He was Hers

Jasper fussed over Angela as he wheeled her carefully up the ramp he had set down at the front of the house. True to Carlisle's prediction she had shattered half the bones in her foot and would need the wheelchair for a while. She slapped his hand away for the thirteenth time and fiddled with her hair as he opened the door.

"Jasper, I'm fine except for the obvious, stop fussing," she said gripping his hand as he stepped around her and held the door open wider. She squeezed it as he stepped behind the wheelchair and then returned to fixing her hair over the stitches she had gotten at the hospital.

"You look beautiful," Jasper said, grabbing her hands and moving them to her lap while nuzzling her neck. He knew she was worried about the stitches toward the back of her head, but in truth, even with his super eyesight, you couldn't see them. Angela smiled and kissed his cheek and Jasper pushed her through the house into the back yard. "Surprise," he whispered quietly in her ear, gesturing to the picnic table full of all her favourites, just like there had been at his birthday the other year. Jasper walked towards the table and pressed a button on the remote that was sitting on it. As Angela watched dozens of trees lit up and sparkled with the light of a thousand fairy lights and metallic black balloons were shot from the top of the porch.

Jasper smiled and laughter touched his eyes at Angela's shocked but pleased expression. He walked over to her and twirled around with her chair as music filled the area with her favourite songs. She laughed and smiled and pulled Jasper down to kiss her, when she pulled away, he stepped back a little and smiled at the confused look on her face.

"Angie, I'm so glad my favourite human is ok!" Emmett yelled from behind her, giving her only a seconds notice before he whipped her carefully but quickly out of her chair and into a very soft bear hug. She giggled and hugged him back, setting her hand on his right shoulder as he propped her on his left like a father and his small daughter, she laughed again.

"Hey Emmett, what's pink and fluffy?" she asked with a sly smile. Emmett pretended to think very hard for a minute and then grinned evilly, turning and looking Bella directly in the eye.

"Hmm, anything in Bella's wardrobe she received as a gift before you came along, Jaspers favourite soft toy, any of Esme's scrapbooks or Edwards dancing outfit." He boomed laughter and Angela cackled manically, trying to picture each person with the object or outfit Emmett had named.

"No but good try, its pink fluff, now the funny part, what's blue and fluffy?" she smiled down at Emmett from his shoulder and he pretended to be deep in thought again.

"Hmmm, um, I don't actually know, Paris Hilton's dog with a really bad tan?" he asked slyly. Jasper smiled as Angela laughed and ruffled Emmett's hair, he laughed and spun her around in the air, as if he was a child playing with a toy.

"No, its pink fluff holding it's breath," she smiled and giggled and Emmett sat her down gently in her chair, crossing his legs in front of it like a student in a classroom.

"What if it was vampire fluff? Then it wouldn't need to hold its breath," Emmett said, rolling Ange's chair back and forward smiling at her thoughtful face.

"Then it would be blue because it was cold," she said smiling as Emmett frowned, disappointed he hadn't fazed her with his question. "Sorry the joke was a little lame, the hospital doesn't have very good internet so I had to resort to a kids magazine," she said laughing at Emmett's pout.

"It was good Ange, really. I'm working on a new vampire joke in honour of your return, I'll tell you when its done," he said laughing and bounding up and over to Edward to wrestle him to the ground. Ange laughed again and Jasper walked over to her, spinning her chair around so she could talk to the others. Bella raced over and hugged her, followed soon by Esme and Rosalie, they buzzed around her talking and laughing until Jacob and Nessie walked in.

"Hey you guys, stop hogging the human," Jake said as he jogged over to Angela, hugging her and smiling as he thanked her for not having him shot. He frowned when she tried to apologize. "Don't be ridiculous, I couldn't let the meanies hurt little Jazz's angel now could I?" he teased Jasper, earning him a wrestle and a playful growl. Angela smiled and laughed and chatted with Nessie for a while. The other werewolves in Jake's pack were milling around the outside of the house, running protection for the Cullen's for the next week or two in case Sam's pack wanted revenge for them crossing onto their land. Seth though had joined the party and was currently talking with Nessie, Bella and Edward. The whole family was there, celebrating Angela's return. It was great.

"Hey Jasper," he heard her say quietly, smiling at everyone as they milled around doing various activities, "um, can you take me upstairs, I'm kind of tired and I need a bathroom break." Jasper nodded and kissed her on the cheek as he carried her wheelchair upstairs. Angela refused help from everyone when it came to taking care of everyday things. She would manoeuvre awkwardly around and do, as she liked, she only ever asked for help when stairs were involved.

"I'm right here, I can get Bella if you need me to," he said seriously as he pushed her into his room and handed her the crutches. She winced as she put one under her shot arm, but bit her lip and walked around the room. He felt her determination and her vulnerability, so he left her to walk, and waited at the top of the stairs like she asked. When she was done he carried her chair back downstairs.

"Jasper I told you I was tired, I really need to sleep," she said confusedly, as he walked her out the front door and towards the end of the drive. "Where are we going?"

"Just giving you your final surprise," he said grinning and walking to a small wishing well that Angela had never noticed before, just off towards the side of the road covered by trees. As they got closer she noticed the glow of candles lining the well and the roses that had been scattered around the base. It was gorgeous. "Ange, I wanted to do this two weeks ago, but then all of this happened and I didn't get the chance. But today I can't put it off any longer," Jasper parked her chair and walked to the well, picking up a small box from the top of the ledge. Angela's jaw dropped and she watched him walk towards her.

"You don't have to Jazz," she stammered, reaching out and touching his face as he knelt in front of her, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"But I want to," he said smiling, "Angela Charlotte Weber, I want, I mean I would like very much, if you would consider being my wife," as he spoke his hand shook slightly and he fidgeted with the case. He opened it eventually, showing Angela a simple but beautiful white gold ring, holding three framed diamonds in the centre, the middle one larger than the others. She kissed his cheek and pulled back to look him in the eyes, his lip trembled and he bit it. She smiled.

"Yes, of course yes," she smiled and kissed him again, he slid the ring onto her finger and then picked her up out of her chair and hugged her, spinning her around like a couple in an old movie. She laughed and tears slid down her cheeks. He kissed them away and the rest of the group filed into the space near the well, congratulating them. Emmett came up to Jasper and took Angela from him, holding her like a child and putting on his meanest glare.

"If you ever, hurt my sister or her feelings, I will destroy you!" he said, poking Jasper in the chest with two fingers, Angela laughed and so did Emmett, Jasper joined them and took Angela back in his arms bridal style. Emmett turned to her next. "Be good to my brother junior," he smiled, knocking knuckles with Jaspers bride-to-be. When he left, Angela smiled and turned to Jasper.

"I've never seen him take to someone so quickly," Jasper said smiling, "I think I'm going to have to supervise him around you, I don't want another broken foot." Angela laughed and then yawned, leaning her head against Jaspers shoulder. He smiled at his fiancée, and carried her upstairs. When he had settled her into bed he lay down beside her and put his arm around her, he had never met anyone like his Angela, she was his greatest love and his greatest surprise. He would protect her always, she was his everything, he was hers and only hers for eternity.