The bitter words made Roy cringe. For the past hour, his ears had been assaulted by foul language followed by a fist slamming down on random keys. His dear Edward was not the greatest pianist.

He sighed and placed the plate he was washing back in the sink, then very casually dried his hands with a cat-printed rag.

"Shit! Fuck this fucking thing!"

Slowly, with very calculated steps, Roy walked into the living room, where his young lover was seated before the old upright piano. He watched as the blond breathed deeply, placed his hands back on the ivory keys, and tried again. One note, two, a third, and fourth. Then a misjudgment, a wrong move. Again.

"Damn it!"

Roy shook his head as the small man struck the piano with a tight fist.

"Of course you're not getting anywhere," he called. "You keep beating up the thing. It doesn't like you!"

Edward looked back at the old man, his face baring every ounce of disdain. His voice was dark and gritty as he spoke: "Then I'll make it like me." He placed his hands back on the keys and tried the scale again. Of course, he had the same results as the last attempt.

With a slight smirk, Roy approached his agitated lover, placed his hands on his tense shoulders and thought about how cute the blond was in this state. He leaned forward just as Edward missed a note and placed a gentle kiss against his ear. The raven-haired man extended his long arms until his hands found the smaller ones.

"You have to go slow," he breathed, pressing gently down on Edward's fingers. "You have to treat it like your lover."

Roy kissed the soft neck next to him, taking in the sweet scent. He rubbed his hands against Ed's arms only to have his attempts shunned.

"I'm not in the mood," Edward growled, trying to pull his arms away from the man.

Roy kissed his neck again, drew the small body closer to him. He knew he could change Edward's mind, could make him want and need and beg for more. He slipped one hand under the blond's shirt, feeling the firm abs that any woman would crave to touch. A small groan slipped out as his fingers expertly found the soft mound on his chest. He rubbed it gently, slowly, until he felt it perk up.

"Roy...I'm not in the..."

He pinched the nipple hard, extracting a solid moan from his young lover. His other hands captured the blond's chin and gently turned his head towards him so he could ravage those soft, pink lips with his own. His lips buzzed as he felt a soft moan come forth from the other.

He pulled away completely, then whispered, "Try it again. Go slow."

Disappointed, Edward nodded and submissively placed his hands on the keys, thinking that he would be rewarded with more if he did what was asked of him. He pressed down on the first white key and started the scale. One note, two, a third, then a fourth, and for the first time a fifth and sixth. As he went to the seventh note of the scale, he bumped the wrong key. Before he could overreact to the error, Roy grabbed his chin and kissed him hard.

"That was very good, Edward," he said as he pulled away, locking eyes with those honey pools.

A soft frown found its way to Edward's mouth and he said, ever so mournfully, "I just can't get it."

Not saying anything, Roy kissed him once more, his hands venturing back to explore perfect flesh. They took on a mind of their own as they went to the edge of Edward's pants, not shy in breaking the barrier.

A hurried moan escaped past thin lips as Roy's hands played in the patch of wiry hair, discovering the base of the blond's growing length. Roy wrapped his fingers around the sex, his free hand flicking a hard nipple.

As Edward's penis grew in his hand, blood rushing to it, Roy got another idea. He withdrew and turned thee small body away from the piano. Gently, he pressed his lover against the piano, bringing forth a string of discordant pitches. Roy worked the zipper of denim jeans, aware of the hungry eyes locked on his every movement.

He released the blond's hard erection from the dark confounds of clothing. He smiled as he leaned towards the heat, flicking his tongue out to gentle race over the tip. Fingers curled in his raven locks, pulled with urgency. He engulfed the head in his wet mouth, bringing forth a howl of acceptance.

Roy slowly took more and more of the hot length in his mouth. He gradually quickened his pace, bobbing his head and receiving more moans and lustful sighs from his young lover.

"More, Roy," the blond demanded in an exasperated groan. "Harder, faster."

The raven-haired man did just what was being asked of him. He worked the hard dick, making Edward's body re-attack the keys of the piano. The air was filled with the mix of random notes and urgent moans.

He to the base, taking it all in his throat. Small fingers wound themselves tighter in his silken hair.

Roy pulled back, only to take it all once more. As he pulled away, his mouth was filled with hot cum, which he graciously swallowed.

The blond sighed, his breath hard. His body slumped back and he sighed with great relief.

Being the gentleman that he was, Roy carefully tucked Edward's self back in his pants. He leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on parted lips.

"Try it again," he whispered.

Edward, though confused, turned back to the piano and placed his hands on the piano. He took a deep breath and slowly started the scale. One note, two, a third and four, fifth and sixth, a seventh, and an eighth to complete it.

A childlike smile crossed his lips.

"I did it, Roy!"

"I know," the older man smiled. "Do it again."

And so he did. And Roy just stood there and listened to the pleasant sounds that came forth, completely content with life.

Woot! It's not the greatest, but I had a sense of nostalgia and just had to write something. Anyway, I'm entering my senior year of college as a music major, so I haven't had any time to keep writing. I just wanted y'all to know that I was still around!

Hope you are all doing well, and hope you enjoyed this little tidbit!