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One, quite regular morning, when the sky was blue and birds were singing, a giant bolt of lightning crashed down on Earth.

As The Dragon Ball Turns

By, Gabriel (a.k.a. ~BaBySmurf) and Julez

It lit up the sky and hit the nest of two birds who had been having 'fun'. It was in front of the quite regular house of Gabriel and Julez. The two girls ran outside to see what was up, after hearing the terrified screams of two poor birdies. Julez mouth dropped open as 8 figures appeared where the lightning struck.

"That was COOL!" shouted the shortest figure who was.... bald!

A figure with extremely tall spikey hair was cursing under his breath, and trying to wipe off his costume. "Why thank-you Gohan, that was just what I needed, my new suit, ruined, because you blew CHUNKS ON IT!!!!"

Someone just about as short as the bald kid pouted, "It's not my fault I had spaghetti for lunch! You know traveling between dimensions makes me sick!!!"

Right about now Julez had recovered from shock,

"UMMMM......." she said, " Ehhhh, who are you?"

"Well, Julez, It looks like seven, ummm....'normal'.... people, (minus the exceptionally-freaky clothes) and a... well how should I put this---" replied Gabriel.

"An extremely tall person with antennaes, pointy ears, and did I mention, HE"S GREEN FOR GOD"S SAKE!" yelled Julez.

"I guess you're right, I think we can safely label him an alien." Gabriel said backing away. "Let's leave now ....."

"Good idea"

Meanwhile 'The-Green-Man' was looking at himself," I-I'm an A-A-Alien??? I never guessed!"

The man standing next to him wearing a bright orange suit patted 'the green one' on the shoulder. Then 2 women stepped forward, "Gabby.... Julez.... Is that you!?!?!?!?"

"Chi-Chi? Bulma..?"

Everyone went silent for a moment more and then all 4 girls started screaming and hugging each other. The guys all behind them looked at one another with a blank expression.

"I-- I think it's a girl thing." One of them suggested, they all nodded, "ahhhh."

The girls finally seperated, " Oh, here," the purple haired woman said," I forgot to introduce everyone. Of course, I'm Bulma 'Duh' you know Chi-Chi too, but this is my husband-giggle-Vegeta, and our son, Trunks,"-blush-

Julez whispered to Gabriel, "She got married? Huh! But, DAMN, their son is HOT!"

Chi-Chi took over from there "This is Goku, MY husband, and our son Gohan."

"Hi" said Gohan in a small voice. "And this is my friend Krillin"

Gabriel leaned over to whisper in Chi-Chi's ear," Is there any reason why an 8-year-old would be bald?"

Julez looked up (and I mean UP) at the green person, " And you are.. what, experiment-X escaped from High School Chemistry Class?" she snickered.

He crossed his arms and stood up taller(if that is even possible) "Now you watch it before I-"

"--And this is Piccolo, he's a .... "

"An Alien" Gabriel and Julez replied imediately. Bulma pushed them a little.

"ANYWAY...." Inturrepted Chi-Chi, "We were all just standing around and decided to give Earth a little visit! We were going to look for you and see if we could stay at your place for a while.. heh heh... please????"

Gabriel looked at her blankly, "HHMMMM." she said loudly. " I don't know Julez, what do you think?"

"Well it may be a problem considering, we really don't have room for you guys in our *cough*cough*DIRTY*cough* VERY small house!"

Bulma got a pouty look on her face.

"But I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere, O.K?" said Gabby with an overly plesant smile on her face.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "But first things first," she said with a very serious expression on her face. "We absolutely WILL NOT be seen in public with you guys wearing those clothes."

Julez and Gabriel looked at each other " TO THE MALL!"

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Like it??? Trust Me- it gets way better-- just read on! ;)


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