Title: Blue, Blue Eyes

Summary: Too lazy to write it.

Pairing: Lief/Dain SLASH!!!!!
Rating: PG-13, or T for Teen (like in the video game commercials!)

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Chapter 11: Emotions

Yes, I miss you all the time,

I miss you because you

Can't see that I need you,

Can't see that I love you,

Can't see anything that ain't in your world.

(Yeah. No one even cares about my poetry, but I put it there anyway)

"Victory is mine," Lief muttered dully as he pulled the final link out of the spell and strung together the one that he had replaced it with.

Fixing the truth teller had been a complex job, but at last he was done. He had to get rid of the will in not only the spell that held the lies of the Shadow Lord, but also the will of the bracelet. And that had been hard. This thing was older than the hills, and than some more decades or so. Finally he had been able to manipulate it to the pure, solid truth. At some points he had yelled and he had used so much will that his vision had started spinning and the blood almost stopped flowing in his veins. But at last, he did it.

Now for an experiment.

"My name is Lief of Del. I grew up in Del, in a forge where my father worked as a blacksmith. On my sixteenth birthday I agreed to a quest. One to restore the Belt of Deltora. My companion was Barda, a palace guard that had been disguised as a beggar all of my life. We met Jasmine, a wild orphaned girl from the Forests. She save dour lives and helped us get the Topaz, the first gem on the Belt. She joined us on our quest and together we restored the other six gems of the Belt. After our quest was completed, we went to Del and the Belt shone for the true heir."

As he was saying this, he clasped the snake around his wrist. The sapphires glowed so bright that he had to shield his eyes.

As the glow died down and his heart rate leveled itself out Lief felt tears spring into his eyes. He was correct; this was the truth.

"In Del, there were originally seven tribes." That was an easy one. Just a test.

The bracelet glowed.

Lief breathed in. Now there were just two things that he wanted—no, needed—to know.

"Dain loves me."

The bracelet glowed…but differently. One eye, than the other; one eye, than the other. Right, left; right, left.


"Dain doesn't love me?"

The same. Right, left; right, left. Maybe, maybe not. Yes, no. Truth, lie.

Lief clenched his teeth, "My friends are alive."

Right, left; right left.

"My friends are dead."

Right, left; right, left.

"My friends are alive?"

Right, left; right, left.

"YOU GODAMN THING!!!" he shouted.

It didn't glow this time.

Lief sighed, calming himself. He had no clue what the blinking of it meant. He would have to ask Leo tomorrow.

Getting up, Lief put away the books in his desk. Just in time too, as Dain came in.

Lief's blue, blue eyes flickered over to his lover. His traitor. His heartbreaker. His everything for so long.

Dain smiled, the dim amber light of the room surrounding his face. Lief flinched as the brown eyes caught the light and simply glowed. As white teeth smiled and soft lips mouthed his name. It hurt so much now.

Lief didn't know how Dian got there, but in the next moment he was in the Ol's arms and leaning into him, one arm around Dain's neck, the other hand resting on his chest, somehow blinking back tears in his eyes.

Dain rubbed his back and held onto him tightly. Lief felt his head on his own, wetness leaking into his hair. Tears. From an Ol.


Dain broke away and punched the bed as he turned around and faced the wardrobe.

Lief stood up behind his lover, who was quaking as he trembled. Dain had his arms around himself, his head tucked down, tremors running down his body, dry gaps escaping his lips.

Lief came over and put a hand on his shoulder. Dain wasn't very emotional. Only the occasional signs of feeling. He was tender, yes, but…hard in expressing it. More seductive than loving, really.

"Dain," he whispered.

The Ol pushed him away, than instantly grabbed him back, holding him in front of him, holding Lief's arms with a death grip strong than a steel vise.

Lief looked in fear at Dain's face, which was tear coated and serious; "I don't know what's happening. I'm starting to feel things. Like a human. But…the emotions swing. Sometimes—sometimes I can't control them. But I'm trying. And something about you…it affects them. I just don't understand—"

Lief bit his bottom lip, "But…didn't you already feel?"

Dain nodded, "In a way. But…this is so much deeper. And Ol's…our feelings are controlled. More motives than emotion. But these new ones…they're…so powerful. More vivid than ever."


"But I have always loved you, Lief." Dain raised his head and forced his lover's eyes to look into his own, "And now I am able to even more."

Lief's heart melted. He saw those brown eyes, shining with all of the love that he would ever need or want. He saw real, true, pure love. And suddenly it didn't matter that loving him back was betraying his friends and family in Del. It didn't matter that Dain was bound to his master's fell deeds. Or that he had lied or drugged him. No. All that mattered was that moment when a pair of blue, blue eyes looked through a mirror…into a universe of pure love.

"I love you too. For all my life." He whispered, though his voice cracked and wavered in the hot air as Dain breathe out, warm breath against Lief's mouth.

Lief leaned forward and kissed Dain's cheeks, leaving a gentle trail where the tears had fallen. Dain sniffed and held him, arms tight. Their noses touched, their eyes met. Lief smiled softly, bringing Dain into a kiss.

As it broke, Lief felt himself pressed down onto the bed, and he grinned, gently kissing Dain's neck.

He would have to ask Leo what the bracelet's blinking meant in the morning. Right now he was too busy with a confounded belt buckle…

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