Official summary: A series of unrelated (unless otherwise stated) RoyEd oneshots, where each chapter displays a different sexual situation. This fic contains roleplay, bondage, gender bending, alcohol/drug situations, rape, threesomes, use of toys, reversi/role switch, public indecency, fluffy love scenes, sweaty man-sex, and everything in between! Suggestions, ideas, and reviews are always welcomed!

Warning: This fic is extremely graphic, and it is entirely yaoi (male/male).

Part 1 of 2
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"You're such a fucking slut," he hissed, mercilessly ramming himself inside the blond.


Pretty white teeth clamped over his lip as he slowed his pace, vibrant moans weaseling into the air as he savored the way the body beneath him twisted and squirmed. Warm flesh was tight around him, smothering him, and he moved as if in a game to free himself of the suffocating hold. But there was more to the game than touch and response and scent and the pleasure that graced his every nerve; were it not for the sounds, there would be no game at all.

He loved every bleak utterance that floated past the blond's pink lips. The groans and pleas and sneaky, shame-filled moans that found home in his ears urged him to do more.

Anything to hear more.

His hand went far behind him and he pitched it at the blond's back, palm open. A sharp gasp rang in his ears at the brutal contact, making him hiss with delight. Following that, he reached out to seize a thin wrist, twisting it behind an arched back to gain a grunt of discomfort.

"Let me go," Edward demanded in a harsh whisper as he tried to twist himself free, supporting his entire body with the only limb that still belonged to him.

Roy could feel the blood rushing through the delicate blue veins as he tightened his grip around the slender wrist, a dark grin creasing his lips; thoughts and images were flashing in his mind, telling him to do this and do that. He couldn't deny them, couldn't turn them away with rejection, and so he listened. And complied.

"Do you like this?" he asked in a heavy voice, his warm breath touching red flesh. Slowly, meticulously, he filled his palm with long, golden hair, wanting only the most perfect strands in his grasp to ruin. With one solid jerk of his hand, Edward's head went back, a howl of pain tearing through the air.

Roy shakily took in the scream, reveling in the way the sound filled his lungs and echoed against his heart and stomach, but the sensation was short-lived and ran away just as quickly as it had come.

"Answer me, you little bitch," he ordered as he pulled again at the tangled mess. "Do you like this?"

"Yes, I do!" the blond yelled, his voice cracked and uneven as the pain filtered through his words.

"Fuck, you're so pathetic," the raven-haired man grunted, letting the long strands slide free from his grasp.

Roy watched in minute fascination as each yellow string found refuge on the blond's back alongside families of sweat. There was a small exchange of acknowledgment before the beads of sweat raced down Edward's spine. A moment later, he felt their coolness touch his hot body, dripping off the flesh-canyon and enduring the short fall to what was visible of his cock.

A small hiss vibrated against his teeth as the wetness continued to touch him. It was an irritating sensation, the sudden union of cold and hot on his skin. He felt he had to expel of it, do something, anything, to make it go away.

With a low grunt, he hooked his fingers into the soft flesh of the blond's hips and quickly hid himself in the small body. The forceful thrust crumpled Edward's arms, sending his chest to kiss the cotton sheets and bringing the raven-haired man deeper in the fleshy tunnel.

Those sweet, precious sounds were filling the room again as he ravaged the boy's body. In and out, in and out, as fast and hard and deep as he could go. The bed crashed against the wall as skin slapped skin and moans united with moans, and God, the best was still to come!

"Roy, y-you're hurting me," came the lovely words, foggy behind quick, heavy breaths.

In response to the plea, Roy dug his fingers deeper into the ivory flesh, hoping to hurt the boy further. He shifted his hips, at last pounding against the warm, sweet spot inside the blond's body; a loud, ragged cry tore away from silence, marrying in bliss every sound of their joined bodies.

"Please, s-stop!"

Hunched over the shaking body, Roy's hands detached from reddened hips to take hold of better fortunes, a rippling laugh pulsing through the air at the lamentable plea and the sheer power that coursed through his hot veins.

"Never forget how this feels, Edward," he said darkly, pounding into the teen as his hand wrapped tightly around the hard, quivering organ between his smooth legs.

Short, quick howls of shame-filled pleasure fell from the boy's parted lips as Roy effortlessly worked his body, his own sounds of delight caressing the air. He could feel himself ebbing closer to the promised end where the warm heart of pleasure beat just for him.

He found he could not resist the temptation of the bodily salvation, and he let himself explode inside the small body with a high groan of urgency and delight. His hips continued to rock and sway, urging every ounce of his seed to fill the blond. Meshed in the moment of his toe-curling orgasm, he heard a great moan of pleasure pass the blond's lips and felt a warm thickness hit his palm.

Roy's body retained every beat of the rhythm he had created. He wanted his dear, sweet Edward to feel something heavier than exhaustion and the deeper sensation of emptiness. Yet, contradictory, the sensation of fullness.

Their bodies stayed joined together, even after Roy had slumped over, chest heaving and body burning with exhaustion.

"Fuck, Ed," he muttered disgustedly, taking the blond by his hips and pushing him away, thus destroying the single stitch joining their bodies. Fingers twitching lazily, pleasure coursing through him, he had felt what lay in every crease of his palm. Sickening.

"Look at the fucking mess you've made," Roy growled, grabbing tightly at the youth's forearm and forcing him to his back. Ed's eyes were wide and pooling with an odd mix of ecstasy and fear, somehow changing the iris to a deeper shade of gold, like raw honey in the bright noon sun—so fucking beautiful.

In that moment, he wanted to take him again. Push his bony knees up by his ears and wreak his body. Look in those damn gorgeous eyes while his human heart blackened to something hideous and beastial. But no, that'd be too much, and he most certainly did not want to hurt his dear Edward. Not at all.

Teeth clenched together in a fight of restraint, Roy nestled himself across the blond's bruised hips, his innocent hand wrapping around the slender throat to commit sin. He could feel the artery beating rapidly against his fingers, blood rushing through the tunnel that hid beneath the ivory blanket.

"Look at this," he commanded in a barking growl as he flashed his soiled hand for the blond to see. But as Ed dumbly averted his eyes, Roy tightened his grip around his pretty neck, giving a solid shake with every word he then spoke. "You little bitch, look at this goddamn mess you've made!"

Amber eyes immediately darted to the semen-painted hand. Ecstasy left. Fear grew.

"Roy, I'm s—!"

The simple apology fell to neglect as Roy further tightened his hold on the blond's throat, choking him. A dark grin creased his lips as wide eyes bulged to comedic proportions and stiff fingers latched onto his wrist.

"Does it hurt? Is it hard to breathe?" he asked casually—amused—as though someone's life was not literally in the palm of his hand.

He dug his fingers deeper in the pulsating flesh, power nearly overwhelming him. It was sweet and warm as it coursed through his veins like a damn good drug. He was in control. He had the power. To kill. Let live. Do whatever the fuck he wanted. Anything and everything. What he wanted.

Dry, raspy grunts seeped through parted lips as fingernails clawed desperately at his skin. He lessened his grip just enough and smiled as though he cared.

As Ed's mouth opened wide to take in the glorious air around him, Roy shoved his dirty fingers down his throat, pressing them hard against a thick tongue.

"Clean them."

Edward's eyes slid shut submissively as he began to wiggle his tongue around the digits, doing what he had been ordered to do—God, the power. It was wonderfully warm and wet inside the dark cavern, and he could hear, feel, the blond's throat working, pushing every ounce of his own sin to the darker confines of his stomach.

He ventured deeper inside the cave, curious as to when the youth would begin to gag and eyes would water. However, soft hands encircled his wrist and moved up and down, like a shaft, stopping him from advancing. A deep, lusty groan grew in Roy's throat as he heard the same sound vibrate in Edward's mouth, an expert tongue circling each finger.

The blond's tongue moved on his skin so delightfully that he could no longer withstand the sensation; uncontrollably, he came again, his hot load landing on a small chest and well-toned abdomen.

A deep sigh rolled off his lips as he removed his wet, sticky hand from the dark cave of Ed's mouth. He watched as the youth smacked his lips, that snake of muscle then flicking out to wet the plush lines.

He couldn't take it anymore.

Shattering the character he had been willingly forced in to, he sweetly kissed those moist lips. His warm hands ghosted over warmer flesh, exploring the soft, subtle hills of ribs.

"That was great," Edward said lowly as soon as the kiss broke away. Roy reveled in the sound of the gentle laugh and the feel of fingers curled loosely in his raven tresses. "I can't feel my legs. Numb all over."

"I wasn't too rough, was I?" Roy pulled his eyes away from the golden gaze; small bruises, black and gray and purple, caught his attention. Carefully, he placed a finger on one that resided on the peak of Edward's left hipbone; he pressed down slightly, drawing the younger's focus to the darkening point.

"No," Edward said softly, eyes not lingering long on the bruise, "you weren't too rough."

"Are you sure? I just want to know that I didn't actually hurt you."

"Wouldn't have matter if you did," Ed said with a laugh and easy smile. "I wanted you to mistreat me, and you did! I thoroughly enjoyed it, sir, so please, don't worry."

"But I—"

"Ah, chill, Roy. I'm fine. The sex was amazing. Hell, everything you did to me was perfect!"

Roy smiled as he kissed the the young man's forehead and pulled his small body close. He reflected on words not long past, and he realized there was a lot of fire in that small body, possibly more than he could handle. Ed was a bomb ignited, a wall of fire. Even after the lusty and deep request for abuse hours earlier, this unexstinguable flame had not been fully understood, much less noticed.

A minute had passed, maybe more, maybe less. Didn't matter.

He loved that heat. But he had to add his own cooling touch.

"Can I say it?" he asked softly, voice a gentle whisper, as he twirled a lock of hair around his finger.


"I love you."

Roy felt the hands on his naked chest tighten and warm breath brush against his skin. Closing his eyes, he toyed with golden strands of hay-colored hair, breathed into them with comfort and ease.

Time ran its neverending race without them, and when he opened his eyes again, small motes of dust played in great beams of sunlight. It was a peculiar sight at first, something he found himself entranced by, but that was nothing out of the ordinary.

When boredom struck him, he turned his attention to his most favorite subject.

He gazed at the body in his arms, his eyes immediately falling upon black, ugly spots on otherwise flawless skin.

Roy frowned.

'I wonder what it feels like.'

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