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Title: Blue, Blue Eyes.

Summary: Right after he becomes king (we all know the part) Leif is kidnapped by Dain and brought into the Shadowlands, while Jasmine and Barda go on the quest for the Pirran Pipe and to save their King. (I sort of suck at summaries)

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Dain/Leif.

Note: LadyLapisLazuli and Dragon Shadows were the firsts to do this pair. And as one of them said; Dain technically doesn't have a gender, but I think this still counts as slash. Don't like, don't R&R. No flames, please. It's my first fanfic, so be nice. And even though I'm a dude (yes, I'm a dude and human, no matter what my friends say) who doesn't care to swing that way himself, I'm still OK with slash. After all, things get boring in the DQ fanfic collection without it. Now on with the show…

Golmere V. ^_^ =) =P

Chapter One: Kidnapped (A/N: The part in Deltora Quest: Return to Del, where the belt shines for Leif. I can't quote cuz I don't have my copy, but this is the same idea! ^_^)

Leif was only a jump away from Jasmine, the Belt dangling from the grasp of his right hand, his sword clenched in his left. Once he would have tried; plunging blindly into the leap; foolish, young, and naïve. Not now. He was different, more grown up, he had learned some wisdom. So he sheathed his blade, and clasped the Belt around his waist and….

Time seemed to freeze.


The Belt exploded in an aurora of fiery rainbow light, bursting into the air and bathing the whole room in multi-colored light. Leif, the true heir of Deltora, revealed at last. The Belt kept pulsating with light as the servants of the Shadow Lord cowered, and the wisps of thick grey and scarlet fog that served as his eyes, ears, and hands trembled; shrinking back into the shadows.

The belt dimmed in a matter of seconds, and Leif stood there shaking, as all of the Shadow lords servants continued to flee. He glanced up and saw that Fallow was gone, and that the shadows of mist were quivering. Then, suddenly, they started to grow larger, stronger, as if the Belt's magic ended there. He heard his companions' voices calling out to him, and he swung around, reaching for his sword….only to be met with large, strong talons, clutching onto his arm and lurching him up into the air.

Dangling Leif, gasped in pain as blood welled from the wound. One word echoed into his mind: Ak-baba. As he flew through the air, he glimpsed his friends under him, running and crying out. The huge bird flew into a wall, dodging arrows of the Resistance. Leif was smashed mercilessly into a column, his sword slipping from his grasp, pain pulsating in his side. He had hit his head too, and now his vision was blurring, memory slipping away.

The Belt, he thought slowly as the Ak-baba carrying him flew out of the palace, gliding over the gardens, I can't let the Shadow Lord have the Belt.

Leif knew that the Ak-baba was probably carrying him to the Shadowlands, but no matter what—even if it meant giving himself up—he could not let the Shadow Lord get his hands on the Belt. Never.

Numbly, Leif undid the clasp and threw it to the ground with all the strength left in him. Spiraling in the air, the Belt of Deltora descended into the gardens. As the bird flew over the wall, Leif was once again hit by something. A stone, aimed to hit the Ak-baba, but smacking his head. He cried out, and opened his eyes, twice as woozy as before; the ground spinning below him. Leif's eyes fluttered closed, and he fell unconscious; hanging limp from the talon of an Ak-baba, being carried out of Del. Being carried towards his worst enemy. Being carried towards the Shadowlands.

**************** Bullet thingies!!!!! ****************

Jasmine and Barda raced forward, and skidded to a stop as Leif was carried over the wall, the speed of his captor accelerating until all they could see was a small black dot. The Belt plopped down right in front of them, and Jasmine leaned down, and picked it up holding it between her hands. Both of them stared at the Belt in horror, their minds trying to register what just happened as Doom and Steven hurried over.

"Jasmine! Barda! Did you see—" Steven started, but Doom held up his hand.

"We all saw it my friend," he said, "Leif, the true heir, crowned at last, only to be stolen by an Ak-baba."

Neither Jasmine nor Barda responded, as they were still quaking at the Belt.

"It wasn't an Ak-baba." Steven said suddenly.

Jasmine finally looked up, her face crumbled, eyes red and burning, voice shaking, " 'It wasn't an Ak-baba.' " she repeated mockingly, "Than what was it?!"

She was trying to cover her trauma, but failing. Leif, one of her closest dearest friends, had just been kidnapped by the Shadow Lord. Just like her parents, years ago. Was it her fate, to be alone? To have all her family and friends slaughtered and taken away or—she glanced at Doom, her newly discovered father—damaged beyond repair. Unleashing her anger at Steven wouldn't bring Leif back, but if it kept her from breaking, than she would do it.

Steven sighed, ignoring Jasmine's retort, and continued, "I was walking back to the place where Leif killed Dain, searching for a way into the palace. I saw the puddle of Ol material reform into Dain, who stood up and changed into an Ak-baba, flying towards the palace. The same Ak-baba who just flew away with him."

Jasmine's jaw dropped, and Barda looked stunned. She found her voice and ventured, "Than Dain is taking Leif to the Shadow Lord, in the Shadow Lands. We have to go rescue him!"

Barda shook his head, as did Doom; "Jasmine, we cannot risk it. Not now. And let me tell you that Leif is not the only one. I saw Grey Guards taking away countless Del citizens as they fled. I am sure that it is happening all over the kingdom." Doom sighed, his voice hardening, "The Shadow Lord was forced out because of the Belt, but he will grow powerful again. He'll enslave those Deltorans, and plot to take over. The Belt, now that it is awakened by the heir, will hold him off for a bit. But I am afraid that without Leif, its protection won't be stable. For now, we have to settle some things and piece this land back together before we attempt a rescue mission."

"He's right, Jasmine." Barda said.

Jasmine nodded and clasped the Belt around her own waist, "I will take on responsibilities of a King, and guard the Belt." She declared.

Barda raised his eyebrow, "Shouldn't we get someone with experience? Surely Anna—I mean Sharn, could rule for now—"

Doom held up a hand and smiled, "Jasmine can do it, and don't worry; we'll all have to chip in plenty. We need someone of the people for now."

Barda sighed and nodded, starting to walk towards the palace, followed by Steven.

"Coming Jasmine?" Doom asked.

"In a minute."

Jasmine waited for him to leave, before gazing to the sky, her emerald eyes searching for something that wasn't there. "Don't worry Leif," she murmured, "We will come for you. I promise."

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