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Chapter 14- Happily Ever After

Two Years Later

Edward's POV

My eyes opened slowly due to the faint light poking in through the window. I stirred slightly, attempting to fall back asleep, but it obviously wasn't working. My body rolled over and reached for someone that surely wasn't there. I fisted the sheets and groaned. Why did she always wake up so damn early?

I shoved myself out of the comfortable bed and made my way to the exit of our bedroom. I knew what she'd be doing, so it didn't matter how sneaky she tried to be. My feet stumbled toward the kitchen where Bella would surely be. I leaned my body against the frame of the doorway when I noticed her back to me. She was stirring something, most likely pancake mix.

A smile tugged at my lips at the sight of her. This was when she was most beautiful; dark, brown hair flying in every direction, my shirt sagging off her little figure, and the occasional yawn that would escape her lips. Bella's imperfections made her perfect to me.

Trying to be subtle, I walked toward her slowly, wrapping my arms around her waist. My lips found the bare flesh on her neck and planted themselves onto it. Bella cocked her head back, toward me, and laughed. "What are you doing up so early?" she asked.

I smiled widely. "You know I can't sleep if you're not there," I reminded her. I grinned down at her and brought my mouth to hers. Her lips were still as soft as ever. "Happy anniversary," I whispered.

Her mouth was only pulled back inches from mine. I could feel her sweet breath fan my face as she spoke. "You too."

Bella and I had been married officially for one year now. I proposed to her on our trip to New York City. Bella said that she always wanted to see the big city and bright lights so I made it happen. While Bella had been at the hotel spa getting a massage and a pedicure, I fixed everything that needed to be prepared.

After dining at an Italian restaurant, we'd taken a carriage ride through Central Park. The whole time she would compliment on how beautiful the buildings were and how amazing the whole scenario was. Beneath the cloudy, full-moon sky, I'd asked her for her hand in marriage saying the words, "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever---every single day of forever. Will you marry me?" At first, she was stunned, and I feared that maybe she thought it was too soon to be husband and wife.

But then her fragile arms lifted me off my knee and wrapped themselves around my neck. She kissed me about a dozen times and replied the word "Yes" after each kiss. That was one of the happiest moments in my life.

Then came the planning and the organizing. That was hectic. In between her shifts at work, she planned most of the wedding. All of her friends encouraged her to just go with the flow, but Bella insisted that she make the wedding as perfect as possible. I relished being part of the overwhelming process. Together, we picked out invitations, the flowers, and the cake. I remember sitting beside her as she looked through various albums in downtown studios, hoping to find the right photographer that would capture every distinct memory.

In the end, we invited only our close friends and our families. The chapel was decorated perfectly, just the way Bella wanted. If she loved the way everything looked, then so did I. I wanted to make the wedding about her. When she marched down the aisle, I was transfixed by how gorgeous she looked in her ivory, silk strapless gown with the asymmetrical dropped waist. Tears were spilled while we vowed forever to each other.

We honeymooned in Cancun, which ended up being an excellent choice for both of us. She wanted some place she could relax and unwind while I wanted a place where I could have a bit more of an adventure. We spent hours laying in the sun and floating in the ocean. We did exotic things like rock climbing, scuba diving, and zip lining. But majority of our time was spent in the hotel room. In just a week, I think we had more sex than an eighty-year old couple.

All of those events brought us to where we were now, and I could not have asked for a better place to be. Through all the hardships and difficulities, Bella and I made it. More importantly, we were together.

As for James, Rosalie, and Emmett, they'll be in prison for a long time. Not long after James was convicted, Rosalie and Emmett were brought in custody for questioning. It took a while, but they fessed up to what they had plotted. Now, they currently reside in Washington State Prison. It's a shame that orange really isn't Rosalie's color. Jacob was also sentenced to thirty years in prison for the attempted murder of my wife. Doesn't look like he'll be getting his shot at mayor any time soon.

Bella and I have overcome a lot together. But I don't regret any of it, and I'm sure neither does she.

"I'm making you pancakes," she said, lifting the bowl that the batter rested in. "I was going to bring them to you while you were in bed, but you woke up."

"Because I was looking for you," I pointed out.

She frowned once and began to pour the pancake mix onto the skillet. "I wanted to surprise you, but you seem to be ruining everything I have planned today," Bella stated, a sarcastic angry edge to her tone. "Normally you sleep like the dead, but on the one day where I want to do something nice for you, you decide to wake up early."

It was true. Normally, I slept as if I'd never wake up. I was always so content, though. Bella would cuddle into my back or wrap her slender arms around my waist or sleep on my chest majority of the night. With her there with me, it was impossible for me not to get a great nights sleep. Except she was an early bird while I enjoyed sleeping in. Sometimes, I would wrap my arms tighter around her so that she couldn't get up. Bella would laugh and then protest, but I knew she loved it when I would play with her like that.

On the days we both worked, we would wake up earlier than necessary to take a shower. With each other that is. Sometimes we would spend hours in there just laughing and playing, not doing anything in particular. But other times we would make love the whole time completely forgetting about washing up.

Our romance wasn't your average one. Well, for one, I was a fugitive that was put in prison for murder. Bella was the warden's wife who I, by the way, kidnapped to get away from her psychotic husband. Bella and I set out on a journey to lock Jacob up and find the man that was supposed to be my victim of murder. And we did. We accomplished both those things while falling in love all at the same time.

Some people would say that it's not possible to fall in love so quickly, and I used to be one of those people. Whenever I would watch Romeo and Juliet or one of those other pathetic, cheesy couples, I would scoff at how fast the romance came, but I would never do it again. Bella and I had fallen in love in a short amount of time. That's when I realized it doesn't matter how long you've known the person, it all depends on what your heart wants.

And what mine wants is Bella.

I sighed feeling happier than ever. "So what else do you have planned today for me?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her from behind once again. I inhaled the sweet scent of her strawberry and freesia shampoo that I had come to love.

Bella turned around and faced me. "Well, I just thought we'd stay in and have a quiet dinner or something like that."

I shook my head. "I want to take you out. I want this night to be special. It would be just like any other day if we did that," I told her.

She smiled. "Okay. We can go out." Bella shot a warning glance at me before she spoke again. "But it better be something good!"

A small chuckle escaped my lips. Was it possible that it had been a year that I was officially married to Bella? The time flew by so fast. It was strange to think that, at that moment, I wasn't looking for love but for an escape route out of the prison. Sometimes we get more than we ask for, I suppose.

I knew exactly where I wanted to take Bella. It would be perfect and the last thing she would ever suspect. Bella would love it.

The rest of the day past quickly. We sat around and watched old, cheesy movies while eating popcorn on the couch. She continued to nag me about telling me where we were going, but I simply denied her request. I wanted it to be a surprise for her. She would protest and tell me to just tell her, but I refused.

She puckered her bottom lip at me. "Come on. Just one hint. That's all," Bella pressed.

I shook my head. "Nope. You just have to be patient!"

Bella gripped my hand when I went to turn away from her. She stepped on her tiptoes and brought her lips to my ear. It was amazing how even that simple touch could still cause chills to crawl up and down the contours of my spine. "If you do, I'll make it worth your while," Bella whispered.

That was tempting. Very, very tempting. If there was one thing that got to me, it was when Bella whispered to me like that. But I stood my ground and shook my head. I took a step away from her and grinned. "Nice try. Now go get ready before I change my mind about even taking you."

She huffed and pouted like a little girl who hadn't gotten her way. It was adorable, and she always looked so funny whenever she would do things like that. Bella walked away from me, but not before teasing me like she normally did. Still turned away from me, she criss-crossed her arms and removed the shirt she was wearing, tossing it lightly to the floor. In one swift motion, Bella reached behind her and disposed of the blue satin bra that attached to her breasts. "I think I'll go take a shower, now," she stated, smiling devilishly back to me.

I shook my head and laughed. "Good and while you're at it, you can try and guess where I'm taking you."

Bella scrunched her face and stuck her tongue out toward me as if she were a child. "Fine. Just remember that it takes two people to have sex."

My eyes rolled at her mood. She always threatened me with that. But the honest truth was that she was ten times worse about sex than I was. "I'll keep that in mind," I told her.

When she finished with her shower, I hopped in almost instantly. I wanted to be sure that we would arrive at the place before dark.

Bella's POV

I honestly had no idea where he was taking me. We didn't really have a special place or anything so it was a complete mystery to me. Edward always loved to surprise me with things. Some days, he would come home from work with flowers for me, or he would have a hot bath running for me when I had a hard day at work. He was always a gentlemen. I loved that about him.

But today I didn't want a surprise. I was extremely curious, and apparently my attempts to make him tell me weren't working. I decided to just try to be patient and contain my excitement and eagerness.

My attention was focused more on what I would wear tonight. I sifted through the clothing in my closet and drawers looking for something pretty and sexy. I always found those two made a great combination. I'd picked out the panties and push-up bra that I would wear tonight; silk with lace and grosgrain ribbon trim. They would be put to good use on a night like this.

I still couldn't decide on what to wear though. I'd asked Edward if I would need to wear something casual or formal, and he told me everyday attire. He said it didn't matter what I wore because I would always be the most beautiful girl where ever we went. Naturally, I suck at taking compliments so my red blush crept onto my face.

My hands drifted across the clothing in my closet. I wanted to wear something that Edward would surely like. I picked out a pair of super slim-fit skinny jeans that he once said he adored on me. Tonight would be a good night to wear them. But what top should I wear? Blue, Edward liked blue on me. "Blue, blue, blue," I said to myself until I found something suitable. I yanked the shirt from the hanger and examined it. It was a V-neck, long-sleeved top that gathered at the hips. It was nothing fancy or flashy. It was just...me. The shirt just so happened to be one of my favorites, too.

I slipped the garments onto my body over the lingerie I had underneath. Everything fit nicely. Just the way I liked it. I ran to the mirror and fixed my damp hair using a blow dryer. When it was completely finished, I placed a little bit of mascara with light eyeliner on my face. I also used a light shade of lipstick with a glossy coat of lip gloss.

When I was completely finished getting ready, I walked over to the door length mirror and gave myself a look-over. I practically ran out of the bedroom, wondering if Edward was ready yet. My curiosity kept getting the best of me. Hastily, I walked toward the living room to find Edward seated on the couch watching a football game. His emerald orbs glanced up at me, allowing a grin to spread across his face. "You look beautiful."

"So do you," I replied, earning a chuckle from Edward's lips.

He got up from the white furniture and placed his mouth gently on mine. I took his bottom lip between my lips while he took my top. It was a short kiss, but it felt so much better than the others. I watched as he glanced down at my feet and then back at me. "You're going to need to wear tennis shoes, okay?"

"Is this part of my surprise?" I pressed.

Edward nodded his head. "Mmmhmm."

So I did what he said, placing my blue tennis shoes on my feet. They went okay with my outfit, and it made me feel better that I didn't have to wear heels. I was too clumsy for my own good. Edward held the car door on the passenger side open for me, allowing me to step inside. He walked to the driver side and started the car.

"Are you going to give me one hint?" I asked, pulling my seat belt on.

He shook his head. "Nope. But I am going to ask you to put this on," he said, handing a piece of cloth to me.

I took the red fabric from his hands and examined it for a moment. "Where?" I asked.

"Over your eyes," he replied.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Why?" I asked, cautiously.

He laughed slightly and then shook his head another time. "Just do it, Bella."

I sighed but did as he commanded, placing the cloth over my brown eyes. It seemed totally pointless, but it was part of his surprise so I went along with it. The drive to where ever we were going was dark and seemed to take forever. Occasionally, I would turn to Edward and ask if we were almost there yet. He told me that I needed to be patient, and that it would be a little while. Well, that's the thing about me; I can't be patient.

Finally, I felt the car come to a complete halt. "Are we here?" I asked, still unable to see.

"Yeah," he said, shutting off the car, "We're here."

I heard him step out of the car, due to the slamming of the driver-side door. I didn't bother reaching for mine because I knew he would have a fit if I did. He always had to be a gentleman. Surely, I was right when I felt the door next to me open. I felt around for Edward's hand and gripped it tightly, hoping I wouldn't fall.

I stumbled slightly, but Edward's arm caught me before I managed to hit the ground. "You know things would go a lot smoother if you would let me use my eyes," I told him.

"You're probably right," he stated. "But what fun would that be?"

My head shook. "You're ridiculous, do you know that?"

"So I've heard," he replied.

Edward laced his long fingers through mine and held them tightly. We walked for what seemed like forever. That really irked me because he knew how much I hated walking. I would turn to him and ask if we were really there yet, and he would reply almost. I was getting really tired of this whole using-my-legs thing.

I tried to determine where I was with out using my eyes. The feeling under my feet felt so familiar, and the smells in the air seemed well-known to me. I let my left arm occasionally stretch out, but I came in contact with nothing. I wasn't sure of the exact place, though it seemed like I knew it.

Finally, we came to a complete stop. Edward let go of my hand. "Stay there," he said, his voice slightly distant.

"Where would I go?" I asked sarcastically while [pointing to the cloth on my eyes.

He laughed. "Good point."

It was only a short moment that he was away from me. I heard the rustling of something, and then in a flash, Edward had lifted me off the ground, carrying me bridal style. I laughed at the suddenness of his actions, taking me by surprise. "So are we really here, or is this just another stop?"

"We're really here," he said carrying me up what seemed like stairs. He placed me on the ground after a short walk.

Edward brought his soft lips to a spot on my neck before he went behind me, removing the cloth from my eyes. I blinked several times before I gazed around the dimly-lit room. I smiled when I recognized where I was, and why everything out there had seemed so familiar. This was where Edward had taken me when he "kidnapped" me.

Everything was decorated this time. The small, wooden dinner table had a white cloth over it with candles lit. The dishes were filled with a dinner that looked appetizing from where I stood. The ground was covered in rose petals everywhere you tried to step, and the bed had a new comforter that was a bright white color. It was beautiful.

I glanced back at Edward and smiled. "I love it."

He grinned and took a step toward me, planting his mouth firmly on mine. I brought both my hands to the back of Edward's neck and pulled him closer to me. His arms snaked around my waist before he pulled away, just inches from my lips. "You've made me so happy, Bella. I don't know what I would ever do with out you. I love you so much."

I kissed him again, this time more tenderly. "Wait!" I said against his lips. Edward pulled back looking at me with confusion. "Was it really necessary to take me in circles again instead of just leading me here?" I asked.

Edward laughed and nodded his head. "I wanted to relive the moment." He paused, staring deeply into my eyes. "Our past is one of a kind, Bella. I'm sure that no couple has ever had the challenges or obstacles we've had. But they're important. Our difficulties brought us together, and I will never resent them. It was the drawbacks that led me to you, and I'm thankful for them. You're the love of my life, and I'm so happy that I get to share forever with you."

A wide beam spread across my entire face before I kissed the man I loved another time.

Edward is all I could have asked for in my life.

Edward is everything that anyone could ever hope for.

Edward is my past, present, and future.

Edward is a fugitive for love.


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