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It was a typical, average day in Fairy Tail, and I, the blonde stellar spirit mage, Lucy, am once again… jobless. No, it isn't because I am completely useless, although I really am at times, and it isn't because I am incompetent, although I also really am at times. Either way, I am horrendously bored.

Of course, my team members could not find a good job to go on either. So, Natsu, Gray, Erza, and I are left stranded around an island, which in fact, is a round, wooden table in the large guild.

"Let's just go on any job!" I smiled happily; only to receive boring looks and sweat-drops from my fellow friends. "Perhaps not…" Sometimes I wonder if they really enjoy jobs as much as I do.

Natsu sighed and slammed his head onto the table, "I'm going to sleep," and he brought his head up towards me, "Don't disturb me." Then, slammed his head onto the table again.

"Sheesh, what a heated up guy." I said, rolling my eyes, "I wonder if it hurts to hit the table."

Immediately, Gray slammed his head onto the table, "Yes, it does." And then, I just realized that maybe Natsu wasn't the stupidest among them. Who'd be so stupid to actually try it out?!

Erza, the well-composed knight in shining armor, who was sitting beside the dragon slayer, just stared off into empty space. I hardly see her like that, and I think it has to do with Gray not putting on his shirt, and to avoid looking at him, she stares off into space! Yes, that must be the reason.

All of a sudden, a loud rumbling, gurgling sound emitted from the sleeping Natsu. I stared at him in disbelief, "Didn't you know he snores?" Erza said, her proud figure never failing to gain my admiration.

Shaking my head innocently, I peered at Natsu, whose head was now turned so his left check lay on the table, and so he was facing Erza.

The sound came regularly, breath my breath, since when did Natsu snore?!

"Gosh, this is so annoying." Gray said, rolled his eyes, and slapped Natsu on the back, "Stop snoring, you bastard."

Glaring back at Gray, Natsu looked as if he was about to shout back at him, before realizing Erza was looking his way. Immediately, he fell back to sleep, resulting in a terribly shocked Gray, and an equally surprised me. Obviously, the horrible and ear-splattering snoring continued. I am starting to feel so peculiar about this situation; Erza probably wasn't staring or glaring at Natsu, so why did he let Gray win the argument?

Oh well, it probably was for his own safety, considering the fact that Erza was the formidable and invincible Erza.

And to my increasing surprise, Erza seems hellishly silent, not only did she not speak up, she kept shooting glances at sleeping Natsu, and never once complained about his snoring.

Peculiar it was, totally atypical and abnormal. Anyway, SINCE WHEN DID NATSU SNORE?!

"Hey…" I groaned, breaking the silence, "Does Natsu really snore?" Gray and Erza looked at me, before both of them nodded at the same time, glared at each other for unnoticeable reasons, and looked back at me.

"I don't remember him snoring last time…" I stated, the snoring sound slowly getting absorbed into my ears, meaning I'm starting to get used to the pig-like sound.

"I mean, I've never heard Natsu snoring before!" I exclaimed, raising my two hands as if it was an unbelievable thing, although Natsu is snoring.

"Ignorance is not non-existence." Gray said, smirking and nodding his head; so full of himself!

"How many times do you see him sleep?" Erza said, tipping an eyebrow up as if I was dumb.

"Errr… When we go on jobs, he doesn't usually snore…" It was true; he didn't snore when he was sleeping after saving Erza from the Tower of Paradise.

Somehow, I thought that they didn't hear what I said, before both Erza and Gray burst out laughing, "Then I bet you don't know what Erza did to Natsu the last time he snored during a job…" Gray said, leaving my imagination to feed itself.

Did she beat him up, or dismember him? Slice his hair off? The worst possible thing I could imagine was… perhaps she wrote the word pink hair all over his body!

Erza controlled her laughter for a moment and explained, "Only when we're in front of clients, though. Because he had angered a client with his snores before, and I did that to him."

Gray shivered, "That…"

"I mean, don't you all notice that, he never ever snores when he sleeps on your lap, Erza?" I said, sure, it may seem acceptable because Natsu always does strange things, but it still seemed too quirky.

Erza pondered over it for a moment, before shrugging her shoulders and staring off into space again, I wonder if she can see the planets from here. Gray looked as if he was deep in thought, "Maybe he isn't asleep then?" He said, and Erza was shaken back to her senses.

"Why wouldn't he be asleep?" I questioned, somehow, I get a feeling this would turn out badly for Natsu, but it was fun nonetheless, and Gray shot me a smile, signaling to continue.

"Maybe he's taking advantage of Erza's kindness!" Gray said, and Erza seemed to sit up even straighter.

"Don't forget how he smiles when he lies on her lap!"

"Yeah!" Gray supported my words with a huge grin.

Erza was trembling furiously, "So Natsu's just a PERVERT?!"

Poor Natsu, I hope Erza doesn't go too harsh on him. Within moments, both Gray and I were hiding behind a nearby pillar, chuckling over Natsu's presumed death.

Holding him down on the table by the collar, Erza interrogated him like a police officer. And poor blur Natsu didn't know what was happening. As everyone knows, Erza only likes people who answer immediately.

"You weren't asleep all the time?!" Erza shouted. Oh my, the whole guild was watching those two now. While some gave Gray and I some thumbs-up, I still feel kind-of worried for Natsu.

"Erza? You look prettier than usual." Natsu replied groggily, he looked so frail in Erza's hands.

"Now, answer my question, damn it!" Erza yelled to conceal her blush. Gripping Natsu's checkered scarf even harder.


Erza noticed the crowd looking, but that didn't matter to her, "I asked whether you were always awake when I let you lie on my lap!"

"Nope, not at all." He replied, it seems the sleepiness had left him already. "Is it a crime to stay awake?"

"You pervert! I'm never going to be nice to you anymore!"

Natsu blinked once, and she stomped off away from Natsu. Well, I walked towards Natsu, trying to explain to him what happened and how I didn't believe that he snored when he slept, but he seemed oblivious to everyone else and kept staring off at the direction at which Erza went.

Gray pulled be back, shaking his head in a no-no so that I don't disturb him. Natsu looked liked a zombie as his feet instinctively brought him forward, one step at a time, his arms slugged by his sides and his back curved forward like a hunchback, it was then when I realized that he was feeling sad.

Natsu sniffed around the air, walking about with dragged feet, trying to find Erza. I felt a sudden sense of curiosity and decided to follow him secretly, and Gray was behind me all along. The whole guild had returned to doing their activities, and Natsu continued to sniff his way.

He headed out of the guild, all the while sniffing like a dog—a dragon, and headed over to a patch of grass situated a few meters away from the back door.

"I never knew there was such a place." I whispered to Gray.

"Neither did I." he replied.

The both of us hide behind the corner while Natsu strode over and sat down beside Erza, stretching his arms out behind him to support himself.

"I'm sorry." We heard Natsu tell her softly.

"It's okay," Erza replied, while the two of them avoided eye contact, "Now that I think about it, I always knew that you weren't so innocent."

"It's not that!" Natsu said, "I'm not a pervert like Gray!"

I could feel the veins on Gray's forehead pop out, "I just…"

"You just what?" Erza questioned, and this time, she turned towards a red-faced Natsu. "Are you feverish?

"Nope," Natsu replied a little too quickly, "Not at all."

He stuttered and stammered, "It-t's p-probably th-the fire t-that I ate."

"Oh." She said, not wanting to dwell on it further. "I always thought I knocked you unconscious before letting you lay on my lap."

"I don't get knocked unconscious so easily, and why do you have to punch my stomach all the time?" Natsu scowled, "It hurts, you know."

"I always thought you would hate me if I did that without your consent. You would, right?"

"Of course not! I mean, if it's you…"

I grinned, this was getting hilarious, I finally understand what's going on.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She countered, "I'm sure if it's Lucy—"

"I don't want to lie on Lucy's lap!" He yelled, and Erza looked at him with huge eyes, "I… err… that wasn't what I meant."

"What's wrong? You're almost never like that."

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." Natsu said and grinned, "As long as you aren't angry anymore."

"Mm." She responded, it wasn't much of a response though, and the two fell into silence till sunset, which was when my stomach growled, almost too loudly, and Gray and I decided it was a waste of time to watch any longer.

We headed back into the guild, "Hey, so… Natsu likes Erza?" I asked Gray.

"HE DOES?!" He screamed. My goodness, it appears Gray really is stupider than Natsu.

"Wasn't it obvious enough? I've never seen him so flustered before!"

"That's probably because he doesn't want to get killed by Erza." Gray hinted, "Maybe he wants to win her over so that she'll side him when we quarrel!"

Scowling and grimacing, I decided it was futile to discuss it with someone like Gray. Not long later, Erza returned to the guild, and as if nothing had happened, ate merrily and heartily with us once more. The only thing was: Natsu was not back yet.

"Hey Erza, do you know where Natsu went?" Gray spoke up, he noticed as well! Amazing!

"No idea, who cares about that pervert?" Erza glared, "Don't tell me you do?"

It was more of a threat than a question, and Gray sat back down like a puppy and wriggled his head.

"I think I'm going to head outside for a little while, fresh air." I said, and Erza looked at me with an indescribable kind of look, the Erza-look.

As I headed outside, the sky was already dark, and Natsu was still lying down on the grass. I wonder what's wrong.

Natsu noticed me walking toward him and smiled, hollering me over. "The stars are so beautiful at night, right?"

"Yes they are."

"Aren't you with the others?" He said. "I mean, Erza." He paused for a moment, "And Gray."

"Yep I was, but I noticed that you were missing and found you here!"

"Wow, you got a good nose!"

"Who said I tracked you by smell, you smelly dragon!" I replied, seriously, which idiot would say such stupid things?

"Do I really stink?"

"Of course not."

"Ahhh, that's a relief." He sighed in relief.

"What's wrong, it isn't like you to be so depressed like that."

"Nothing's wrong!" He said through gritted teeth, "See, I'm happy!"

He gave a poor excuse for a smile as response. Obviously something was troubling him, and he's making it so easy to spot, as if he was crying out to me for comfort.

All of a sudden Natsu seemed so distant, the way he looked into the sky with hurt and tiresome eyes.

"Be honest, Natsu. Can't you tell me what's wrong?" I said, trying to use my cutest puppy dog eyes to plead him.

"Erza was mad at me for some badass reason."

"Oh, that's it? That's quite lame for a reason to get moody, you know."

"Yes, I guess you're right. Since she's not angry anymore!" Natsu smiled a genuine smile, and naturally, I returned the smile.

"Why's she so important to you, huh?" I prodded him for answers, my goal is to make him admit he likes her by tonight!

"Well, I mean, she's Erza right? Everyone loves Erza." And he nodded to himself with a know-it-all contentment. It freaked me out somehow.

"Of course I do, but I mean, I've never seen you so moody before."

"Really?" Natsu chuckled, "Hey, do you have time?"

"What's with that sudden question?" I scowled, was he avoiding the topic? "Of course I do."

"I'll tell you some stuff!" Natsu laughed happily, "Bedtime stories, something like that!"

I nodded my head and arranged myself in a more comfortable position.

"Hmm, I forgot what I wanted to tell you already." Natsu rubbed his chin, boy was he dumb!

"C'mon… You can recall, right?"

"Nope, not at all. I know it had something to do with Erza…" He faded away.

"Bah, Natsu, you're such an idiot!" I reprimanded.

"Oh yeah!" I brightened up along with him, "Erza used to call me an idiot as well!"

"Err… so?"

"I don't know."

I banged my head on a nearby wall imaginatively; seriously, he's so strong and smart during fights, why is he so stupid now?! "So, what's Erza to you?"

"I don't know."

"Stop giving me those I don't know s!"

"Hmm…" Natsu contemplated for a moment, "She's like a big sister, you know? Those strong big sisters which protect their little brothers at all cost."

I nodded, wanting him to go on, "Well, she's nice to everyone, right? But I don't know why most of the men in our guild keep talking bad about her!"

Natsu frowned unhappily and sat up straight, crossing his legs and folding his arms. "They think she's all mean and evil just because she likes to pick on me and that ice weakling."

He started heating up, and soon I was spouting nonsense just to get him to calm down. "So, is that all she is to you?"

"Of course there are still things to talk about!" He said, and chuckled over an unknown reason. "She's a strong big sister, but big sisters are still sisters you know." Natsu nodded to himself once again in self-recognition.

"Sisters are not always strong, and they do wrong things sometimes that hurt others.

This was becoming a complicated conversation, and I hate it when Natsu becomes all complicated and wise-man.

"They do mean things to their little brothers and do wrong things so I have to save her. She's my nakama, right? And nakama save each other." I nodded in agreement. "Nakama love each other." He said with a hint of steel in his voice, now, what do we have here?

I grinned, "So you love her?"

Natsu nodded, "Don't you?"

"I mean, you love her?" I emphasized the word 'love'.

"Yup, a lot." Natsu nodded, his arms still folded.

I ruffled my hair in annoyance, "I mean, that kind of love."

"Huh? You're wasting my time!" Natsu said, before pouting horribly and pushing himself off the ground, "I'm going back in."

"But what about my question!"

"Your problem!" Natsu yelled at me before marching back into the guild. It seems I won't get an answer from him so easily…

But I probably shouldn't tell Erza anything, she'll feel awkward, or maybe even angry and not speak to him anymore. However, if she really had any feelings for him… I would've done a great deed!

There's probably nothing going on between them, he just cares for Erza like every other nakama, and doesn't want to be on bad terms with them! Yeah!

So the night came quickly, and soon, I was asleep in my own bed.

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