A Torchwood Christmas Carol

a Torchwood story

by RoadrunnerGER

Disclaimer: The usual, the BBC owns them, unless they are willing to give them as Christmas present to us. A Christmas Carol is written by the adored Charles Dickens. This is to honour both of them and the actors playing our favourite characters so well.

A/N: Thanks for your reviews. Now we'll have a little time-twist. LOL Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :D

Epilogue: The Insight Of The Initial Spirit

Even though he still could see a variety of possible futures he could still sense that some scenarios were more likely than others.

He leaned in his seat in the console room of the TARDIS, his feet on the control board, and stared at the ceiling, letting his mind wander. They did not go too far into the future. He wanted to explore the results of his efforts carefully. There he saw a first scenario.

"He's been sick all day," a worried looking young woman said. A boy was holding her hand and leaning against her leg.

"I'm a doctor," Owen Harper said. "I could take a look at him."

"That would be great." She tried a shaky smile. "We were at the hospital with him, but the doctor there could not tell me what's wrong. He sent us away with a prescription for drops against nausea, but I'm under the impression that it's worse than that."

"Hey, young man," Owen said gently. "Come with me? I'll have a look at you and then we can make you feel better, okay?"

Nodding the boy took his hand and followed him to an office where Owen closed the door before he sat him down on the couch. Then he took the Bekkaran scanner out and let its beam run over the boy's body. What he saw made him crease his forehead.

Then Owen put the scanner away, took the boy and rushed out of the office. He had already passed his mother when he noticed that she was calling after him.

"Come!" Owen shouted without slowing his run. "We need to get him to a hospital!"

So it came that the woman was clutching at the door handle and passenger seat when Owen chased his car through Cardiff's streets. He stopped right in front of the A&E, picked the boy up from the passenger seat and ran inside. His shouts alerted the staff and they took the boy from him, wheeling him off for emergency surgery. For another moment Owen stood in the hall, staring at the door they had vanished through and tried to process what just happened. He was angry at the other doctor who had not realized that the boy's pain and nausea were symptoms of acute appendicitis, but then he had to correct himself. Without the Bekkaran scanner I wouldn't have diagnosed it either, he thought, at least not in time. Appendicitis is one of those conditions that is notoriously hard to diagnose in young children simply because kids are likely to have stomach aches for any number of reasons. If Jack wouldn't have given it to me... Why did he give it to me? He couldn't possibly have known, could he? That's weird. But then again, what is not weird about Captain Jack?

The Doctor watched this development with joy. He followed the boy's life, seeing him grow up. He watched him with his first girlfriend, accompanied him through serving in the army, and saw him study medicine. Stunned the Doctor watched him on the Millennium Plass as he stood by the water tower, looking around searching. And then he saw Jack. They were talking with each other and went to a nearby bar to have a drink. From then on the young medic started each of his days going in through the tourist office.

"This Owen must have told him something about how he saved him," the Doctor mused. "Why else would he go to the water tower? But it's not such a bad idea. Owen knew that he wouldn't be with Torchwood forever, and with this boy he has a good successor."

The other timelines he was following were not spectacular, but he loved to see the development anyway. Toshiko answered the question successfully and when the others teased her with being a computer geek she gave them a pretty short but effective speech and left.

Gwen had a lovely and perfectly normal Christmas with Rhys and their parents. There was another big turkey, a Christmas tree, lots of gifts, and Rhys singing Christmas karaoke.

His hearts grew heavy when the Doctor thought about the near future. First Jack would defeat a giant beast and he knew it would only be his now newfound love and trust that would bring him back after that fight.

And then he would return to Earth. How it came that Jack accompanied him then lay in shadows. He could not clearly see it. What he knew, though, was that he did not intend to take the captain with him. Still Jack would be with him when he fought his next big fight, a fight the Doctor could not define closer because there were too many variables to assess. It was good that Jack did not know what lay ahead. If he knew he might make other decisions and that should not happen.

The Doctor sighed. Seeing the future could be a curse. He knew what would happen and he did not like it one bit. Still he would not avoid it just to spare himself the trouble and hurt.

The clouds in his mind cleared and the Doctor spotted another possible future much farther ahead. He saw the Daleks the ghost of the Master had shown Jack. The captain was fighting alongside the resistance and they really made a difference.

Then one of his hearts skipped a beat. It needed a moment to get back in sync with its partner.

Because he knew the man he watched leaving the ruins together with Jack and the other warriors.

Ianto Jones.

"Blimey! What is he doing there?" the Doctor exclaimed. "He could never ever live that long!"

There was no being mistaken. It was in fact Ianto Jones.

"How did that happen?"

Then he saw Jack and Ianto kiss and just knew it. Somehow Jack had found a way to share his life energy with his lover. Ianto was not immortal, but the Doctor could sense the same energy in him that he sensed in Jack. The captain seemed to use it to keep Ianto from aging.

"I don't think that that's a good idea," the Doctor murmured, shaking his head.

One possible future, he reminded himself. It's not certain that it will happen.

But the uneasy feeling remained.

Shaking his head ferociously the Doctor tried to clear it. He needed something more certain now. So he let his mind wander in search of Jack again.


That looked good.

Oh, that really was good. The Doctor really enjoyed what he saw in this timeline, and the best was that this happened right now.

Then he sat up with a start.

"No!" he panted. "No, no, no, no, noooooo!"

Jumping up from his seat he grabbed his tool box and ran to the box with the chameleon circuit. The TARDIS hummed indignantly when he started to work on it.

"It's not permanent," he assured her. "But you've got to help me put something right."

The shudder passing through her insides amused him.

"For a very good friend," he pleaded with his ship. "I'll change it back to the police box when we're done."

The TARDIS still was not completely settled down, but she did not complain again as he finished his work on her.


"What is it Gawain?" Enid asked sleepily.

"I don't know. I heard something downstairs."

Her husband sat on the edge of the bed, listening intently for any unusual sound. Something had woken him and he wanted to know what it was.

"Must be one of the children," she murmured and chuckled lowly. "We're not used to a full house anymore."

"Maybe I should still go down and make sure that it's not a thief."

No sooner said than done Gawain got up from the bed and went for his rifle.

"Stay here," he said, but Enid was having none of that. Slipping into her bathrobe she followed her husband. In the hall they met Sioned and Meredith.

"I'll come with you, Tad," Sioned told her father.

That's typical, Gawain thought. She always was the more courageous. She's more like her twin brother.

So he slowly went down the stairs, first Sioned and then Enid and Meredith on his heels. Down in the hall he approached the living room. He had reached the door when they heard an ugly crash from outside.

"Bloody hell?" Gawain shouted and turned to the front door. There was a window in the upper half and he peeked outside. A dark shadow at the gate rose his interest. Wordlessly he put on his boots and shrugged on his heavy and warm coat. A rush of cold air washed into the house when he stormed out a moment later. Sioned followed his example while Enid and Meredith stood by the door, watching what was going on outside.

"We should go, too," Enid said, reaching for her coat.

"Mam, you're in your pyjamas and bathrobe," Meredith pointed out unnecessarily. "We shouldn't go out now."

"Don't be such a funk, Meredith," she replied, buttoning up her coat. Then she stuck her feet into her high bootleg, felt lined boots.

Reluctantly her son got dressed, too. Then they followed Gawain and Sioned.

They met them at the front gate. A car had crashed against it and Gawain was discussing with the driver. He was a lean man with dark hair that stood like unruly spikes. Even though he only wore loafers and a pinstriped suit he did not seem to feel the cold.

"Oh, really, I'm alright," he said, grinning foolishly. "Hope your gatepost did survive."

He examined the brick post for damages.

"Nope, seems to be okay," the odd man said. "Think I can go my way. Um… why are you all outside here in the snow?" he asked, putting up a confused face. "You must be cold."

"Oh, yeah, I am," Sioned agreed and was the first who returned to the house.

"Are you really sure?" Gawain wanted to know. "You could come inside with us. You could have a coffee or a cup of tea."

"Thanks, but no thanks," he told them. "I need to get going. I have business meetings and I already got delayed. Thanks for your help, but I have to go now."

That said he climbed back into the disguised TARDIS and drove away.

Following the car with his gaze Gawain shrugged and, his family close by his side, walked back to the house.


One of Ianto's heels thumped on the wooden floor, echoing through the house. Jack could feel Ianto shudder with anxiety.

"Not goooood," Ianto groaned, biting in his own fist to suppress more treacherous sounds.

Jack did not let himself be fooled. He knew that he had Ianto where he wanted him. Once more shifting his position he dove in slowly until he could not get further.

Ianto's eyes were wide open as was his mouth. Arching his back he tried to give Jack full access.

Then he froze.

Craning his neck he peeked around the sofa to the door where he could see the barrel of a rifle ready to be swung around and directed at the would-be burglars.

Oh, crap!

Ianto was pretty sure that it was his tad, who had heard the thump and had to assume that there were thieves in the house.

"Who's there?" he heard Sioned ask anxiously from the hall.

Oh no! Not Sioned, not Mam, not anybody. Just go away… Ianto rolled his eyes. Jack was not keeping still and even his small movements caused him the most delightful sensations. The tension of the situation added to his excitement. Unable to concentrate on the events in the hall any longer Ianto lay on the sheepskin, shuddering, clutching at the wool.

From outside they heard a crash of metal on stone.

"Bloody hell?" Gawain shouted and turned to the front door. A rush of cold air washed into the house when he stormed out a moment later.

Now that was close, Jack thought and looked down at Ianto who was, by now, a quivering mess, and grinned. He thought that the sight was breathtaking.

No one was trying to get into the living room. Jack could hear them argue in the hall as they slipped on boots and jackets before they went to follow Gawain.

Jack chuckled and the vibration that caused sent renewed shivers through Ianto. So it did not take Jack much effort to push Ianto over the edge and he followed a few seconds later.

When he settled down beside Ianto on the sheepskin Jack whispered close to his ear, "Whatever happened outside saved us. They all went out to see what is going on."

"Hope they're alright," Ianto murmured back.

So Jack got up and went to the window to look outside.

"A car hit the gatepost," he said over his shoulder. "They are all out there, trying to help."

"Then we probably should go back to my room," Ianto suggested and got up from the floor. "Before they come back."

"Why did you do that, Ianto?" Jack complained as he returned to him and saw him standing. "You looked so good on that sheepskin."

Wordlessly Ianto bent down to pick it up, grabbed both their pyjamas and turned to go back upstairs. Laughing Jack followed him and could not withstand slapping his bare butt as he squeezed past him on the stairs. He pulled the sheepskin out of his hands and burst through the door of Ianto's room first. Spreading the soft blanket on the floor he gestured his lover to lay down on it but Ianto took his clothes instead.

Scowling at him Jack asked, "What are you doing?"

"I want to see if I can help Mam and Tad with the stranger."

"They didn't look as if they needed help," Jack smirked and wrapped his arms around the young Welshman. "I think you can be glad that his accident prevented a pretty awkward situation." Nibbling his earlobe he tried to get him down on the sheepskin.

Ianto resisted.

"Pretty awkward?" he panted. "Bloody embarrassing would describe it better!"

"It was exciting."

"It was stupid!"

"You loved it," Jack teased, doing his best to trip Ianto up.


"Yes, you did." Jack smirked lasciviously with the memory of a shuddering Ianto beneath him.

"No, I didn't!" Ianto protested, but his voice lacked ambition. Jack's insistent attempts to get him down on the floor and under his control again started to undermine his defences.

"The possibility of getting caught turned you on," Jack murmured against the skin of his neck. Kissing his way up his throat he forced Ianto to bend his head back. He held him close in a strong embrace, trapping his arms against his body. Jack felt Ianto's hands on his side and how he struggled to remain standing. Now he had reached the chin and pushed against it until Ianto raised his head again. At once he assaulted his lips with a crushing kiss.

Go down! Jack wrestled with Ianto for dominance. Yes!

Caving to the captain's urging Ianto let himself be pushed down on the sheepskin.

"It's beyond me why we have to be on the floor if we have a bed here," he grumbled. "Lock the door!"

"Oh, Ianto! Where's your sense of adventure?"

"I don't want my family to walk in on us!" Ianto hissed, shoving Jack's hand off his chest. "Holding hands is one thing, but I don't need them to witness us now!"

"Okay," Jack conceded and got up to turn the key in the lock. "Better?"



Pushing Ianto onto his back Jack knelt down over him and claimed his lips with a gentle kiss. His hands began to brush over his body and explore every inch of his Welshman. He followed his hands with kisses until he reached his navel. There he blew light raspberries on Ianto's belly, making him giggle. Jack felt hands claw at his hair in a futile attempt to stop him from the sweet torture.

"Ooooooh, stop it, Jack! Ooooooaaaah!"

"You sure?" Jack chuckled, using his right hand to draw his fingernails along Ianto's side.

It tickled. Ianto squirmed under Jack's touches. The captain seemed to know exactly where to find his most sensitive spots and exploited that shamelessly. Unable to help his body's responses Ianto wriggled, moaned and sobbed…

Once more Jack positioned himself between Ianto's legs. Ianto yelped when Jack hit his most special spot. A moment later they both rode the wave of joy together.

When Jack settled down beside Ianto on the sheepskin he murmured into his ear.

"I love you, Ianto. Merry Christmas."

The End