Full Summary: 27 year old Athrun Zala has been a PI for 7 years now and after the death of his partner and best friend he found himself taking care of his partner younger sister. Now 18 years old Cagalli Hibiki and has he takes care of her and watched her grow from a thirteen years girl into a woman he found himself attractive to her and unable to keep the promise he had made to his friend and partner on his dying bed.

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Athrun Zala Private Investigator


My name is Athrun Zala I am 27 years old and a private investigator, I live in a large apartment complex in the city of Onogoro in orb. I have been a private investigator for eight years of life since I was nineteen and I use to have a partner in the business that was until he past away.

It's been five years now since the death of my partner and old friend Kira Hibiki.

I can still clearly remember that night.


It was dark and misty night sounds of footsteps could be heard echoing through the streets while two men walked side by side.

"I can't believe I didn't watched her closely" A man with chocolate brown hair and violet eyes said his voice holding a tone of anger.

Athrun Zala smiled sadly at his friend "I am sorry Kira I should of kept a closer eye on Cagalli" he apologises.

Kira sighed "It's not your fault Athrun it mine, I should of never agreed to let Cagalli come with us in the first place. I should of known that those bastards would come after her. I am her older brother I should be looking after her and protecting her and I couldn't even do that" Kira replied with a sad smile.

"And if that bastard Yuna Roma Seiren even touches one hair on her head. He dead" Kira said suddenly his hands and teeth clenched tightly in anger.

Athrun placed a hand on his friend shoulder "Don't worry Kira we will get her back" he told his friend a determined tone in his voice.

Just then they stopped in front of a large building, that seem to look like a old deserted warehouse "This is the place" Kira suddenly spoke again looking up at the gloomy dark building.

Athrun looked up "Kira maybe we should call for back up" he said suddenly having a bad feeling about going into the building.

Kira shook his head "No he told us to come alone and I plan on doing that Athrun I am not risking the life of my baby sister" he replied as he suddenly unzipping his jacket, pulling out a silver handgun, taking the safety lock off and checking it's fully loaded just in case.

Athrun smiled "You know if Cagalli heard you say that she would hurt you" Athrun said suddenly to bright up the atmosphere, while doing the same as Kira.

Kira smiled "I know but even if she keeps saying she is thirteen now and a teenager she is still my baby sister" Kira replied.

Athrun chuckled lightly "However Kira she is growing up very quickly though, she slowly becoming a woman and before you know it she will have a lot admirers and you won't be able to call her that for long " he told his friend.

Suddenly a frown appeared on Kira face at his friend's word's "who ever comes nears my baby sister in that way they will regret it" he told his friend.

"And that includes you Athrun" he suddenly spoke again, glaring at his friend.

Athrun eye's widen "Hey I wasn't referring to me" he replied.

"really" Kira asked raising a eyebrow.

Athrun nodded "I promise" he replied

"Good" Kira said smiling "now let's go get my sister."

Athrun nodded "Let's go buddy" he replied.

But just has they were about to enter the deserted warehouse the sound's of gunshot's soon rained on them both, Athrun eye's widen in horror as he watched his best friend get hit by the bullet's.

"KIRA" Athrun screamed.

And the worst bit was Cagalli had been forced to watched her brother death. She had been held by Yuna in a death grip, stood at the end of the window and she had fainted on the spot straight after

Athrun soon manage to shoot down all Yuna men before saving Cagalli and calling for ambulance, and Kira was rushed straight to hospital, where he had past away in comfort of his best friend and sleeping sister.

Before he had past away he had told Athrun to take care of his little sister and made him promise that he wont touch Cagalli in the way he had promised.

End Of Flash Back

And now I live in my apartment with his younger sister Cagalli whom who was now 18 years old and as beautiful as ever and I happen to be insanely attracted to her and madly in love, and this is where my dilemma lays how can I do anything about when I had promise Kira that I would not touch her.