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Warning: This will eventually contain male/male action, you've been warned.

Summary: What happens when Harry likes Snape and then finds out that Snape likes him back? He seduces him of course.

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Snape POV

Why does he have to look so much like his father? The man who hurt me so much. It would have been bad enough if James had just ignored me, but no. He humiliated me again and again. And even though he did I could never stop the way I felt for him, but that just made it hurt worse. Even when he died I could stop wondering how things might have turned out if he had just liked me back.

But then he came. He came looking so much like James, it made my heart stop. His slim yet muscular form. Those soft, kissable lips. That messy, sexy hair. Everything about him making me shiver, thinking that maybe I could have a second chance.

I knew at once, however, that it could not be. I was his teacher and he was my student. Besides he would never fall for someone like me anyway. I was 20 years older than him and I had never been what anyone would even call handsome. He would shun me like his father.

So I started pushing him away at the beginning. Before he could push me.

But as the years pasted he changed. He got older. And stronger. And taller. And tanner. And sexier. And so much more desirable.

So, now he's here, in his seventh year in Hogwarts. And he's looking the best he ever has.

And I'm in big trouble.


Harry POV

Why dose he have to hate me? I never did anything to him. My father did, yes. But I'm not my father. I wish he could just look past my face and see that, inside, I'm not just like him.

I didn't used to mind that he hated me. It was just unfair Professor Snape. Same as always.

But then I started noticing things. Things I shouldn't be noticing. Like how graceful he was. And how deep and beautiful those obsidian eyes were.

At first I tried to deny it. I tried to tell my self that I did not like him. That I did not think he was attractive. That I did not want him. But it was useless. The man just oozes sex.

So, now I'm here, in my seventh year at Hogwarts. And I'm finally of age, with nothing holding me back.

And I'm in big trouble.

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