(Edward's the human this time) Twilight Edward Style


Author's Note(A/N): Hello everyone. This is my first fan-fiction story, so I hope it earns your approval. I have been reading a lot of different stories on fanfiction(dot)net lately, and a few really caught my eye, especially the ones dealing with Edward being the human at the start of Twilight, and Bella being one of the Cullens. None of the authors writing these stories ever wrote more than a few chapters though, and I was always left feeling totally un-fulfilled. That's when this story started making itself known in my brain. It's almost completely different from anything I've read on this subject, so I hope it tantalizes your brain as much as it does mine, lol. You might be able to pick out a good bit of similarities, and a lot of differences as you read. Comment on them. Let me know what you think! I've tried to keep their personalities as close as possible to the same in the book, but different experiences are what cause personalities to take shape, so some changes had to take place there. I'd love to sit here and explain my whole story, but where's the fun in that? So here it is. Enjoy!


I'd never given much thought about ever being in a situation, where I would give my own life for someone I loved. If I had been asked, I know what my answer would have been. So why has that changed now?

The fire-haired witch is walking towards me again. I know this is it for me, but I'm not upset about my decision. The angel, as well as her family who have all had a part in healing my heart, won't be hurt. I prevented that.

"Chapter 1"


"I can't take it anymore Charlie!," the woman exclaimed, as she ran down the stairs in the dark, two at a time in her rush to get out. "I can't stand to be here one more second! You're both holding me back! I never should have come here in the first place! We were too young, and we did something so stupid!" She reached the door, wrenched it open, and took off across the yard, leaving a tall man in a sheriff's uniform standing at the door with his mouth open. A young boy barely five years old stood by his leg watching as the car started. The man placed his hand on top of the boy's head, as the scene lost it's focus and Edward was pulled from sleep.

I'm jerked awake as I hear my dad, Charlie's motor turn over outside. He's going fishing no doubt. I roll over in my bed and close my eyes to attempt to force a few more hours of sleep to come my way- before I remember the dream I had just had. Quickly I open my eyes, and sit up in bed, drawing my legs to my chest. I wrap my arms around them, my elbows resting on my knees. I stare straight ahead, trying to push the images out of my head. The images replayed over and over in my mind, no matter how hard I tried to shove them away. The breakup occurred almost twelve years ago, but those memories haven't faded over time. If anything, they seem to have gotten stronger.

With a steadying breath, I toss my legs off the edge of the bed, and fall, hands outstretched towards the floor for my morning pushups. I gained this habit from Charlie. He started this routine just after my mom left. It does seem to ease a lot of the tension. I ease myself forward and turn on my back, locking my ankles underneath the bed-frame, and started my sit-ups. Afterward, I stand up, feeling a little better, grab the clothes I had laid out last night, and I head towards the only bathroom in the house. I take a hot shower to ease my muscles and try to relax my mind.

I'm not extremely muscular by any means, but I dare say I'm not lanky. I towel off, get dressed, and wipe away the shower dew from the glass, to see the cursed bright emerald green staring right back at me through my bronze hair. I close my eyes, with a grimace, to will away the next surge of images from my mind. They were her eyes. I brush my teeth, attempt to comb down my hair without success, and head downstairs for my usual breakfast. Cereal is very popular in this house, since it's one of the few things either one of us know how to make. There's a used skillet in the sink, so I assume Dad picked eggs this morning.

I sit down at the table with my sugarcoated cereal, and bring the newspaper close as I eat. One headline catches my interest.


Dr. Cullen, his wife, and five adopted children arrived in Forks last week. "He is an extremely accomplished physician, and a brilliant surgeon." Said Dr. Snow, head physician of at Fork's Hospital. "We are very lucky to have someone with the experience and talent of Dr. Cullen. in our hospital, and very lucky that his wife wanted to live in a small town"

Dr. Cullen's five children will all be attending Fork's High this year when school begins on August 14th. Two will be starting their junior year, while the other three will be finishing their High School careers.

Five new students at Fork's High? Tomorrow should be interesting to say the least. Nothing much happens in this town, so when something like new people, especially such as an experienced surgeon working at our hospital, and five adopted kids joining the ranks in school occurs, there's bound to be a fuss. I set down the newspaper and went to the sink, washing the dishes, before heading back up to my room.

I walk through my doorway, and head for the small bookshelf in the corner, next to my extremely outdated computer. I slide my finger across the spines until I find a worn out fantasy novel that almost always catches my eye. I walk to the opposite corner of my room, in front of my twin-sized bed to sit in my tan leather recliner, my own small luxury, turning on the lamp above me as I sit. These books always seemed to pull me out of my own life and throw me into the world within them, filled with magic, creatures of fiction, and other impossible things. I read them all with a vengeance. Willing my own worries to the back of my mind easily.

I read for basically the whole day, until the filtered light from the clouds overhead outside slowly began to fade and Charlie's car pulled into the driveway. I had a strange feeling of uneasiness, and for some reason thought of the Cullens. I looked out of the window just in time to see Dad get out with a very frustrated look on his face. That's unusual. What could happen here to put him in that sort of mood?

I raced downstairs to meet him at the door when it opened. He looked a little shocked as his eyebrows raised, but I didn't give him a chance to voice it when I asked, "Dad, what's wrong?"

His faced smoothed out, and a crooked smile came across his face. "Edward, why do you always know what's going through my mind so easily?" He was trying to evade my question.

"Dad quit stalling and tell me what's going on." What is going on? Did he hear from Mom? I don't think that's it though.

His brow furrowed a bit, but he didn't answer. I started to verbally assault him again, before he brought up a hand to stop me. "Just let me sit down and relax for a minute. I just got home." I scowled, but left his side to sit at the kitchen table in front of his chair. He took his belt off with his gun in it and hung it on the coat-rack next to the door, walked over to his chair and sat at the table. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and then opened them, his gaze falling on the open newspaper in front of him. "This," he said pointing at the heading on the front page, "is what's got me a little frustrated. This Doctor and his five teenage kids coming to our town."

He slid the paper over to me, but I just shook my head. "I've already read it Dad, but I don't get what the big deal is?"

The same frustrated look crossed his features again. "This Dr. Cullen is fairly young, Thirty-three, I think they said, and he adopted all of those teenagers. How well do you think such a young couple could have raised them? I'm not saying that they aren't cared for; they're loaded ya know. I just don't want any in our town. I like the peace and quiet, and I have enough to deal with, thanks to your friend Jacob and his friends down in La Push." At this he smirked, but didn't look my way. He knew I'd have something to say to that.

I raised my eyebrow before I answered. "Last time I remember Dad, you had a pretty good friend in La Push too. Billy's his name right? Oh, and isn't he Jacob's dad?" I smirked and Charlie started laughing. No doubt that's why he went to work today; to find as much information that he could about the Cullens. Apparently he had little luck.

"Yeah, I guess I walked right into that one." After that round of laughter I figured we should end our conversation on a good note and went into the living room to turn on the TV. The channel was already set on a game, so I didn't have to search. I sat down and Charlie soon joined me with a bowl of cereal in his lap.

As soon as the game ended, I started up the stairs for bed. Before I went to sleep I packed my backpack, and brought it downstairs, next to the door. Tomorrow should be very interesting indeed.

A/N: So that was the first chapter of "Twilight, Edward Style." What did you peeps think? The next chapter should be up within the day. I've already written about eight chapters so far, and a friend of mine is editing them. She won't make any changes though (God bless her) and is sending each chapter to me, so I can make the changes I feel are ok to change. So if you're reading this on opening day (November 29, 2008) Get ready to see at least one more chapter come up. You might even see chapters 3, and 4…Who knows? lol