebastian's eyes opened wide in a bit of surprised awe as he felt his lover thrust himself forward into his mouth. With narrow seductive eyes, Sebastian looked back up at Ciel, seeing him on a completely different plain than reality. The boy was on a cloud, and it was he, Sebastian, that was pouring down a rain within the room. It was a toxic rain, polluted with pleasure and ecstasy.

He smiled around the boy's appendage, the demon no longer having an empty feeling inside as he now felt complete. Easily he was able to have Ciel's entire member within his hot mouth. His tongue curving around the rod as he decorated it with his hot breath and wet saliva.

Just as he was about to bring himself up, to suck on this divine lollipop, there was a noise that was better than God speaking himself. Without warning the sweetest nectar was given to him. His figure withered with selfish lust as all his senses perked up from feeling Ciel's hot seed pour into his mouth. "Mmnh~!" He moaned himself, eyes closed in completely enjoying the wonderful taste. "Mmnhasterh…" His voice vibrated into him as he swallowed the dose, but deviously he kept some on his tongue. The flavor was simply superb.

Sebastian's own body squirmed a bit, the weight upon his knees feeling heavy as he ached deeply between the boy's legs. His own cock pulsed and begged to be inside his love doll. Idly he drew himself back, removing his lips from off of his master's cock. A trail of both semen and saliva connected them still as he looked up to the boy, a joy within the devil's eyes.

Quietly he stood up, embracing the other as he wrapped his arms around Ciel's upper body, his suffering erection touching against him as well. With the smirk still upon him, and lips damp with substance, Sebastian brought his lips to kiss against the child's with an open mouth. His tongue invaded him, sliding against his master's to exchange the left over of the fluid he did not swallow. Sebastian wanted Ciel to taste himself, to taste just how incredible he was.

After his release, Ciel felt a strong wave of weakness, liquid warmth all over his body. He moved to fall backwards against the scandalized bed sheets, but a pair of strong arms circled around him, welding Ciel to the demon. They were pressed deliciously close skin against skin, mouth against mouth. He breathed heavily against Sebastian's moist lips, feeling an electric shiver traverse his petite frame despite his weakness. His hands felt their way from his Knight's arms to just below his shoulders, fingertips digging into the skin as his mouth was captured.

Ciel's blue orbs suddenly opened, widened in the darkness of the room as the other's tongue slid into the hot cavern of his mouth. The playful tongue pushed against his own, marking it with more than just the exotic taste of Sebastian. Along with that enticing flavor he could also taste a sticky, salty substance as well. Realization struck like lighting. Small fingers moved to the demon's lower arms, attempting to push them away and release himself from their grasp. Ciel pulled his mouth away and turned his face to the side, breath escaping rapidly, and lips slightly swollen from the kiss. His hand came up to them, tracing his parted mouth, where the substance lingered. The young Earl flushed, half in embarrassment and half in wonder.

'Was that really me? Had I actually done that?'