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Harry POV

"You didn't."

"I did."

"You did?"

"I did!"

"I don't believe you."

"It's true!"

" . . .Then what did you do?"

Hermione's eyes were wide as I retold the events that had taken place two nights ago. We were waiting for Ron to come down so we could walk to breakfast on Monday morning. There had been no other time for me to tell her and I was bursting to get the information out.

"I told him I'd see him later and left."

If possible her eyes got wider. "You just left him there?"

"Well . . . I did tell him to clean himself off before someone walked in," I said, thinking that maybe I should have stayed a little longer instead of rushing off.

"Harry," Hermione sighed, "Snape's a big boy-"

"I know . . ."

She smacked me on the arm and rolled her eyes, before continuing, "You shouldn't have told him to take care of himself. You should have said something about what you're doing with your budding relationship."

I ignored the jolt I felt at the word 'relationship' and considered this for a second.

"No," I said to her surprise a moment later, "That's not how Snape works. Besides, I like messing with him too much."

"You would." She was smiling slightly. "But I suppose you're right. You can't drag it out forever though."

"Why not?"

She rolled her eyes. "Because he's not going to sit around and take it forever. Eventually he will try to talk to you or maybe even retaliate."

"Isn't that what I want?" I asked heating up slightly at the thought.

Giving me a knowing look she said simply, "We'll see . . ."

Snape POV

I paced the floor of my office. It had been two days since the last fiasco with Harry. Two days! It felt like two years.

Everywhere I went I was afraid that he was just waiting to do something to me. I was constantly on guard. And I was constantly thinking of him. I was confused about what I wanted. What he wanted. I didn't know what to think. He seemed genuine the last time. And he was thinking about me when he was . . .

I shivered as arousal gripped me more firmly. I couldn't even think about that. I couldn't think about anything. Everything reminded me of him and how damn sexy he was. His soft hair. His smooth skin. That stupid tongue that I hated. And loved. Oh god. . .

I couldn't keep doing it. And he shouldn't just get away with doing it to me. If he wanted to play games, then fine. I'd show him how to play.

I walked over to my desk and reviewed that days lesson.


I looked down the list of potions assigned to each student. Smirking, I slowly grabbed my quill and changed one of the potions on the page. Perfect.

Harry POV

I sat silently beside Ron and Hermione as they argued about Ron's ever building pile of homework. We were sitting in potions class waiting for it to start and I was thinking about what Hermione had said to me. Was she right? Was I pushing Snape too far? She was usually right about things.

. . .Oh, what was I worried about? Hermione might have been right about most things, but I knew Snape better than she did. And like I said, I wanted him to retaliate anyway.

I was distracted as the door opened and Snape walked in. His cloak was flowing out behind him has he quickly walked to the front of the room. I only had a moment to admire his figure before he turned around.

"In the last lesson we discussed the method used to discover the antidote of any water based potion. Today, you will individually use this method on the potion assigned to you. There will be absolutely no help from your neighbors. As this is a skill that will be needed in future lessons throughout the year it is important that everyone in here be able to do this themselves."

I was suddenly glad that Neville was no longer in my potions class.

"To make sure of this you will spread out. I want you as far apart as possible. Seeing as this is a small seventh year class, there should be at least two desks between you and your nearest classmate. Do this now."

Surprised, I exchanged looks with Hermione and Ron. Ron just stared back, but Hermione shrugged before picking up her bag. Since I was in the desk in the back corner Ron got up and followed her away. Realizing then that I would be alone for most of the class I was slightly upset that I hadn't thought of another way to dig at Snape.

"At this point you are allowed to use your book if you can figure out what potion it is you have. Come collect your potion." He pointed at a table towards the front of the room. "Then return to your seat and get to work."

I got up, wondering why he was hurrying through the lesson. Usually there was about five minuets of precautions about how temperamental the potions and ingredients were. With the usual insults thrown in, of course.

As I neared the table I saw the sealed vial with my name hovering above it. The potion inside was a thick, dark red that seemed to have bubbles clinging to the inside of the glass. It seemed familiar and I was sure I had seen it before, but I couldn't place it. I picked it up and was surprised to find that the vial was warm. Now, I knew I had heard of it before.

But what was it?

I looked up trying to remember, but what I saw was almost enough to make me drop the vial. Snape was staring at me with a smirk that made me both hot and worried. His smirk turned into an evil smile as he watched me before turning his back to walk around the room. Taking a deep breath I turned around and quickly returned to my desk.

What was that?

Looking at the clock I decided to put it from my mind for the time being. There would be plenty of time think about Snape later. Now was time to focus on the mystery potion, before he found a reason to throw me out of his class.

Quickly I opened the sealed vile and dumped its contents into my cauldron, before reaching for my potions book. As I was flipping to Chapter 4: Identifying a Potion and Its Properties, I paused. Something smelled wonderful. I took a deep breath through my nose. It smelled like treacle tart. It smelled like rain and fresh air. But most of all, it smelled like Snape. . .

My nose was an inch from the potions surface before I knew what I was doing. I groaned inwardly as I realized that there was only one potion that this could be. It was so obvious that even I, the potions idiot of all time, could not have failed to identify it.

Straightening back up I looked towards the front of the class. There, looking very please with himself, was Snape and if the smirk he wore was any indication this was going to be a very long potions class. I suppressed a pleased smile, instead giving him a halfhearted glare and returned to my book. I flipped through the pages to find the potion that I knew would torment me for the remaining lesson.

Secretly I was elated. He was finally giving me what I wanted. Acknowledgment and retaliation. Though I was hoping that his retaliation would have been a little less public and a little more hands on, but I guess I had been asking for it.

When I found the correct page I bent down to read:

Eros's Essence is believed to have come from 14th century France. Initially called Ramona's Love it was renamed in the late 18th century after the Greek god of sexual love and beauty. It was first used as a. . .

I scanned down the long entry to the paragraph about its effects.

It is easy to identify (as well as dangerous) because it does not need to be ingested to take effect. The vapor emitted by Eros's Essence makes it also potent to whoever may smell it. The different methods of intake very only by the fact that those who have smelled the vapor will be freed of its effect as soon as they are removed from the fumes reach. While those who have consumed the potion will have to wait for it to leave the bloodstream.

The effects of Eros's Essence come in stages, worsening the longer a person is subjected to it. The amount of time it takes for a person to progress through the stages depends on how quickly the individual's arousal increases. The stages are as follows:

1. The Allure - This stage only takes place if the fumes of the potion have taken effect. It produces a infectious scent that is unique to the person it is effecting. The main purpose of this stage is to attract those who smell it into staying in the infested area longer so the other stages can progress.

2. The Touch - Since this stage progresses slowly it is often not recognized until it is too strong to ignore. It starts with a series of light phantom touches and progresses into a firm rubbing, often described as a deep message-like sensation. This is used to relax and lull unsuspecting persons into a state of comfort.

3. The Arousal - Once the victim is successfully relaxed the phantom fingers will turn their attention to specific areas of the body. Their main purpose is to arouse the consumer as much as possible, while the potion itself releases a powerful aphrodisiac. Together it is impossible to resist the potions attraction.

4. The Denial - Because step three is so powerful this step is needed to make the effects last longer. It is usually described as a tightening around the base of the penis that prevents any impending orgasm. This stage will end only when the requirements of step five have been met.

5. The Conclusion - For most victims at this point climax is imminent. However there are only two ways to reach this closing. The first and most obvious way to do this is to remove yourself from the potions reach or wait for it to wear off. As Ero's Essence was first used to torture prisoners who were contained this usually wasn't easy to do. The second way is by touch. Skin on skin contacted with any other living person is enough to break the denial stage.

I swallowed thickly. Already I could feel the touches it talked about. A slight rubbing pressure on my back, my stomach, my legs. Everywhere. I was getting nervous. Stage three and four didn't seem all to appealing to me.

Especially four, I thought as I read the bit about prisoners over again, Snape is testing me with a torture device? That is so like him. . .

Not to mention I didn't want to go through five in the middle of class. Not that I could really imagine Snape letting me go that far. He would probably just make me stew until class was over and then have me run off to the nearest bathroom.

And maybe he'd join me again. . .

I looked up to find Snape walking around the class. He walked in front of my desk and as he did he paused. Giving me a sly look, he shifted his gaze to my cauldron and inhaled deeply. He let out his breath in a satisfied way that sounded like a soft moan, while locking eyes with me again.

I almost skipped right to The Conclusion.

"Get to work, Potter." And he was gone before I could say a word.

I watched him walk away with my mouth open and as I did Hermione caught my eye. She was smirking in a knowing way and I both hated and loved her for being right.

I turned back to my cauldron, just as one of the phantom hands massaged my lower back in a way that made me shiver. I could see two options. The first was to run out of this potions class as quickly as possible. The second was to find the antidote as quickly as possible.

The first wasn't a real option if I was honest with myself. Why would I want to run away from a Snape that was being so devilishly sexy? And the second probably wasn't going to happen in time.

At that moment I felt one particularly strong phantom hand slide down my chest and stomach. I expected it to stop and continue massaging. I was sure that it was much to early for the third stage. But apparently I was a lot more turned on than I gave myself credit for.

Snape POV

He was so sensual.

I'd seen sexy on guys before. But not like this.

Guys who knew they were sexy and showed it off as much as possible. Those were the annoying ones.

Guys who thought they were sexy and weren't. Those were the disgusting ones.

Guys who didn't think they were sexy and didn't believe you. Those were the frustrating ones.

Guys who didn't know they were sexy but wore it naturally. Those were the beautiful ones.

But Harry, wasn't any of those guys. He was gorgeous. But he was modest. He could show off his sex appeal. But probably hated being naked in the dorm showers. He would believe me when I told him I thought he was sexy. But he would hate me for saying it out loud.

The kind of sexy that grew on Harry was a secret sexy. The kind that anyone could witness, but only a few would be lucky enough to see. The kind of sexy everyone would want, but only one person would get. Did I think I was lucky enough to be that one person?

Usually, no. But right then, with him standing there in his own potion induced arousal sending me sinfully pleased glances, I wanted to believe I could be.

Harry POV

I carefully adjusted the fire under my cauldron, trying not to breathe too heavily. The touches were stronger now, and the aphrodisiac was definitely kicking in. It was all I could do to stop from thrusting my hips forward in need.

Snape definitely knew what he was doing. I wasn't even in the denial part yet and it was already getting hard to think. There were so many hands on me all at once. They were sliding through my hair, clawing down my shoulder blades, flicking my nipples, rubbing my dick, and a couple of them were even circling my entrance. Where I hoped they staid. If they went any further I might seriously lose it.

The mental picture of bending over my desk, fucking myself on imaginary fingers for the whole class to see had me strengthening my resolve. I would find this antidote.

Snape POV

I smirked to myself, quite please with how this was going. He was obviously very effected by this potion. I could tell by the way he slowly rocked his hips. Just the sight of him was making me hard and needy too.

As I made my way around the room I stopped next to his desk to quietly watch him. I could again smell the brilliant mix of Harry and old books. Which conjured up the image of us fucking in the library, hidden amongst the shelves.

But before I could think about it he looked up and met my eyes. He was beautiful, breathing heavily through his nose as he pouted slightly. His brow was furrowed with the concentration he was using to stay still and quiet. But I could still hear him whimper softly.

I closed my eyes as the phantom hands started taking effect on me as well and sighed softly in pleasure. When I opened them next I was surprised by the look on Harry's face. His eyes were closed too, but his look was of pure need and frustration.

He had entered stage four.

Smiling, I sat my hand on his desk right next to his. He looked at it knowing that all he had to do was touch it and it would be over. But I knew he wouldn't. That would ruin the game.

Harry POV

Oh god. I was right on the edge. I couldn't believe that the damn potion had gotten me so close in the middle of class. Then again part of it was Snape's fault. Moaning like that when I'm already so turned on. Wait. Who am I kidding? This is all Snape's fault.

I opened my eyes and glared at him. He looked so pleased with himself. Didn't he know how much I was suffering?

Of course he does. And he loves it.

This thought alone turned up my arousal even more and I found myself jerking my hips forward. I needed it so bad. I would have already had it if it wasn't for this damn invisible cock ring. I didn't even care that I was in class anymore. I looked down at his hand, still so close to mine. Would he be disappointed if I ended it now? Yes he would.

Damn him.

Letting out a very frustrated huff, I turned back to the potion. Time to keep looking for the antidote. If I could stay focused for long enough.

I felt him move away and I wanted to cry with longing. I was almost begging to hear him ask me back to his room. For him to lay me on his bed. I wanted him to overpower me. To ravish me. To take me so hard and fast that it hurt for weeks. I wanted to be fucked. I needed it. And all because these damn finger wouldn't stop touching and stroking and rubbing, and teasing.

They were still circling my entrance. Never going in, just sliding around and around. Every once in a while one would slip in just a tiny bit, causing my breath to hitch and my body to go stiff with need, but then it would pull out again and keep teasing.

I was out of ideas. I didn't know what to do for this stupid potion and I couldn't think straight enough to brainstorm. So, in an act of desperation I turned back to the book. There had to be some sort of hint in there somewhere. But the passage was so long and I was having trouble focusing.

My eyes watered as the need to cry got even stronger. I just wanted to fall to the floor and writhe in a puddle of my own need until Severus took mercy on me. God, why did he have to do this to me in the middle of class?

I started to shake my head in frustrated anger before I froze. Something in the book had caught my eye, but. . .there was no way it had said that. Skimming through the text I searched for what it was I saw, and when I found it I had to grip the desk for support.

To this date there is no known antidote but Potion Masters say that one is most certainly on the way thanks to the discovery of-

That bastard! This was all just one big trick.

I turned to look at him heatedly, but suddenly my fury melted away to even more pleasure as one of the 'fingers' finally slipped in.

Snape POV

Standing at the front of the class I watched him freeze over is open book with an almost vindictive pleasure. That'll show him that he can't just tease me and get away with it.

However, as I watched him arch his back and push his ass out in a way that let me know exactly what was happening to him, the smirk fell right off of my face. The movement was small enough that it wasn't noticeable to the rest of the class. But I knew. And it was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

I wanted to kiss him and push him down on the desk at the same time. His parted, red lips looking just as inviting as his slowly gyrating backside. I wanted him more than ever.

Trying to keep my breathing inconspicuous I checked the time. Ten minuets left. Not too long then. I'll just let him wait it out.

And my smirk was back.

Harry POV

I couldn't stand it. I was going to die. My cock was so swollen and painful, but I didn't dare reach down and touch it. I was too afraid of the extra pleasure it would give me. Not that the phantom hands had any qualms about touching it. No, in fact several of them were concentrating on that point. One of them, I couldn't help but notice, even felt suspiciously like a tongue.

There had to be more to this potion than the book let on. It kept getting worse and worse. And it didn't just tease, it was like it knew how I was responding. It found the most sensitive places and wouldn't leave them alone. Places I didn't even know I liked.

There was another tongue feeling one that would lick firmly over my ankle bone, sending shocks up my leg and making me twitch every time. And one that felt like teeth nibbling on my earlobe in a way that was making it hard to look at anything as my eyes kept rolling back.

I was in heaven and hell at the same time. So much pleasure but no release. It was unbearable. How long had I been going through this? How much time was left? I had no idea.

I wanted to scream. In pleasure or frustration or both, I didn't know. But I had to let something out. I was going to burst.

"Alright," Severus' voice suddenly caught my attention from the other back corner of the room. "Your assignment is on the board along with some ingredient properties you are to copy down. Then, assuming that you figured out the antidote, which for some of you seems unlikely, write down the directions for making said antidote and put them in a neat pile on my desk. After that you may go."

I felt him slowly walking over to me. Seemingly to just stand in the back of the room and watch over us, but as he got closer I heard him whisper, "Silencio." And suddenly he was right behind me. Just barely touching me. Driving me even more insane than before.

I was still rocking back in forth in my need, even as I tried as hard as I could to stay still. It was to much for me not to move with the pleasure that rocked through me. But with him so close it meant that I was slowly and just slightly rubbing myself against him. It sent tingles shooting through my body which just added to my heightened arousal.

It took me a second to realize that one of the hands on my back belonged to Severus. At first I panicked, worried that some one would see. But every one was busy writing. Slowly he slid his fingers down my back and to my ass, sliding them up and down the crack he found there.

This was worse than anything else. I could feel the warmth from him against my back. And his touch left a burning in their path that the phantom fingers couldn't replicate. I felt like I was going to faint.

As my head fell back in pleasure he teasingly ran his fingers up my hip and slowly under my untucked school shirt.

I had forgotten that touching would break the spell, but as the tips of his fingers brushed my skin it was all over. I couldn't stop the shout that escaped my lips as I bucked my hips, gripping my desk so as not to fall over. The phantom touches kept going and now I was groaning and egging them on. My knees shook as the pleasure kept coming for longer than it ever had before. Even as I felt him move away and heard someone stand up I was still quivering as shocks ran through me.

Snape POV

I hadn't meant to do that. It was unbearably risky and a bit foolish. But as I was watching him squirm I knew I wanted to see the result of so much pent up need. I couldn't stop myself from touching him.

And it was a damn good thing I put up a silencing spell. Those noises he was making were pure sin. I wish I could hear them all the time.

I watched him from the other side of the room. I wondered if he would stay after class. Maybe pretend he didn't know what was going on and ask what I was trying to pull. Or maybe he'd stay and retaliate. Seeing as I was still hard and horny. Even if he wasn't

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