Summary: Harry can't sleep at night because of a certain blonde that he's starting to notice. Draco keeps staring at Harry at inopportune moments and he can't figure out why. Both of them cross paths, and what happened is something that we could only guess. Two shot. Based on the song by Jordin Sparks.

Next To You

By Unpredictable Sweetums

Two o'clock and I wish that I was sleeping

You're in my head like a song on the radio

All I know is I gotta get next to you

"Damn it."

A soft outburst was heard in the midst of the seventh year Slytherin dormitories. A figure could be seen tossing and turning under the green sheets of a huge four poster bed, while the other four occupants were oblivious to what was happening. Soft snores were heard around the room. Slytherin was deep in the land of dreams.

All except one.

Under the light of a single flickering candle, you could see a student with platinum blonde hair finally giving up on his attempts of sleep. He sat up reluctantly, hair mussed, and piercing grey eyes starting to open at their own accord.

Draco Malfoy was awake.

He rubbed his tired eyes gracefully and cursed under his breath. Damn Potter.

He couldn't help thinking about the idiot. It had been hours since he had first seen Potter at the lake, emerald eyes staring intensely at the sun, a smile gracing his features, and the sunlight putting him in a whole new angle that he couldn't seem to stop thinking about.

At that moment, he couldn't help but realize that the freaking Golden Boy, Gryffindor role model, idolized hero, Harry Potter was inarguably, beautiful.




And now he couldn't stop thinking about him. The fact that both of them were supposed to be straight bothered him too. Although Draco was starting to doubt his own sexuality because of the almost automatic reaction of his cock once he thought of Potter.

Which lead him to his current problem. It was two in the morning, and he didn't even get a blink of adequate sleep. He needed to see Harry. He needed to hold him, to witness that magnificent smile once again.

"Aarrggghh," Draco groaned and covered his head with his pillow, "this is freaking impossible."

Draco never really got an inch of sleep.


Sittin here turnin minutes into hours

To find the nerve just to call you on the telephone

Cause you don't know that I gotta get next to you

"Just send him an owl if you're so anxious, Harry," an irate voice broke through his thoughts – thoughts that somehow centered on a certain grey eyed Slytherin. It was Hermione. She was looking up from her Arithmacy homework and was glaring at her pacing best friend pointedly.

"I'm not anxious," Harry snapped and continued pacing.

"Mate, stop it. You're distracting Hermione and you're already burning a hole through the floor," it was Ron this time, looking at him from his spot at the couch, "Just write the damned ferret a letter will you?"

The apparent sincerity in Ron's tone stopped him in his tracks.


"You heard what I said."

"But it's Malfoy. Emphasizing on the word Malfoy, Ron."

"Yes, Harry, I know. I'm not dumb you know."

"Nice way of stating the obvious, Ron," Hermione snickered then turned back her attention to Harry. "But we're both right. You should just talk to him, write him a letter, or something."

Harry gaped incredulously at his two best friends who were currently encouraging him to write to Malfoy of all people. And where were they encouraging him? In the GRYFFINDOR common rooms of all places – the most sacred place of all Gryffindor students. Students who were supposed to dislike all Slytherin students, especially Malfoy.

What was wrong with these two?? Did they hit their head somewhere?

"No Harry, we didn't hit our head," Ron read his mind.

Slipped them an instant Like-Malfoy potion?

"Malfoy didn't give us potions, Harry," Hermione read his mind too.

Imperiused them??

"NO!" Both of them chorused and looked at him pointedly.

"Then what's wrong with both of you??"

"We just want to see you back to normal," Hermione confidently said, "Even if it takes someone like Malfoy to stop you from pacing and overthinking."

"Yeah, mate, and anyway, Malfoy hasn't tried to get us in trouble for weeks. Ever since he started staring at you, actually," Ron stated thoughtfully and continued, "Hmm…I'm thinking that the git might actually like you. This is actually fine since you're bisexual and everything."

Harry cringed, as the topic of his sexuality came up. He had learned just a couple of weeks ago that he seemed to be attracted to both the female and male species. Although the only male specie that he seemed to like was Draco Malfoy. He had only told Ron and Hermione since he had trouble accepting it himself. Maybe he was Dracosexual…Hmmm…


"No buts, Mr. Potter," Hermione said in her authoritative Head Girl voice, "Write him a letter, stop pacing, relax and go to sleep. It sure will help both me and Ron concentrate."

Harry slumped his shoulders and Hermione continued in a softer voice, "Go on, Harry. I know that Malfoy is already being civil to you – I know he won't laugh at you or anything when you tell him what you feel. He might even like you."

"Maybe," Harry said, unsure. It was true, aside from the staring, Malfoy – no, Draco, had started talking to him. Sometimes it was a simple nod on the hallways or a curt 'Good morning, Potter' but still, it was there. But he could never be sure what Draco was thinking or feeling. He could never be sure until he asked.

"I'll write him tomorrow," Harry made up his mind and smiled at his friends. "Thanks guys. For giving me the pep talk and being okay with it even if it's Malfoy."

"No worries, mate."

"Whatever it takes to make you happy, Harry."

"Even if it's Malfoy," both of them said together and made a face.

Then the three of them laughed, and gave each other the famous Golden Trio group hug.

Maybe were friends

Maybe were more

Maybe it's just my imagination

It was breakfast time at Hogwarts.

There was the usual morning babble, the occasional toast flying in the Gryffindor tables; the customary dozen or so heavy tomes in front of the Ravenclaw students. There were the Hufflepuff girls braiding each other's hair. And the Slytherin table, with the usual mix of whispers, mutters, insults, and snobs.

Draco Malfoy, his hair just a bit imperfect and some – pray tell – eye bags under his eyes, strode in and walked towards his House table. But not before glancing just a bit slyly towards the Gryffindor table.

There he was, at his usual place as always. Harry with his messy, jet-black hair and deep green eyes. He was laughing with his friends as always; his eyes twinkling with mirth, and his smile reaching out to bring out a feeling in him that he could not understand.

"Draco," Goyle grunted out, pointedly sitting at the table with Crabbe and waited for Draco to join them.

Draco sighed inwardly and took a seat, composing his features and making sure no one saw the obvious stress in his face due to his sleepless night. His sleepless night that was caused by none other than the dearest Boy-Who-Lived.

As if on cue, he felt eyes staring at him and instinctively looked up.

Stormy grey met green emerald, and an unnamed emotion seemed to pass between them.

Draco stopped breathing at the sight of those eyes, and the feeling that seemed to envelop his heart.

From across the room, Harry felt the same.

It seemed as if hours passed at that moment. It was the first time they had real eye contact – the first time that no hatred or reservation was showing in their eyes. Their masks were gone.

Harry could read almost every emotion that went through the Slytherin's eyes. There was surprise, confusion, a bit of disbelief, lust, and Merlin, pray tell, was that longing he saw in Draco's eyes?

Quite suddenly, an auburn haired girl bounced up from behind him and covered his eyes.

"Ginny," Harry stated, and said girl giggled and ungraciously sat down beside him.

"Who're you staring at?"


Harry's eyes wandered back to the table, but Malfoy was standing up.

The moment was gone.

"Nothing Ginny," he answered curtly and returned to his toast.

From the other end of the hall, said Slytherin walked out of the Great Hall, flanked by his cronies. But not before stealing one more glance at Harry, and a glare directed towards the Weaselette's way.

Harry was supposed to be his.

But I see you stare just a little too long

And it makes me start to wonder

So baby call me crazy but I think you feel it too

Maybe I, Maybe I just gotta get next to you

It was Potions.

Specifically, it was Double Potions with the Gryffindors.

Draco sat at the back, his head resting on his pampered and soft hands. His sleepless night was catching up to him. And what luck – it was catching up to him in Potions, the very subject that he needed his wits and concentration on. He drifted off to sleep, not worried about the possibility that anyone might see him and call him weak. Crabbe and Goyle were covering him, so there was no chance of that happening at all.

His eyes shut, and he went on with his nap. That is, until he heard the sudden pounding of shoes and loud, boisterous laughter that could only signal the arrival of the Gryffindors.

He sighed, No more chances of sleep then, and sat upright.

The Gryffindors slowly filed into the room, their laughter still reverberating in the halls, and he bit back an insult that was instinctively at the tip of his tongue.

Almost immediately, as always, he asked himself why. Why the bloody hell couldn't he stand and insult those stupid lions anyway?

And almost immediately, he spotted Harry, and got his answer.

He didn't want the Gryffindor mad at him.

Quite suddenly, Snape entered the room – cloak billowing as always, and a sneer planted on his face. Dark eyes glared at the Gryffindors, and in seconds, everyone was seated silently, looking up at him in either rapt attention (from the Slytherins) or concealed hatred (from the Gryffindors).

"Today, I will be giving you a bonus activity. Most of your grades have been abysmal these past few days and I'm wondering if ever you can pass my class and graduate by next year," he sneered. "Therefore, being the compassionate teacher that I am-"

Weasley snorted a few rows up front, and Professor Snape rounded on him and glared.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for your insolence, Weasley."

The weasel's mouth dropped and he was about to retort when Harry, who sat beside him, elbowed him to just keep silent.

Draco's eyes then settled on the black haired Wonder Boy and barely heard Snape's few words. He was too busy staring at the Gryffindor.

Unexpectedly, Harry looked back at him and saw him stare. A few heartbeats passed, as the same feeling during breakfast occupied his chest. There it was again, that weird feeling that seemed to overflow in his heart.

"Mr. Malfoy?" Snape's voice broke through his thoughts, and he diverted his eyes.

"What was that Professor?"

The moment passed by again,

And the class went on as always.


Later that day, a snowy owl greeted Draco with a letter in his dorm.

The owl was from Potter.

He was thankful that no one else had arrived yet, and took the parchment from the bird.

"Thanks," he patted her head and she nipped at his finger softly, before taking flight.

Draco opened the parchment, and the letter read,


Or can I call you Draco now? I was wondering if you would fancy a talk with me tomorrow afternoon at the Three Broomsticks.

Like a date or something? Draco thought and a warm feeling spread through his body. He tried pushing it away. There were too many complications involved once people saw him and Potter – was it Harry now? – talking civilly. He should say no.

Don't you dare say no. I can see you stare at me, Draco, and honestly, you're making me confused. There are emotions (I feel like I'm talking like a girl here) that I seem to be feeling whenever I think about you. And it seems you can feel those too.

I know you felt the same thing I did the moment our eyes met. It seems irrational, even crazy – I know. And I want to know what's happening to us. Please, Draco, come tomorrow.


Draco smirked, so Harry was begging now.

He got a parchment and a quill and wrote one simple word,


His owl, Aries, sent it and he only waited for a few minutes to get his reply.

Maybe I just want to get next to you.

And Merlin forbid, Draco Malfoy, Ice Prince of Slytherin, smiled the widest smile he ever did.

Perhaps, he and Harry could really have a chance.

The same warm feeling coursed through his body, and settled on his heart. He recognized it now.

He was falling in love.

And damn everything that could possibly say he was wrong.

Everything that included the fact that he was straight,

That Harry was straight,

That he was a Death Eater's son,

That Harry was the Hero of the light,

That Harry was unreachable, no matter how hard he tried to reach.

Damn it. Harry was way out of his league.


Back in the Gryffindor dorms, Harry waited anxiously for Draco's reply.

Hours passed, and then he saw Draco's eagle owl travel towards his window.

Only two words were on the parchment,

I'm sorry.

Harry, hung his head sadly and scribbled back a reply,


He never got an answer.


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