Robin searched through his contacts at his friends - same friends for the past ten years – and sighed. He needed some air; no he needed someone else to talk to.

He logged on to msn and started looking for a new person. He'd come up with the idea a few weeks go but been too scared to act on it. Robin needed someone he could be anonymous with, someone he could spill his guts to, have a whinge and then log off. No getting called a puff for opening up and no repercussions when he faced the person in real life.

He scrolled down the people on line in his country and groaned.

..:. – Obviously a slag looking for online nooky.

)4ever_dead( - he wanted someone he could talk to not another emo.

',I'm;,watchn;,u;, - another groan, this wasn't gonna work.

Giving up hope, Robin scrolled down aimlessly, his finger hovering over the escape key. But then one name caught his eye and he paused.


...hadn't he been screaming for something? Robin had been screaming for years but he never knew what for. Basically he was bored. Nonchalant – that's how his gang described him. But he wasn't uninterested, it only seemed that way. He was screaming. He needed something to live for, not just chase around girls and pull pranks. That'd been fun years ago but gotten old over the years. He was screaming, could it be for this person?

Robin clicked on the profile page and his interest grew as he saw the profile image. Obviously not the real person, which was good – showing they were smart while keeping them anonymous (his one requirement) but the image, was beautiful. A girl in a subway, her image blurred while everything around her was clear. She was overlooked... he eagerly read what was written beneath;

'I hate writing these profiles – how can I sum up my life in a few short words? Well basically I'm fifteen and female attending one of Nottingham's underpaid oversexed public schools. I'm smart and hate sun-dried-tomatoes. Family life sucks but then who's doesn't? I can speak three languages which means that I can insult you three times over so watch it. Only message me for a real conversation and remember: Anyone who says taking candy from a baby is easy obviously hasn't tried it '

Robin found himself grinning as he finished the paragraph. Finally, someone smart and funny and what were the odds – same city as him. He drummed his fingers that might complicate things. What if he knew her, or worse, what if she knew him? The internal debate lasted mere seconds, he told himself that it was lack of competition that made him click Screaming. but even he was kidding himself.


Marian snapped her pencil in half with frustration and considered getting out some matching and burning her scribbled over maths book.

Marian was smart and she knew it, able to debate politics and economics with senators outside parliament, quote Shakespeare off by heart and rhyme in Italian but like everyone she had an Achilles heel – Maths. It was the one subject that could bring her to her knees screaming and shaking with nausea.

Thankfully her computer beeped distracting her from her evil burning fantasies. She leapt off her bed and opened the new message but a frown quickly appeared on her face. It wasn't a name she recognised, I-DREAM-OF-ESCAPING, meaning it was probably just someone else looking to fool around online. Just as she was about to click delete when I-DREAM-OF-ESCAPING messaged her again.

'Persistent lil bugga aren't you?' Marian's interest was caught and she opened the messages.


'Hey, r u there?'


'Need to talk 2 someone, can't face my friends. I'm not goin away until u talk 2 me so don't even think about it :p'

Marian grinned and typed back.


'Try a therapist – at least then you get actually facial-feedback.'

'Ah but u c I'm blind and can't tell if someone's grinning or frowning' Robin sent back, happy he had a response so quickly.

'If your blind, how r u typing?' Marian smiled coyly, hitting send.

'I have one of those hi-tech computers with a brail keyboard...?' Robin replied quickly.

'Ahh I see, very swish. Well tell me, blind new cyber-space friend, why did u message me?' Marian asked.

'Because, while we all scream for something, my voice is hoarse from yelling but my ears ring empty without a reply. Perhaps if I knew what I was searching for...what can I say, your name appealed to me'

'That's either really corny or really sad' Marian paused biting her lip. 'But it would be good to have an anonymous contact, just spill our guts then log off'.

'OMG! Ten seconds and u all ready get me, I knew u'd b a goodie' Robin couldn't believe his luck.

' does it start?' Marian typed.

'Well we at least need the background details...I'll go first. I'm sixteen and in year ten at a public school in Nottingham England. Parent's r still together and no siblings. Lots of, boys and girls...ok not stuck up but I'm popular. Everyone knows me and I'm a teacher's nightmare. Good grades when I try, best football player you'll ever meet.' Robin hit send but regretted it when the reply took longer than expected.

'...and...?' Was the message.

'And what?' Robin was defensive to his computer screen.

'I must have misunderstood our relationship – i thought we were going to be honest! I don't care if you sound stuck up – give me the facts. Also, i need a physical description.' Marian boldly typed.

'Ooo a little demanding r we? Fine! I'm the most popular boy in school and am the object of at least thirteen crushes and not a week goes by that I'm not in a new relationship – if you could call them that - i have brown hair, green eyes, tall, slim, athletic – happy now?' Robin sent his message and though he was frustrated he still smiled.

'Very happy thank you' Marian replied. 'One question thou...'

'Hit me' Robin leaned forward in his chair.

'How are you so popular and fighting off the girls and a fab football player if you're blind?'

'ahhh lol you got me. What can i say? Not blind but i am eagerly awaiting your personal details...'

Marian chewed her lip debating if she should lie or even just end the instant message conversation. 'It's just some email, what harm could come from an email?' she asked herself, promising to tell the truth, she typed.

'I'm fifteen, also in yr 10 in Nottingham. Female...average height, blue eyes, brown wavy hair, awful pale skin, slender but not a stick...I'm popular but not in the popular group you know? Like there's the jocks and bimbos (no offense as I'm guessing that probs your group) but I'm in the other group. The teachers don't like me overly as I'm about ten times smarter than them and they not it. Parents are divorced, no siblings.'

Robin could imagine her now, curvy, smart and sassy, and he liked it. 'Whoa hold on, you've only known her fifteen minutes.' He scolded himself.

'Ok and your relationship status?'

'Groan*' Marian replied.

'Uh uh doesn't work like that' Robin tutted.

'Fine! Not in any current relationships. Never have been. I've never liked anyone that way and marriage makes me dizzy' Marian sighed dramatically. Djac, her bestie of five years would choke over the fact – she went gooie whenever she saw a bride in a magazine.

'Ok so now we know each other' Robin nodded.

'Not even close' Marian butted in. Both were silent and she quickly typed 'but I'm looking forward to getting to know you'



Robin logged off then, not wanting to take it too fast. He was going to enjoy his new friend, enjoy sharing things with her in a completely noncommittal way...

'Ah who are you kidding mate, you all ready like her' Robin groaned allowed. This was gonna get complicated.