A dirty, sweaty, man stood by himself on a battlefield. Yes, at just past 17 he was a man, and hadn't been a boy in a long time. He lost all innocence years ago when his parents were killed. No before that, when the prophecy named him the Chosen One. He never liked to kill anyone, never wanted to, but it had to be done. His bright green eyes lost their luster as he stood and looked around him. He was on the shoreline of the lake at his school, well what's left of it. He gazed up at Hogwarts, the astronomy and Gryffindor towers were gone and in shambles, the large front doors were splintered and off their hinge. But the destruction of the school wasn't the worse part.

Harry Potter gazed at the field around him. Remus Lupin with a silver dagger piercing his heart, Harry was just glad he got to kill Peter first. McGonagall, Flitwick, all his teachers and friends were there dead. He was the only one to survive the battle. Harry turned away and slowly made his way through the scattered bodies to the school. Hermione and Ron had died months earlier, helping him escape death eaters. They died for the best friend, and as honored as he was, he was heartbroken. He missed them the most, they were always there to keep him moving forward, and gave him a reason to fight.

Upon entering the great hall Harry took a seat at the first table and wept. He let out everything he had kept inside him for past few months. Voldemort was gone, but so was everyone else, and in turn so was Harry. Maybe not physically, but in every other way possible Harry was gone. He didn't know how long he sat there, but he cried until he had nothing left. He was hungry; he had only eaten twice this week, there was nothing to eat. Everyone was hunting him and he was hunting horcruxes. In front of him, a soft crack was heard. Harry stood up with his wand out faster than the figure appeared in front of him.

"Tis Winky Mr. Harry Potter sir. I was wondering if you would like some food."

"What's the use of eating Winky? In fact what is the use of living, there is nothing else to live for. There is no one else to live for. Voldemort died, but he won. Everyone is gone with him."

The little house elf didn't know what to say, so she silently left and brought food back anyway. Then she left him to himself. As Harry sat there, he heard a soft trill from the Entrance Hall and looked up to see Fawkes coming over to him.

Young Savior, I can offer you a chance to fix this. To live a happy life with those you love. You have lost everything but still you did not falter from your destiny. Fate has dealt you a bad hand, but I can alter the cards. Harry looked at the Phoenix with a far away looked in his eyes. He was imaging his life without the prophecy and without Voldemort. I can bring you back in time. You will stay your age and with all of your knowledge, but you will have to fight Voldemort's again. However, you have future knowledge. Do not change too many things from the specific timeline. Let things happen as they have, with one difference. The destruction of the Horcruxes. You however will need to change your identity, there cannot be two Harry Potter's running around now can there.

Harry loved the idea. He would fight Voldemort 10 times if he could see everyone again. So he nodded quickly and looked at Fawkes with a longing in his eyes. The Phoenix stood on his shoulders and let out another trill. Then with a flash of fire and they were gone. But it wasn't like usuall Phoenix transportation, the fire consumed Fawkes, and Harry felt like he was under the Cruiciatus curse. Everything was burning. As soon as it came it was gone though, and Harry looked around him at the empty great hall.

He smiled and his eyes glowed as he realized just how lucky he was, he was given a second chance. He stood up to leave but was stopped at the doors. Entering for breakfast were some of the teachers. Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore were the first two to enter and abruptly stopped their conversation. In front of them was a boy, with ripped and blood stained clothes, with a dirty face covered in sweat and grime, with long messy hair, and with a huge smile on his face. They were absolutely puzzled on who he was and just stared at him.

Harry couldn't believe the sight in front of him. He didn't care for Dumbledore in his later years but the man still helped him and guided him, and for that he would always be grateful. But Professor McGonagall was what really brought the smile to his face. After the death of Mrs. Weasley months earlier, she was the guiding mother in his life. When he was lost or needed help, she was there for him, and he would also be indebted to her. Before he knew what he was thinking he ran up and hugged her. The other teachers let outs gasps as they watched the scene in front of them. What the bloody hell was going on?

After Harry realized what he was doing he looked up at her, apologized, and ran past the teachers. Only to stop again seeing the three people he wanted to more than anything in the world. Ron, Hermione, and his younger self. He couldn't handle it, couldn't believe it. Harry stopped right there and broke down crying. Everyone just gawked at him, how was he and why was he crying?

Hermione was the first to come to her senses and say something. "I'm sorry did we do something? Who are you?"

Harry stood up and looked at her, "I prayed to see your faces every day, and the fates have given me a chance. I won't fail you all this time. That is my promise." He turned around to Professor Dumbledore, "Thank Fawkes for me profusely, tell him that the New Dawn has arrived, and thank him for the chance." With that he continued his walk out of Hogwarts and down past the wards to apparate home.

Hermione turned to the teachers; whose mouths were catching flies, while their eyes followed the strange boy down across the field. "Does anyone know who he was? Or what any of that means?"

No one answered, well, no one knew, so they all turned and entered the great hall. Wondering who the boy was, and what his message meant.

Said boy had apparated home, it was one of his parents many houses that he learned about owning. He had lived there before the death eaters found it and burnt it down on him. But now, it was obviously there, dirty as it was the first time he entered it. He didn't care; he entered the bathroom, and took a nice long relaxing bath. Then, cleaned the beds with a simple scourgify, crept under the sheets and fell asleep. He slept for a very long time and with a smile on his face.

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