Authors Note: set after breaking dawn, not many spoilers, and some minor/major changes depending on your point of view of the book. Nessie is a human teenager that Jake imprinted on when he followed Bella out hunting and she almost attacked her. Bella is a vampire and Jake still has a separate pack. Hope you like this sequel I may write a third story but I'm not sure so please review and let me know. Happy to get constructive criticism, flames don't faze me but I would appreciate you not giving them. So in short, read and review and hope you enjoy. Sorry for all the fluff. Love Ange.

Bonding with Brothers

Angela walked quickly through the forest, heading in the direction of the Cullens house. It was one of Forks rare sunny days and Jasper had stayed in with his family. As the sun sank lower below the horizon, Angela quickened her pace. She had never liked the wooded area surrounding the Cullens, there were too many bad stories and memories associated with it. The light started vanishing and she knew she wasn't anywhere near the house yet, she had no choice she'd have to call him.

Angela grabbed the slim black phone out of her bag and speed dialled Jaspers number. It rang for a few minutes and then went straight to his voicemail, she jumped as something stirred in the bushes behind her and relaxed again as a squirrel scuttled around her feet, she speed dialled Edward. Sighing as his voicemail took over she sat cross-legged on the ground. She really hated to do this, but she had no choice. She typed in another speed dial and tapped her fingers on her knee as she waited.

"Hey, what's up Ange?" the voice said, slightly amused as always, she frowned a little and mumbled something under her breath, knowing they wouldn't hear it over the phone.

"Um, I'm on the way to the house and its getting dark, there's no way I'll find it now, can you uh, please come and get me," she rambled slightly irritated but mostly amused. She was very annoyed that Jasper hadn't answered his phone.

"Uh, yeah sure Ange, just wait a sec I'll be right there," the voice said as it held back laughter. No matter how many times she had to call, or for whatever reason her clumsy and slow humanness always amused them. As the phone clicked off Emmett's booming laughter could be heard throughout the trees. Jasper was going to have a lot of explaining to do.

* * * * *

"Hey Emmett," Angela said, standing up and slinging her bag over her shoulder. He smiled and laughed again and she whacked him playfully on the shoulder, he picked her up bridal style and took her bag, slinging it over his own shoulder.

"Pick on someone your own size," he said laughing again, "what is in this bag anyway, it weighs more than you do!" he held her entire form in one arm and the bag an the other and moved them up and down like a set of scales, Angela giggled.

"Nothing, its just my school books and some snacks, oh and a change of clothes." Emmett waggled his eyebrows up and down at her and they both laughed again. "I think you know that they were for my music recital thank you," she smiled, and Emmett returned the bag to his shoulder, moving her back into both arms.

"Hey whatever you want to call it," he said laughing, zooming off towards the house. He told her his new jokes on the way to the house and she told him some of hers. It was their brother/sister bonding; it was what they did when Emmett wasn't making fun of her humanness.

"Hey Jazzy," he yelled as he raced through the front door with Angela still in his arms, "sounds like you're in trouble," he sang it in such an accusing and childish voice that Angela laughed. As Emmett bounded up stairs two at a time Rosalie appeared, walking down them at a jogging pace, seeing her Emmett pushed Angela gently into her arms and tackled Jasper who was at the top of the stairs.

Rosalie sighed and set Angela on her feet at the bottom of the stairs, the girls stood and watched their partners roll around on the floor growling at each other good-naturedly. They shared a look. Since Angela's entry to Jaspers life, there had been a lot more wrestling, Jasper was more laid back than usual, and Emmett was taking full advantage of a new target.

"That was for making me do your dirty work, acting like your girlfriends taxi service," Emmett said as he got a good hit on Jasper, "and this is for leaving my sister stranded in the dark wood on her own!" he said, finishing off with a last punch and then zooming down the stairs to kiss Rosalie hello. He smiled cheekily at Angela and then Rosalie dragged him with her into the living room, waving at Angela as she went. Jasper smiled sheepishly at her and sped to her side, opening his arms in greeting.

Angela picked up her bag and walked around him up the stairs, ignoring his moping apologies as he followed her up, she knocked on Edward and Bella's door and entered when they responded. Bella was reading on the couch that Edward had recently bought and Edward was lounging around on the bed with his headphones on. "Hey Ange," Bella said from the couch, speeding over and hugging her, Angela smiled. She was glad she could still see her friend now she was a vampire.

"Hey, Emmett just brought me here, since some people, she glared at Jasper and then swung around and did the same to Edward, "never answer their phones." Bella giggled and Edward took off his headphones, waving hello and motioning to his headphones.

"Couldn't hear sorry," he said, walking over to Bella and wrapping his arms around her waist, "hows work?" he smiled and nodded towards Japer who had just slunk through the door.

"Work's good, I can't complain, its good for school working at a library," Angela made small talk with her voice, but got straight to business with her thoughts.

Is he sorry? She thought after running through the whole story. Edward smiled and focused on Jasper for a second, who was glancing through the music collection on the wall.

"Oh yes very," Edward said, nodding and pretending to respond to Angela's small talk, Bella was used to this. She returned to reading Jane Austen on the couch and listening to Angela and Edwards conversation.

Is he thinking about anything else interesting? Do you think I should put him out of his misery?

"…He kept shouting Edward to get my attention and asking for my help, it was hilarious," Edward told her, pretending to tell her a story about when he was at the library, "other than that nothing much interesting going on last time I went to the library, I read almost every book in it, I'll come by and see you at work some time, speaking of time…" he said nodding towards Jasper and mouthing yes, "Bells want to come on a hunt with me?" Bella nodded and waved goodbye to Angela before she and Edward dashed out of the room. Jasper turned toward Angela but she was already disappearing out the door.

"Angie, I'm sorry I didn't answer ok. Ange," he shouted down the corridor after her, but she wouldn't stop, she turned the corner into Jaspers room. Jasper was there in a second standing in front of her and gripping her shoulders. "Angie, I said I was sorry, I left my phone in my room and was waiting on the porch for you, when Emmett raced past I thought he was going hunting or something, I swear I was going to come get you." Angela took a step back and looked at the floor, her hair covering her face and her smile, she walked over to the bed and put her bag down, emptying some books on the bed, her back facing Jasper. He sighed and sat on the end of the bed, Angela had to restrain herself from laughing out loud.

As Jasper sulked on the end of the bed, Angela climbed over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, kissing his neck. She laughed and nuzzled closer to him as he turned and kissed her full on the lips. "I wasn't that mad," she laughed, as they pulled apart, "well I was, but Edward told me what you were thinking and Emmett beat you up for me, so its good now. You should have seen the look on your face." Jasper growled playfully and pouted, but in seconds he was smiling, kissing her again.

"I really am sorry Ange," he said seriously, "sorry to stick you with Emmett." Angela laughed as Emmett appeared in the door shaking his fist at Jasper joyfully.

"You wait till she's gone buddy!" he said retreating out the door and laughing, Angela laughed with him and Jasper pretended to be afraid, then kissed her again.

"I love your family," Angela said, pulling Jasper down on the bed so they could lie side by side, "they're always so nice…" she hesitated and Jasper could feel the worry seep of her and into the room, then it was quickly gone, replaced by a smile and a feeling of quiet happiness. He smiled and pulled her closer, she rested her head on his shoulder and they relaxed.

"Hows your family doing?" he said after a while as Angela stared contentedly off into space. She frowned a little and thought about it, in the two years she'd been seeing Jasper, her family had gotten used to the idea and stopped checking up on her every seven or so minutes, but things were still tense, her parents didn't understand her choices and her brothers were driving her insane.

"They're fine, visiting in Wisconsin…" she said slowly, her frown deepening, "they want me to be the next Marie Curie, or the first woman president, they don't like me spending so much time with you and my brothers are greatly damaging my study habits. Sometimes I just wish I could live on my own, but they'd never let me." She sighed and Jasper chuckled, kissing her temple as she glared at him playfully. "What's so funny?"

"You're all so normal," he said chuckling, "I had a brother once, his name was William." Jasper flew into a world of his own for a few minutes and Angela hugged him tight, thinking about how little she knew Jasper. Sometimes she wished she was Edward and could read his mind, sometimes she wanted to be Alice, and learn his secrets from him.