Dear readers

I have to apologize, but this story sucks. I had another chapter ¾'s finished for a while now, and just re-read the whole thing to finish it off. I have so many inconsistencies and irregularities that its just not happening. I have quite the imagination, but writing it clearly is not my style. I guess I just wished for not every story to come out perfect with a happy ending. Cause real life isn't like that. My story was going to be one of those, however, its failed. Completely. Therefore as much as I hate to, this story is being abandoned. And probably deleted due to its hideousness, im surprised I don't have more flames then I do. Thanks for being a reader, if you want to continue it or rewrite it, send me a message ill tell you where my head was at with the story and my idea for it .But due to time restraints but college + an internship, nothing in this story is getting done. Enjoy yourselves and the world of Harry Potter, God (+ Merlin) know I'd love to be a part of it .